Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We Make Mistakes Too. But Our Voices are Golden

When the man puts you down on the canvas, you must suck it up and get back on your feet to fight again. That's how Sportsyack feels after last weekend's NFL ass raping. 1-3 ATS is not how we drew it up.

Let's go to Irv in Vegas- aka The Legend, aka one of Sportsyack Senior's best boys when he lived in the DMV, when he was a worker man. He would like to comment on our bad beat story involving our pocket Aces. He's always been a light hearted individual, whose criticism of his peers, lets say, has not always constructive.

ur bad beat story....what a shame.....gee really, aces always hold up for me.....and i never get rivered.......u truly sounded like a little girl......a crying little bitch slapped punk.......and furthermore do u really think anybody gives a flying fuck about ur bad beat......the truth of the matter is now out.....ur daddy fathered two girls and one boy, u little fag........u are a true disgrace to ur family's name, and i now know how ur daddy feels and i do indeed feel sorry for him....also, nice picks last weekend, dipshit... "Legend"

So we're dusting ourselves off, like the man with the golden voice, and getting back on our feet again for this weekend. Speaking of which, I hear that dude almost got arrested the other night for a domestic incident at a hotel. Shocker. He's about 11 minutes into his 15 minutes, and about 7 months from appearing in some low budget porn film. I bet that dude has a cock on him that would make most horses blush.

Look for our NFL picks by Friday.

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