Monday, February 7, 2011

Sportsyack's NFL Post Season Prognosticating: In Summary

In just over a month, we managed to piss away a fantastic 35-25-3 ATS regular season record. Going 2-10 ATS in the post season is fucking dreadful. Any Tom, Dick, or Charlie, could go on a 36 hour coke and hooker bender, throw darts at a wall full of NFL team logos, and wind up with a better record than this dogshit.

Sportsyack is ashamed, embarrassed, broke- use any adjective that summons thoughts of loserville, and that's where we are. And on The Gipper's 100th birthday, we couldn't even go out there and win one. We suck.

Does anybody have a couch? Some Ramen noodles? A cup of pride I can drink?

Feel free to read the e-mail I received (as it was written) from the Legend in Vegas. I've posted it below the pooping dog. Have a great day.

dear michelle;

the ''legend'' is sure that the infamous ''sportsyach'' is thankfull that the football season and especially the playoffs are mercifully over. at least look at the bright side, you sir will not have to make a fucking ''FOOL'' of yourself until next sept if indeed there is a football season. if i was the ''yach'' i would pray for a lockout and possibly no season, as it will take the yach that long for your wounds to heal. no need to beat a dead horse . but i will anyway as the yach deserves it. your picking in the playoffs were, in sexual tereminology, can be termed impotent or just plain fucking limp. just be carefull as the way things are going for ya if you went skydiving your parachute would not open. take care and have a nice day.....

best to you always

the ''legend''

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