Thursday, March 3, 2011

End of an Error

The Redskins released Running Back Clinton Portis on Monday, bringing an end to the fan favorite's career in DC. His 7 seasons in Washington never quite lived up to the two 1,500+ yard seasons he had in Denver. His tenure in Washington was injury plagued, which saw Portis only playing in 13 games over the span of the last two seasons, and only half of the team's games in 2006.

Although CP was indeed a fan favorite, who played hard, dressed up and had fun with the media, and arguably may have been the Redskins all time best 3rd down blocker (for Running Backs), at the end of the day, the trade that brought him here was just another mistake in the long line of them, in the Dan Snyder error.

Mike Shanahan, who spent his first season in DC being criticized for the way he operates, many of whom were Albert Haynesworth sympathizers, who questioned his abilities and football intelligence, was quite the clever one when the Portis trade was made back in 2004. Having had Portis in Denver for his first two seasons, in which Portis ran the ball over 560 times for just under 3,100 yards, Shanahan saw an opportunity in DC by the name of Champ Bailey.

During Bailey's time in Washington, he was a four time pro bowler, never missed a game, and might've been the best tackling Redskins corner since Pat Fischer. In Denver, Bailey has made the Pro Bowl 6 of his 7 seasons there, had a 10 interception season in 2006, and in two seasons as a Bronco (2006 and 2009), did not allow a single touchdown reception against him.

Unlike Portis, Bailey was never a distraction off the field, and Bailey has stayed pretty much healthy. Granted Portis plays a more vulnerable position, and is pretty much an old car with too many miles on his tires, but as Portis was handed his walking papers, Denver was resigning Bailey to a 4 year extension. Throw in the fact that the trade also included the Redskins sending Denver a 2nd round pick, and our argument is not even an argument, its fact.

As Charlie Sheen would say, Bronco fans, "Winner...."

Running backs are a dime a dozen, most of whom are products of the offensive line in front of them. Shut down corners, like a stud Quarterback on the other side of the ball, are like a rare gem that you never, ever trade away.

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