Monday, June 13, 2011

ESPN 980's Chris Russell Likes Pitstops

ESPN 980's Chris Russell seems to be one of the hardest working beat reporters in the DMV, and even before he jumped ship from The Fan to the station where Tony Kornheiser doesn't like fielding questions about Redskins' owner Dan Snyder, we at the Sportsyack have always liked his work.

Like the rest of the free world, Russell likes to take his takes to twitter-usually in a fiery, opinionated manner. Sunday on twitter, Russell took some time away from bitching about his commute from Fredricksburg to Ashburn, and soapboxing about how un-amazing the NBA is, to proclaim his love for pitstops in auto racing. He (@Russellmania980) tweeted the following:

"Watching NASCAR race from earlier, still most amazing feat in sports is how pit crews change 4 tires, get 20 gal./gas & fix car in (less than) 15 secs."

Russell's proclamation floored our own Judge Patrick, who responded to Russell's tweet, which led to the following (humorous) exchange.

Judge Patrick: Will you please retract your tweet from earlier,where you said the most amazing feat in sports are pitstops?

Russellmania: It is a phenomenal thing to watch, u don't agree? Hole in one? Pure luck! What else?

Judge Patrick: Impressive? Yes. Most amazing feat in sports? Not even close, dude. It's gas and tires for christ's sake. You're kidding, right?

Russellmania: Well what is? It is amazing. They do it in 12-15 secs, & they don't just gas/tires. They are making huge changes to car usually.

Judge Patrick: I'll take DiMaggio's hitting streak over tear away wind shields and small wedge adjustments.

Russellmania: I didn't say it was most amazing feat of all time, but in sports today, its hard to beat that precision & production in 15 secs.

Judge Patrick: I've made a list of the most amazing feats in sports, and pitstops is tied with winning a faceoff in hockey.

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