Thursday, June 9, 2011

Judge Patrick is a Soothsayer

Brother to Sportsyack, and longtime Yankee fan Judge Patrick, all but hit the nail on the head with his prophetic commentary on the Yankees this week.

The Yankees got their asses kicked for the second straight night to their hated rivals from Boston, and Patrick's stat line on AJ Burnett was pretty fucking scary. Stating that Burnett was, "ALWAYS a risk to give you a 3 inning, 8 run, 6 hit, 4 walk type of night.", the Judge wasn't too far off.

Burnett's stat line from Wednesday night's 11-6 beat down read 5.2 innings pitched, 8runs, 7 hits, and 4 walks.

The Yankees are now in second place, a game behind Boston in the American League East, and they are well on their way to not making this year's post season.

Speaking of hot chicks, check out Judge Patrick and Beaver in Sterling's Park View HS classmate from back in the day, Hilarie Burton. The former MTV VJ/One Tree Hill cast member has a new spread in this month's Esquire.

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