Friday, June 17, 2011

The US Open Experience

Going to the US Open this weekend? Yack-Yack, Beaver, and Judge Patrick headed down yesterday, and here is what we took away from it.

We took the shuttle from Dulles Airport, and quite frankly, going into it, we were not looking forward to it. However, it was possibly the most seamless public transportation experience ever. We parked at Dulles at about 5:20 am, went through a security check point, got right on the bus, and we were on the Congo grounds by 6:00 am. When we opted to finally leave (around 4pm), we walked right up to the waiting bus, got right on, and we were back to our car in 45 minutes. Honestly, its the best option this weekend. No wait, its free, and you get dropped off right in front of the gate.

The Course
Wear your best pair of walking shoes- lots of hills and lots of walking. And don't be like the dude who practically dropped dead in front of Patrick on the cart path on #11. (apparently he survived, but it looked dicey at the time). Seriously, your feet, knees and overall body will be sore if you pull an all dayer like we did, so consider yourself warned.

In terms of watching the golf, Congo is not a stadium course, and quite frankly, not the best course to watch golf from. Our advice would be to get their early, pick a spot (like on the side of the #10 green-probably the best spot we hit all day), and absolutely, most definitely, DO NOT try to follow any group Phil Mickelson or Rickie Bieber is playing in; the crowds are just too much.

We watched those guys hit a couple shots, but the hordes of people were just too much. We spent a good part of the day following Stewart Cink, Angel Cabrerra, and Paddy Harrington, and we were able to follow them and see their shots, without being run over by a bunch of part time, asshole, golf fans.

Finally, wear your sunglasses.
Not only because its going to be sunny outside, but because short of being in Las Vegas on a Friday night, we're not sure we've seen more hot women in our lives, and you're going to want to look at "things" without getting busted. In fact, we're pretty sure that on one of his multiple stops to the Don's Jons yesterday, Beaver was actually in there spanking his monkey, he was so geeked up. Seriously, the women rolling around the grounds yesterday were off the charts hot.

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