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Lavar's Stupid Comments Shine Light on Shanahan's Genius

Fresh off a new contract deal with CBS Radio's 1067 The Fan, wordsmith extraordinaire, Lavar Arrington was at it again on Thursday. Beginning his point with, "the funny thing is, I know we're up on a break, the interesting thing is...", Lavar tried to say that Dan Reeves, not Mike Shanahan, built the 1997 and 1998 Denver Broncos Super Bowl winning teams.

Hell bent, like most of The Fan, to pile on Shanahan and lay the blame at the feet of the coaches and not the players (i.e. a dramatically under performing Donovan McNabb, and a carefree, selfish, millionaire asshole, in Albert Haynesworth), Arrington told his audience about how he was listening to the Mike Wise Show, and a caller from Denver called in, sticking up for Mike Shanahan, reminding the listeners that Shanahan did win two Super Bowls in Denver.

Arrington then said, "Dan Reeves built those teams!...Dan Reeves...built those teams! Mike Shanahan came in, brought in Terrell Davis, and maybe two other guys, and they won a Super Bowl."

Really, Lavar? Your stupidity never ceases to amaze us.

First of all, Shanahan won two Super Bowls, not "a Super Bowl", as you're so inclined to mismanage facts and words, the way you claim Mike Shanahan mismanages his teams. Secondly, Mike Shanahan brought in more than 3 total players in building those back-to-back Super Bowl winning teams. More on that in a minute. And lastly, Dan Reeves was 5 years AND two coaches removed from the first of Shanahan's two Super Bowl wins.

Yeah, real shocker. Lavar failed to mention that in between Dan Reeves and Mike Shanahan, there was two years of Wade Phillips at the helm in Denver. A fact apparently missed by 56.

As far as Lavar's claim that Shanahan "brought in Terrell Davis, and maybe two other guys", that might be one of the dumbest statements ever said on a sports talk radio show. But then again, we are talking about Lavar Arrington, ex-Giant.

Dan Reeves final year in Denver was 1992, five years from when "his team" supposedly won the Super Bowl. Reeves starting roster in 1992 was as follows:

QB- John Elway
RB- Gaston Green, Reggie Rivers, and Greg Lewis, all shared carries.
WR- Mark Jackson and Vance Johnson
TE- Shannon Sharpe

O-Line- Russ Freeman, Jeff Davidson, Keith Kartz, Doug Widell, and Ken Lanier

D-Line- Brian Sochia, Greg Kragen, and Kenny Walker
Linebackers- Mike Croel, Karl Mecklenburg, and Simon Fletcher
Secondary- Steve Atwater, Dennis Smith, Charles Dimry, and Wymon Henderson

Kicker-David Treadwell
Punter- The Broncos used 3 different punters that season.

Now lets take a look at Mike Shanahan's 1997 Bronco roster, the one that he allegedly only brought "Terrell Davis and two other guys" over to. The rest of course, being Dan Reeves and- we guess, but who the fuck knows, because its "Lavar Logic"- Wade Phillips' teams.

QB-John Elway
RB- Terrell Davis, who shouldered the majority of the carries, was a Shanahan draft pick in the 6th round, no less, and went on to rush for 1,750 yards in Shanahan's first Super Bowl season.
WR-Ed McCaffrey and Rod Smith
TE-Shannon Sharpe

O-Line- Gary Zimmerman, Tony Jones, Mark Schlereth, Tom Nalen, and Brian Habib

D-Line- Neil Smith, Keith Traylor, Michael Dean Perry, and Alfred Williams
Linebackers- Bill Romanowski, Allen Aldridge, and John Mobley
Secondary-Ray Crockett, Darrien Gordon, Tyronne Braxton, and Steve Atwater

Kicker- Jason Elam
Punter- Tom Rouen

Wow. By our count, thats only 3 players from Reeves' 1992 team (Elway, Sharpe, and Atwater) who were still starters on Shanahan's 1997 Super Bowl winning team. Maybe what Lavar meant to say was that Shanahan had JUST 3 guys from the Reeves era.

The irony from this idiocy, is that while trying to say how unimportant Mike Shanahan's role was in bringing back-to-back Super Bowl titles to Denver, Lavar actually allowed us to point out how freaking brilliant Mike Shanahan really is. Thanks Lavar, and congratulations on your new radio contract. Go Redskins!
Lavar's comments can be heard at the 13:18 mark of Segment 1, July 21, 2011.

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