Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our Buddy's 10 Year Old Son Decleated A Kid This Past Weekend

Our friend's 10 year old son plays little league football in Loudoun County. This past weekend he made a hit that would've made the late, great Sean Taylor proud.

His team- in the gray pants and navy blue jerseys, was on defense when the play happened. The opposing team's quarterback threw a pick, which led to the decleation.

Fast forward to the 2:37 mark of the embedded video, and after the interception, watch our friend's son lay out the player who is in pursuit of the kid who intercepted the pass.

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Wynn Turns Chicken Shit on Our Redskins Bet

Not that we don't agree with him, but hasn't Steve Wynn been bitching about Obama's policies and how they hurt business? Well, the Sportsyack and others (in fact, it was primarily "others" money) tried to do business with the Wynn last week, and they seemed to go a little Obama on us.

As we detailed in an earlier blog http://www.sportsyackontap.com/2011/08/redskins-and-cowboys-futures-bets-and.html, we are all about the Redskins killing the Vegas number, relative to their over/under win total. So having done so, we opted to put our money where our mouth was, and man up.

We had our Vegas correspondent, The Legend, shop around the best price in town, and as it turned out, The Wynn was our best bet. They were offering the Redskins Over 6.5 wins at +165.

So we shipped The Legend $6,500, and had him slide down to the Wynn Sportsbook. What happened next was disturbing.

Upon The Legend's request to bet the $6,500 on the Redskins Over, the girl at the window called over a supervisor. The supervisor informed The Legend that they would take $2,500 of it, and that he'd have to wait 5 minutes to bet the rest.

5 minutes go by, and the girl flags The Legend over to the window, except that now there is a problem. Actually, there are two problems. #1, the line on the bet has now moved to +135, which pays us less if we hit our bet, and #2, they will now only take the bet in $2,000 increments.

So The Legend bets $2,000 more on Redskins over, and again he's told he will have to wait if he wants to bet the rest. Another 5 minutes go by, he's flagged to the window, and The Wynn has now changed the line once again. Now the line- on the same bet that just 10 minutes ago was +165, is at +105.

All told, The Wynn ended up giving us (on average) what the going rate was at most the other sports books in town. Its still pretty disheartening to know that a $6,500 bet, which is chump change for a lot of the Vegas "whales", causes The Wynn to get their panties in a bind. For what its worth, The Legend claims the best book to bet at, for which the book will honor the number regardless, is the Las Vegas Hilton.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Redskins and Cowboys Futures Bets and Judge Patrick Gets Dumped by The Sports Junkies

Sportsyackontap was an impressive 35-24-3 ATS, during last year's NFL regular season. If you ask us about our post season campaign, you're probably going to get a "I think my mother is calling me" response.
Nevertheless, 11 games over .500 from September to December, is still pretty god damn good. This will be our only "futures" post for the 2011 NFL season. Our ATS picks for Week 1 of the 2011 NFL season, will be posted on Wednesday, September 7th.

Washington Redskins- Over 6.5 wins (+165) or Over 6 wins (-115)

The Redskins will go no worse than 8-8 this year, and by doing so, will pummel the Vegas number on their "over" win total. Why we think this will happen:

1)Parity- The NFL is the best spectator sport for many reasons, one of which is the fact that the New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies don't play football. The year in and year out parity that is the NFL, might be its #1 attribute. And the so called "experts", who are predicting 6 wins or worse for this team, are the same geniuses whose pre-season favorite to win the Super Bowl last year was the Dallas Cowboys. Other than a select few teams in the league, nobody really knows how good or bad a team will be, until about the second week of October.

2)Addition by subtraction- The Redskins will "win" at least 3 games this year that they didn't win last year, simply based on the fact that they won't be answering 900 Donovan/Albert questions each week.

3)Running Game- Mike Shanahan did it in Denver with Terrell Davis and Mike Anderson (who and who 2), and he appears on the verge of doing it here in Washington. We like what we're seeing in the pre-season, and it appears Shanahan and Bruce Allen really jobbed the Cardinals when they acquired Tim Hightower. If Ryan Torain can get healthy, and rookie Roy Helu (who too has looked good in pre-season) can absorb some of the carries, the Skins running game could relieve some of the pressure Quarterbacks Uncle Rico and/or Rex Grossman will be under.

4)Defense- Its a safe bet that a 31st ranked defense who in the next off season upgrades at corner, unloads the fatness that is Albert Haynesworth, and signs a guy who will allow Laron Landry to "rove" a bit more, will only be better. Not to mention the additions of rookie Ryan Kerrigan and FA signee Barry Cofield. Expect the Redskins defense to be Top 15 at worse.

Bottomline- we have a hard time believing that this year's team(according to Vegas) is only as good as last year's (6-10). Also, as much of a debacle as last year was, six of their ten losses were by 4 points or less. Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen are beginning to mold and shape this team into their own. They drafted 12 players in this year's draft (most for a Redskins team since 1995), and seem to have this year's team believing. (see Chris Cooley's comments, among others)

At most sports books in Vegas, you can bet the Skins Over 6 wins (laying juice), or Over 6.5 wins (getting juice). Obviously with the first bet, a 6 win season by the Skins at least gets your money back. Our advice- "man up", let Vegas overlay you (+165), and bet that this team wins at least 7 games.

Dallas Cowboys- Bet the over in every game they play in 2011

Over the final 8 games of the season last year, after Jerr unloaded Bum's son, Jason Garrett led the Cowboys to a 5-3 record, scoring almost 30 points per game while doing so.

Expect Garret to take the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach offensively, as his offense will see the return of Glorified Danny White, aka wanna be PGA Touring Pro, aka professional field goal holder, except when on the road in Seattle in January, aka Tony Romo.

In any case, we expect this team to continue to put a lot of points on the board.

Defensively, don't expect Rob Ryan to turn water into wine. Last year, Dallas' defense was ranked 23rd in yards allowed and 31st in points allowed. And Rob Ryan isn't exactly Buddy Ryan, nor his brother, for that matter. In fact, we haven't seen this much nepotism, since Fox Sports hired Joe Buck, halfway through his Junior year of high school.

Seriously, Rob Ryan is nothing to write home about. Entering this season, his defensive units over the past 7 years (Oakland and Cleveland) averaged 22nd in points allowed. To spell it out for you, starting in 2004, Ryan's defenses (on average) have allowed 28,24,21,25,24,23, and 21 points per game. Not exactly a Steel Curtain, Cowboy fan.

However, this is music to the ears of sports bettor, who should expect a lot of 31-27 type games. Our advice- play the Dallas over in every Cowboy game this year, at the same amount, and you will be a big fat winner at the end of the year.

Other news and notes: Wednesday morning, our own Judge Patrick got dumped by the Sports Junkies FCC police, which apparently is manned by show producer Bret Oliverio. In an attempt at humor while keeping it topical, as the Junkies over the past week have been talking about what sounds like a lost Sam Huff during Redskins broadcasts, Patrick asked the Junkies if they could confirm the rumor that Redskins Radio was going to team up Sam Huff with Tennessee Women's basketball coach Pat Summitt, for this week's game against the Ravens.

No word on whether or not this rumor is true, but we can confirm that Judge Patrick will be seated 4 seats to the right of Satan at the dinner table, when Patrick eventually sees his day in court.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rich Turpin Prognosticates The 2011 NFL Season

By. Rich in Centreville- guest blogger for Sportsyackontap, who can usually be heard on the phone pleading the Redskins case to the Sports Junkies.


Philadelphia- They won the off-season by signing Nnamdi Asomugha, Cullen Jenkins, and trading for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. This is probably the most talent Andy Reid has had. It's do or die in Philly.

Washington- Mike Shanahan is finally starting to put his stamp on this team, 2 of last year's distractions are gone, and now the Redskins can focus on winning games. Soft schedule makes 9-10 wins possible.

NY Giants- The Giants were relatively quiet in free agency. The offensive line will take a step back which could be bad news for recently re-signed RB Ahmad Bradshaw. How long until Tom Coughlin is back on the hot seat?

Dallas- The Cowboys fired coach Wade Phillips in 2010, hired interim coach Jason Garrett full time, and cut ties with a ton of veterans. They did bring in Rob Ryan to coach the defense, but let's be honest, he isn't his brother. Dallas struggles.

NFC North

Packers- Green Bay won the Super Bowl last season and for the most part, that team returns fully in tact. Ryan Grant is healthy and Greg Jennings is coming off a 12 TD season. Oh, and they have this guy named Aaron Rodgers.

Detroit- Yes, Detroit. Jim Schwartz has quietly turned things around in Detroit. If QB Matt Stafford can stay healthy, I believe Stafford and WR Calvin Johnson could form the best QB/WR tandem in the league. Defensive line is strong with Ndamakong and Nick Fairley anchoring the middle.

Chicago- I know Chicago was in the NFC title game, but I think this will be the team that goes backwards in 2011. The offensive line looks to be worse than last season and the WR corps still lacks a true #1 receiver.

Minnesota- The Vikings traded for QB Donovan McNabb, but lost WR Sidney Rice. The offensive line has aged tremendously in the last 2 seasons and could be the weak link of the team. They still have Adrian Peterson, but the Vikes will struggle.


New Orleans- 2 years removed from their first Super Bowl title, the Saints are poised to make another run at the Lombardi Trophy. Drew Brees is healthy and the backfield is revamped with Darren Sproles and Mark Ingram. Aubrayo Franklin and Shaun Rogers will anchor the defensive line. Tough division, but veteran team will make the run.

Atlanta- The Falcons won the division in 2010 and added a much needed playmaker opposite Roddy White in Julio Jones. The backfield is still lead by Michael Turner, but he is quickly approaching 30, the dreaded age for RBs. Matt Ryan is making his move towards the upper tier of QBs.

Tampa Bay-
The Bucs were a great story last season, with young studs at QB (Josh Freeman) and RB (LeGarrette Blount), they are clearly headed in the right direction. However, they have to play the Saints and Falcons twice. Ouch.

Carolina- New Head Coach Ron Rivera was handed the #1 pick Cam Newton, and now it will be his job to decide when to start him. It won't matter. Carolina could be in line for the #1 pick in 2012.


St Louis- In just a few years, Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo has brought the Rams back to respectability. QB Sam Bradford should be improved, and he will have a couple of new toys to play with, after the additions of Mike Sims-Walker and Cadillac Williams. Donnie Avery is back from a knee injury that cost him the entire 2010 season. He should also help the offense.

Seattle- Seattle made the playoffs in 2010 and will be in the mix again in 2011. Head coach Pete Carroll said goodbye to longtime face of the franchise, Matt Hasselbeck, and signed QB Travaris Jackson to be his signal caller. Jackson takes the Seahawks down a notch.

Arizona- The off-season talk in Arizona was Donovan McNabb and Kevin Kolb. The Cardinals pulled the trigger on a trade and landed themselves a young,talented signal caller in Kolb. Larry Fitzgerald should benefit from the upgrade, but the season ending injury to rookie Ryan Williams, will put extra pressure on Beanie Wells.

San Francisco- The 49ers looked like they were close a few years back with Mike Singletary, but that all came crashing down. The Niners are still trying to fix the QB situation, and it looks like they will crash and burn with Alex Smith. Again.


Jets- The Jets are loaded. They were one win from the Super Bowl in 2010, and the Jets appear poised to make another run. Mark Sanchez is still the question mark. Is he ready to take this team to the next level? The defense is solid, as Darrelle Revis still resides on Revis Island. The Jets will be the best team in the AFC.

Patriots- Tom Brady is still one of the best QBs in the league, but I think the years of the Patriots dominance is over. They will still be a very good team, but the days of 15,14 and 13 wins are behind them.

Miami- The Fins brought back Tony Sporano, but it wasn’t from a lack of trying. Coach Sporano wasn’t exactly given a vote of confidence. Chad Henne looks like he is a disaster, and Reggie Bush doesn’t have the workhouse back ability. Long season in South Beach.

Buffalo- The Bills could have taken a franchise QB in the draft, but chose to stick with Ryan Fitzpatrick. The RB position is solid with Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller, and the WR position is led by Stevie Johnson. Chan Gailey in his 2nd year could also be in his final year. Buffalo is awful.


Pittsburgh- The Super Bowl runner-ups are still the team to beat in the AFC. The Steelers will rely on Ben Roethlisberger and Rashard Mendenhall, and I like the emergence of WR Mike Wallace. The defense is solid again. Pittsburgh will find themselves in the middle of another Super Bowl run.

Baltimore- There are all sorts of questions in Charm City. No backup QB, no depth on the offensive line, and they're still thin in the secondary. All that being said, the Ravens still have Ed Reed and Ray Lewis, and their presence alone keeps this team competitive.

Cleveland- The Browns may have found their franchise QB in Colt McCoy, as the 2nd year man in Cleveland is the unquestioned starter. He needs some pieces around him, but Peyton Hillis is a good start. Browns are still young and need help.

Cincinnati- The Bengals will challenge for the #1 pick in the draft. I think the writing is on the wall for Marvin Lewis. Gone are Chad Ochocinco and Carson Palmer, in are Andy Dalton and AJ Green. Back to the drawing board in Cincy.


Houston- I think this is the year that Houston finally overtakes Indianapolis. Arian Foster finally gave Houston the ground game they have been lacking, and Jonathan Joseph upgrades the secondary that was desperate for a playmaker. I love the Texans in 2011.

Indianapolis- The Colts have been the dominant team in this division for years, most of that courtesy of Peyton Manning’s doing. Manning is coming off of neck surgery and might not be the same QB he has been. Reggie Wayne has a knee injury and is on the downside of his career. Indy will struggle.

Tennessee- The Titans went out and grabbed Matt Hasselbeck to lead them in 2011. Opposing defenses stacked the box on Chris Johnson, and made it tough for him last season. If Hasselbeck resembles half the player he was in Seattle, this could be a decent team.

Jacksonville- When will the reigns be given to rookie QB Blaine Gabbert? That is the question in Jacksonville. Maurice Jones-Drew is looking to rebound from a injury plagued season, but Jacksonville still has lots of holes. Last place finish for the Jags.


San Diego- I think San Diego’s slow start put them in too much of a hole to catch Kansas City last season. The Chargers are just as talented as ever and still have Philip Rivers. The Bolts will regain their place as AFC West champs.

Kansas City-
The Chiefs made a trip to the playoffs for the first time in forever. The backfield of Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones could be the best 1-2 punch in the league. The defense is solid with Eric Berry leading the secondary. The Chiefs will be good, but not good enough.

Oakland- Not sure what to make of the Raiders. They won 8 games in 2010 and then fired their head coach. Now it’s Hue Jackson’s turn to run the circus. Jason Campbell had a very up and down season, but with Bruce Gradkowski now in Cincinnati, there is no question as to who the starter is. Darren McFadden finally had the season everyone was waiting for and should continue that success again in 2011.

Denver- Josh McDaniels was a bust in Denver and the Broncos hope new Head Coach John Fox is the answer. Fox had tremendous success in Carolina and could have the Broncos back contending sooner rather than later. QB Kyle Orton leads the offense along with new RB Willis McGahee. An additional weapon is the league's leading WR, Brandon Lloyd. The defense will get help with the return of Elvis Dumervil.



Philadelphia- East Winner
Green Bay- North Winner
Saints- South Winner
Rams- West Winner
Falcons- Wildcard
Washington- Wildcard


Jets- East Winner
Pittsburgh- North Winner
Houston- South Winner
San Diego- West Winner
Kansas City- Wildcard
Patriots- Wildcard

Super Bowl XLVI

New Orleans Saints vs. New York Jets

Monday, August 15, 2011

Backyard Grill Goes Michael Buffer on The Junkies

On Monday, The Junkies announced the date for their next Sundr*ss S*llies party, except its not a Sundr*ss S*llies party anymore; its the Summer Dress Party.

The Junkies, almost in code, spoke on air about "some legal issue" which forced their hands to change the name, and that they were not allowed to discuss it on air. A google search provided us with the reason behind the name change.

Apparently the ownership group of the Backyard Grill (Backyard Steakhouse,Inc)- where the Junkies first started (2008) hosting the party in which they encourage their female listeners to attend scantily clad, registered the name for trademark back in September of last year, and were granted the trademark just over a month ago, on June 7th.


The 'Goods and Services' part of the registration, which gives the reasons for getting the trademark, states Arranging and conducting restaurant parties.

When we called the Backyard Grill today, to inquire about the reasons behind getting the trademark, the manager did not want to discuss it over the phone.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sportsyack Needs The Field and The Foreigners

They are off at the final Major of the year, and we've got action both on the course and on our betting sheets.

The infamous "Legend" in Vegas offered yours truly the Americans or the Foreigners. Being the commie bastard that I am, I took the Foreigners- which is who I took at the British, but not who I took at the Masters, nor the US Open. So I am coming off a win versus him, but its safe to say that I'm still chasing Amy.

I offered The King of Ashburn- with whom I'm getting pummeled by in my baseball bets, his option to take the field or any 13 golfers, at even money. The King opted to take 13 golfers, and he gave me the field. The 13 golfers he took are Rory, Stricker, Luke Donald, Westwood, Dustin Johnson, KJ Choi, Watney, Jason Day, Adam Scott, Phil Mickelson, YE Yang, Hunter Mahan, and Matt Kuchar.

Papa Yack was offered the same proposition, and he too opted to take the 13 golfers. His 13 are Rory, Westwood, Luke Donald, Adam Scott, Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, Rickie Fowler, Steve Stricker, Martin Kaymer, Bubba Watson, Gary Woodland, and Justin Rose.

So between my two 13 vs. The Field bets, I'm actually "dodging" 19 golfers. Here's to Virgina Tech's Brendon deJonge (Zimbabwe) getting to the winner's circle on Sunday.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Stevie Williams: Better Than Most...Better Than Most!

Coming off his 8th career win at The Bridgestone this weekend, and just 3 days from the start of the year's final Major, Stevie Williams sounded as confident as ever, following what most of the world thought was a 4 shot victory by Adam Scott.

“I’ve caddied for 33 years, 145 wins, and this has been the best week of my life,” Williams told CBS' David Feherty, following yet another win at Akron.

And with 13 Majors to his credit, the pundits are at it again, on whether or not The Golden Bear's 18 Majors record is safe.

At almost 48 years old, Stevie seems to be in some of the best shape of his life. His legs are nicely bronzed and sculpted, and he carries the bag at ease, usually walking in front of his player during the victory march up the 72nd fairway.

Maybe Nicklaus' Majors record is in trouble...

Ok, enough of the satire. Stevie is a dick.

Stevie might not have liked the way things went down at the end, relative to his relationship with Tiger, but as Old Man Yack used to say back in the day, when it was apparent that yours truly wasn't going to get his way, "tough shit!"

Stevie, unlike Tiger, opted NOT to take the high road. And in one fell swoop on Sunday, following a few weeks of whining like a little bitch about how Tiger let him go, Stevie put the final nail in the Tiger/Stevie relationship.

No regard for the 13 majors. No regard for the $15-$20 million he earned (via Golf Channel's Steve Sands, as told to the Sports Junkies) while on Woods bag. No regard for the fact that he was with Woods as his best man in his wedding, and at the '06 Open Championship following the death of Woods' father. No regard at all.

Stevie's post round comments yesterday were a reminder of just how much of an egomaniac the copper-toned Kiwi really is. He's the same guy who threw a journalist's $7,000 camera in a lake during a tournament. He's the same guy who once called Phil Mickelson a "prick", and that, "Mickelson will respect me."

Yeah, its the same Stevie.

The same Stevie, who because of Tiger Woods, gets to race cars in his free time, further fueling his massive ego. Its because of Tiger Woods that he has a multi-million dollar deal with Valvoline, which I'm pretty sure makes him the only caddy on the PGA Tour who gets paid major cash to endorse an oil company.

And its because of Tiger Woods that, short of killing Tiger's kids or sporting a Swastika on his sleeve, it guaranteed Stevie another "meal ticket bag", once he and Tiger parted ways.(see Fluff Cowan)

So shut the fuck up already, Stevie. You're a caddy. You're not Tiger, and you certainly are not the Aussie who played flawless golf this weekend- who by the way, you didn't even give credit to in your post round "victory speech". You carry a bag, you clean clubs, you pick up divots, and you do basic math for a living.

Know your place, and show a little respect for the man who made you a millionaire, many times over.

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Rich Turpin's Very Super Forecast: The 2017 Washington Redskins

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