Monday, August 15, 2011

Backyard Grill Goes Michael Buffer on The Junkies

On Monday, The Junkies announced the date for their next Sundr*ss S*llies party, except its not a Sundr*ss S*llies party anymore; its the Summer Dress Party.

The Junkies, almost in code, spoke on air about "some legal issue" which forced their hands to change the name, and that they were not allowed to discuss it on air. A google search provided us with the reason behind the name change.

Apparently the ownership group of the Backyard Grill (Backyard Steakhouse,Inc)- where the Junkies first started (2008) hosting the party in which they encourage their female listeners to attend scantily clad, registered the name for trademark back in September of last year, and were granted the trademark just over a month ago, on June 7th.

The 'Goods and Services' part of the registration, which gives the reasons for getting the trademark, states Arranging and conducting restaurant parties.

When we called the Backyard Grill today, to inquire about the reasons behind getting the trademark, the manager did not want to discuss it over the phone.

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  1. thx for clearing that up. I hit Bret up on twitter about it but he didn't want to talk about it.


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