Monday, August 8, 2011

Stevie Williams: Better Than Most...Better Than Most!

Coming off his 8th career win at The Bridgestone this weekend, and just 3 days from the start of the year's final Major, Stevie Williams sounded as confident as ever, following what most of the world thought was a 4 shot victory by Adam Scott.

“I’ve caddied for 33 years, 145 wins, and this has been the best week of my life,” Williams told CBS' David Feherty, following yet another win at Akron.

And with 13 Majors to his credit, the pundits are at it again, on whether or not The Golden Bear's 18 Majors record is safe.

At almost 48 years old, Stevie seems to be in some of the best shape of his life. His legs are nicely bronzed and sculpted, and he carries the bag at ease, usually walking in front of his player during the victory march up the 72nd fairway.

Maybe Nicklaus' Majors record is in trouble...

Ok, enough of the satire. Stevie is a dick.

Stevie might not have liked the way things went down at the end, relative to his relationship with Tiger, but as Old Man Yack used to say back in the day, when it was apparent that yours truly wasn't going to get his way, "tough shit!"

Stevie, unlike Tiger, opted NOT to take the high road. And in one fell swoop on Sunday, following a few weeks of whining like a little bitch about how Tiger let him go, Stevie put the final nail in the Tiger/Stevie relationship.

No regard for the 13 majors. No regard for the $15-$20 million he earned (via Golf Channel's Steve Sands, as told to the Sports Junkies) while on Woods bag. No regard for the fact that he was with Woods as his best man in his wedding, and at the '06 Open Championship following the death of Woods' father. No regard at all.

Stevie's post round comments yesterday were a reminder of just how much of an egomaniac the copper-toned Kiwi really is. He's the same guy who threw a journalist's $7,000 camera in a lake during a tournament. He's the same guy who once called Phil Mickelson a "prick", and that, "Mickelson will respect me."

Yeah, its the same Stevie.

The same Stevie, who because of Tiger Woods, gets to race cars in his free time, further fueling his massive ego. Its because of Tiger Woods that he has a multi-million dollar deal with Valvoline, which I'm pretty sure makes him the only caddy on the PGA Tour who gets paid major cash to endorse an oil company.

And its because of Tiger Woods that, short of killing Tiger's kids or sporting a Swastika on his sleeve, it guaranteed Stevie another "meal ticket bag", once he and Tiger parted ways.(see Fluff Cowan)

So shut the fuck up already, Stevie. You're a caddy. You're not Tiger, and you certainly are not the Aussie who played flawless golf this weekend- who by the way, you didn't even give credit to in your post round "victory speech". You carry a bag, you clean clubs, you pick up divots, and you do basic math for a living.

Know your place, and show a little respect for the man who made you a millionaire, many times over.

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