Monday, August 29, 2011

The Wynn Turns Chicken Shit on Our Redskins Bet

Not that we don't agree with him, but hasn't Steve Wynn been bitching about Obama's policies and how they hurt business? Well, the Sportsyack and others (in fact, it was primarily "others" money) tried to do business with the Wynn last week, and they seemed to go a little Obama on us.

As we detailed in an earlier blog, we are all about the Redskins killing the Vegas number, relative to their over/under win total. So having done so, we opted to put our money where our mouth was, and man up.

We had our Vegas correspondent, The Legend, shop around the best price in town, and as it turned out, The Wynn was our best bet. They were offering the Redskins Over 6.5 wins at +165.

So we shipped The Legend $6,500, and had him slide down to the Wynn Sportsbook. What happened next was disturbing.

Upon The Legend's request to bet the $6,500 on the Redskins Over, the girl at the window called over a supervisor. The supervisor informed The Legend that they would take $2,500 of it, and that he'd have to wait 5 minutes to bet the rest.

5 minutes go by, and the girl flags The Legend over to the window, except that now there is a problem. Actually, there are two problems. #1, the line on the bet has now moved to +135, which pays us less if we hit our bet, and #2, they will now only take the bet in $2,000 increments.

So The Legend bets $2,000 more on Redskins over, and again he's told he will have to wait if he wants to bet the rest. Another 5 minutes go by, he's flagged to the window, and The Wynn has now changed the line once again. Now the line- on the same bet that just 10 minutes ago was +165, is at +105.

All told, The Wynn ended up giving us (on average) what the going rate was at most the other sports books in town. Its still pretty disheartening to know that a $6,500 bet, which is chump change for a lot of the Vegas "whales", causes The Wynn to get their panties in a bind. For what its worth, The Legend claims the best book to bet at, for which the book will honor the number regardless, is the Las Vegas Hilton.

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