Thursday, September 22, 2011

DC Area Cowboys Fans Have Self Esteem Issues

We have often heard The Fan's Chad Dukes ranting about the number of DC area fans who are not fans of the local teams, but who are fans of teams outside the DC Metro area, even though those fans have no birth or familial ties to that specific area of the country. We agree with Dukes' point on this, so we decided to research the subject ourselves-errrr, google articles and studies already conducted on this topic.

Most of the articles we found regarding this issue, specifically talked about the psychology behind how and why we root for sports teams. And in the case of the numbers of DC area Cowboys fans, the common denominator for these losers-errr, people, was their need of a self esteem boost and wanting to fit in.

The Cowboys were at the root of many of the studies conducted. The studies showed that many fans, regardless of where they lived or were from (geographically), opted to root for the Boys from Dallas because of their "America's Team" designation, and their winning history.

Psychologists add that some fans find a sense of belonging and acceptance in sports, and would rather be associated with a "winner", even if thats just the perception, as in (what has become a cliche), "America's Team". The studies also showed that many Cowboys fans tend to be "front runners" in other sports as well, to continue to stroke their deflated egos and psyche.

Robert Cialdini, a professor of psychology at Arizona State, conducted one of the most respected studies as it pertains to sports and who fans root for.

"It becomes possible (for these people) to attain some sort of respect and regard not by one's own achievements, but by one's connection to individuals of attainment," he said.

*Quotes from New York Times*

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