Monday, September 26, 2011

Don't Expect Anything Out of New England Beyond December

We documented it this past week in our Patriots/Bills analysis. We argued it with a drunk Judge Patrick, shortly after the Bills did what we said they would do yesterday. And we're stating it again for the record. New England's defense will burden Tom Brady and crew from doing anything significant beyond December. And by significant, we're stating that they will not be playing in the AFC Championship Game.

Through 3 weeks now, the Patriots have given up a staggering 1,406 yards, which is most in the NFL by almost 130 yards. They're yielding almost 27 points/game, which is good for 6th worst in the league. And although Brady did throw 4 picks yesterday, only one of them occurred on the Patriots side of the field, so don't try to pin all those points on him.

In fact, the reality of how bad the Patriots defense is, can be spelled out by the Bills scoring drives yesterday: 96, 66, 39, 95, and 70 yards. In summary, the Bills weren't exactly playing on a short field, when they came back from 21 down yesterday.

I offered the libation riddled Judge a wager after I made my argument yesterday, and I'd offer the same to anyone who wants to disagree with me. Even money, right now- the Patriots will not be playing in the Conference Championship come January.

Tom Brady is a great Quarterback, and he has some great pieces around him, but defense wins championships, and New England's defense sucks. Last year the Patriots failed to make their Conference Championship, as their defense ended up ranked 25th in the league. All 4 Conference Championship participants from last year had Top 10 defenses.

Tom Brady pic via Nancy Lane, Boston Herald

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