Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Everyone Needs To Chill Out During What is The Most Important Week of Shanahan's Tenure in DC

As I type this, we're 36 hours removed from the Redskins loss in Dallas. Most of the analysis yesterday was on GROSSman's poor performance and the 3rd and 21 play that went for 30 plus 15. There seems to be a sense of "here we go again", and maybe that will come to fruition, but I think everyone needs to just chill out.

We concede that Grossman played like ass. Following a week in which we ranked his performance as average at best against Arizona, Monday night against Dallas, Sexy threw alot of dicey passes that were either floaters or balls that could've been picked- even on some of his completions.

However, even though neither team looked like a world beater, the Redskins should've won the game. They gave up 45 net yards on a 3rd and 21, that started deep inside Dallas territory with the game on the line. And earlier in the game, they botched one of the most simple plays in football; the snap and hold for the kicker.

Unfortunately, that before mentioned 3rd and 21 play masked what has become a pretty good defense. Jim Haslett's crew has improved from 31st to 16th since the end of December, and they're allowing the 5th fewest points in the league.

Here's the deal. This is the most important week of Mike Shanahan's tenure here in Washington. Remember the story Mike Wise told in his column a few weeks ago, about a drunk Dan Snyder firing up Redskin One following a loss to Detroit during the 2009 campaign? This is the week Shanahan earns his money, and this is the week Redskin fans will understand why the vertically challenged owner flew out to Denver that Sunday night.

The Redskins will not come out flat this Sunday. Shanahan will prepare this team like the winner that he is, and he and boy wonder Kyle will put together a game plan that will exploit what is the worst rushing defense in the league. The lowly and banged up Rams, are giving up a ridiculous 175 yards/game on the ground. Expect that game plan to be implemented, which in turn will also rebuild Sexy's confidence, as the Rams linebackers and secondary will be smarting from the Hightower/Helu, one-two punch, giving Rexy an advantage when the Skins do opt to "put it up".

So Redskin fan just needs to relax. After the Redskins win this game, they will be 3-1 going into their bye week- 1-1 in the division, and 3-1 in the Conference. And in the least, will be tied for the division lead.

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  1. A game the Redskins should of won, really? Or game that Dallas was trying hard to give away. Mike Jenkins drops a pick, Terrance Newman's play was a pick, Garrett should of reviewed. Should I go on, Kosta snaps the ball 4 times before Romo is ready and also has a snap infraction called due to skins calling out their cadence. Dallas was playing with a 70% Dez Bryant, no Miles Austin, a receiver they just signed during the middle of the week, a QB that had about 70% of his velocity, a rookie free agent left guard playing for an injured starter and they beat what was a healthy Redskins team. Yes you should be concerned, Dallas on the other hand wishes their buy was a week earlier, because a much better team than the Redskins comes to town Sunday. Redskins are exactly who we thought they were, a 6-10 team with a bottom tier quarterback.

  2. Such a homer post. No chance the skins should've won that game and your blind love for the shanahans is getting out of control.


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