Friday, September 2, 2011

In Defense of Joe Theismann. Sort of.

Nobody is going to argue the point that Joe Theismann enjoys the sound of his own voice. So it came as no surprise when he was in the cross hairs of many on twitter, and various blogs this morning, after his analysis of Brandon Banks touchdown that almost wasn't.

Banks' 95 yard punt return went to booth review, after it appeared he might've lost the ball before crossing the goal line, in an attempt to begin his touchdown celebration.

Joey T's analysis was pretty interesting. It started with him describing Banks as "electric", mixed in with a limerick that Theismann seemed to ad lib- "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Make sure you got the ball in your hands, or else you won't get a TD."-and it ended with him referring to Banks as "stupid".

However, I think Theismann's point shouldn't be so quickly dismissed and piled on to, by the bloggers and 140 characters or less tweeters.

Doe, aka Brandon, is or at least was going into last night's game, on the bubble to even make the Redskins 53 man roster. He's battling a knee injury, battling a strong corp of WR options in the Redskins camp, and he's also trying to separate himself from the off field incident earlier this year, that almost took Banks' friend's life, and left Banks in the hospital for over a week.

Which, ironically enough, involved Banks and his friend getting slashed outside a DC nightclub. Ironic because it (slashing of his neck) too was part of Banks' celebration, which Theismann and TV partner Kenny Albert seemed to ignore or not notice.

In any case, Theismann does like to hear himself talk, and his analysis of this play was more back and forth then a lunch date conversation with Sybil. But I don't think Banks should get a pass from all his fan boys. (see: SB Nation and Mr. Irrelevant, Chris Mottram)

He certainly didn't get a pass from Special Teams coach Danny Smith, who by our count dropped no less than 5 "F-bombs" when discussing the play with Banks during the booth review.

Excessive celebration, in general, is stupid by any player. Not to mention it can cost your team 15 yards. Do you and your teammates a favor, and act like you've been there before. Or take a page out of John Riggins and Art Monk's book, flip the ball to the referee, and then head back to the sideline to celebrate with your TEAM.

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