Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mike Wise Bashes Morse and Nats

The Fan and WaPo's Mike Wise took to twitter during his show today, and fired off a couple ignorant tweets that involved the Nats and our only sports mancrush to date, Michael Morse.

In his first ignorant Nats tweet-"As to whether Michael Morse is D.C.'s best athlete now? The answer is no for anyone who takes last day of season off to preserve .302 avg."- not only did he get his facts wrong (Morse is hitting .303), but his assertion that Morse would take a day off to do this is absurd, as its almost an impossibility, even if Morse played tonight.

For Morse to unpreserve his ".300" batting average, Morse would have to go 0-5 tonight. Pretty unlikely. Morse played 23 games in which he had 5 at bats or more, and only in 3 did he go hitless. In fact, in games in which Morse had 5 at bats or more, he hit .371 (43-116).

His second negative tweet towards the Nats, was a message he sent to NBC4's Dan Hellie. After Hellie tweeted: "Would love to see Nats get to 80 wins. It would surpass all realistic expectations and put serious pressure on them to win next season.", the bald Negative Nelly fired back at Hellie, "Take it easy, Vin Scully. Clinched under .500 for the sixth time in seven seasons. (Though yes, hope abounds.)"

Hey Mike, the Nats Vegas win total going into the season was 71.5. I'm pretty sure an 80 win season would be considered successful. Not to mention, the year before they only won 69 games, and the year before that just 59. If you're not going to interject an intelligent baseball opinion, stick to the NBA, and your constant defense of that asshole Gilbert Arenas.

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