Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Captain Calculated: Getting the Word Out

Chris Cooley is a friggin genius. Leave it to the Redskins starting (unless you're reading Dan Graziano's blogs) Tight End, to make waves with his words the week he and his team are trying to promote a couple of his "ventures".

Make no mistake about it, the Chaotic One knew exactly what his analysis of Dallas' aspiring pro golfer Quarterback would bring to the table; attention.

Speaking the truth to Lavar and Dukes about how things went down in the Lions/Cowboys game this past Sunday, #47 has managed to become the #1 search in Google searches (via Dan Steinberg's Sportsbog), which most certainly has driven up the traffic to his website, his twitter, and everyone else's twitter sites that are associated with 47.

Cooley has parlayed his comments about the less than stable Quarterback of the hated Cowboys, into at least 6 post-Lavar/Dukes interviews we know of, including Jim Rome on Wednesday. This bodes all too well for the polarizing Redskin Tight End, who has a vested interest in bringing some attention to a couple Cooley ventures.

For starters, and most importantly, his 3rd Annual Cooley's For The Cure, which is a fund raiser for breast cancer charities, will be held this Monday, October 10th, at the Clyde's in Ashburn. According to his site, the $65/head event will include food and drink, Redskin players hanging around, and there will also be an auction. The event is scheduled from 7pm to 10pm.

The second vested interest from Cooley Inc that would benefit from a lot of attention, is a reality show that Chris' brother Tanner is trying to launch. Along with Big O (Oscar Santana), The Regulars, is about two regulars who travel around the region seeking out local hangouts. The concept seems good to us, certainly Travel Channel worthy. And maybe with a few (thousand) more eyes taking a look at their pilot episode, courtesy of Romo's play and Cooley's say, The Regulars will be coming to a TV near you.

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