Thursday, October 13, 2011

Random NFL Week 6 Thought: 'Drive' is Way More Entertaining Than 'Moneyball'

Carolina at Atlanta(-4)
The Cam Newton led Panthers are a 1/2 point from being 5-0 ATS through his first 5 NFL games. We've played against them twice so far this season, and we've come up big fat losers both times.

Matty Ice is due to step up, and Cam Newton is due to get involved in a game in which he and his team get their asses kicked. The Falcons were 13-3 last year people, 13-3!!! And as far as we can tell, they're still pretty much the same team, even adding Julio Jones to their offense.

They were just embarrassed at home for the second consecutive year, in front of a national audience, to the defending champion Packers. Trust me when I tell you, getting the Falcons here and laying well under a touchdown, is like stealing. Falcons in a romp.

Indianapolis at Cincinnati(-7)
This game's line looks too good to be true. Too "horrible" teams playing, and one of them is laying 7. You take the team getting the points, right? Wrong.

The Bengals, unbelievably, are 7-1 ATS in their last 8. Now granted, they're not usually laying a bunch of points in those games, but nonetheless, we like'm here.

The Colts are in panic mode, having not prepared for the future-errrr- drafted a QB over the last couple of years to apprentice under Peyton- and we think they're in punt formation from here forward. Their owner is on twitter way too much, and there was a report this week that they might be shopping Reggie Wayne. The Bengals are going to win this game 27-7, or some dumb blowout score like that.

Philadelphia at Washington(+1)
Andy Reid has been coaching like he's been smacking it up with his drug dealer sons. His defense is being led by their former Offensive line coach-wha,wha,what?..and the Eagles are currently dead last (tied for 32nd with the other inbred team from Pennsylvania) in the +/- turnover ratio, at (-10)

Here's the deal. We were leaning Eagles all week, but then we started thinking logically. The Eagles are a team in disarray. The before mentioned Reid has lost his team. In fact, Redskin fans can relate to whats going on up in Philly, as the Eagles are the latest team to win the offseason Super Bowl, only to have the real season results blow up in their ego infested faces.

The Eagles defense sucks. Mike Vick is getting hit on about 65% of the plays he's involved with. Shanahan getting extra week to prepare is 10-5, similar to his 13-4 season opener record. And the Redskins defense is currently 6th, a far cry from last year's 31st ranked disaster.

The Redskins will come out and punch the bewildered, much traveled Eagles right in the face. The devil's advocate says that the Eagles force the issue and make Rex throw the ball. The only problem with that, Phan Boy, is that the Eagles are 30th in rushing yards allowed, giving up over 140 per, and the Redskins are pounding the rock this year. The Eagles and their season goes down in flames here. Redskins

Buffalo at NY Giants(-3)
The Giants are coming off a bad home loss. They turned the ball over 5 times. 5 times! I don't care who you're playing, the World Champion Minnesota Lynx would've beat the Giants last week if the Giants turned the ball over that many times.

This game is real simple. Red faced Coughlin probably ripped his team a new one, and then restored order and had a good week of practice. Eli and crew will protect the ball this week. Eli is actually having a pretty good year, despite last week's meltdown. He's thrown 11 TDs and has a 102.3 passer rating.

The Bills are due for a good thumping. Somehow through 5 weeks, they've already managed to erase an 18+ point deficit, twice. This is our NFL October Game of the Month!!! Giants.

Last Week 2-1 ATS
YTD 9-8-1 ATS

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  1. Oh no, you said that dreaded word "due", Matty ice is due to have a good game? I'm sure you've never heard, 'bet the due and your thru'? Ha. I agree with you 100% on Redskins, and I think it's EB's rant about Vegas not "respecting" 3-1, that changed my mind for good yesterday. That will be my biggest bet this Sunday.
    Sports Yack, good blog site, and great radio persona, heard the Rewind, you need your own show! (I didn't want to say the 5th junkie bit)



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