Saturday, November 12, 2011

NFL Week 10: Back On Top of The Mountain

I would stop reading right now if you want winners. The Yack has been hotter than a firecracker as of late, and we're due to come crashing down harder than a delusional Redskin fan after Week 4 of this NFL season. Documented 7-1-1 last three weeks, we're also in 1st place of a Junkies fan "league", that has over 70 donks picking every game against the number each week. And since Sunday night: Ravens +3, Bears +9, UNC -9, and last night(Friday), the Caps on the moneyline. Winners, winners, multiple chicken dinners. So like I said, you can stop reading now.

Jacksonville(-3) at Indy
Lets get right into it. This is our NFL November game of the month. The Jags are much, much better than their 2-6 record indicates. Coming off a bye, the Jags last 3 games include a should've cover at 6-3 Houston(ended up pushing, gave up very late 4th QTR score), an easy cover and win on MNF vs. 6-2 Baltimore, and a tough 17-13 loss at 6-3 Pittsburgh in which they DID cover, and in the losing effort ran for 133 yards.

In summary, thats a 2-0-1 ATS record over the last month, vs teams whose combined record is 18-8.

We love the Jags here. As we've documented before, the Colts punted this season a long time ago. They've become a shell of themselves since shelving Peyton, and the only question/conversation this team seems to create anymore, is what they'll do if given the opportunity to draft 1st next April.

The Jags have the 11th best run offense, which will bode well against the Colts worst ranked defense. The Jags defense, 3rd in the entire league, will have no problem containing whatever cast of scabs Jim Irsay opts to send out on the field, as he plans his firing of Jim Caldwell, in between his tweets of telling us how the weather is. Can you say 24-13? Jaguars

Washington(+4) at Miami
I don't care how piss poor the Redskins have looked the past 4- errrrrr, 7 weeks. I just don't see how a team(Miami) who has lost 10 of their last 11 at home, finally won last week after starting the season 0-7, is now all of the sudden laying points. And considering the on field "talent", 4 points is A LOT in this game.

The Redskins, through all the injuries and drama at the QB position, still lead the league in fewest penalties committed, and their defense is 2nd in the league overall, in Red Zone defense when it comes to fewest Touchdowns allowed. 17-13 Redskins

NY Giants at San Fran(-3.5)
Playing the "let down" angle here, among other things. Expect the Giants' last minute emotional win last week at New England, to affect their play this week against a pretty good 49er team. Not to mention we love to play against teams who are on the back end of consecutive roadies.

The 49ers are running the ball to the tune of 137/per game. The Giants are a not so great 24th in the league in run defense. The last time the Giants went roadie-roadie, they were at Philly and like here, flew across country and were dead to rights vs the Cardinals, but somehow managed a miracle at the end.

Eli has been very Jeckyl and Hyde this year (Great vs New England, horrible in a 3 INT loss at home to Seattle in Wk 5). Frisco is no joke. Their resume includes wins at Detroit (6-2) and at Cincy (6-2). No last minute heroics for Eli this week. 23-16 49ers

Last Week 3-0 ATS
YTD 18-10-3 ATS

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