Saturday, December 31, 2011

NFL Week 17: Did We Mention That We're Winning 69% of Our Games?

New York Jets at Miami(-2)
The Jets are not a very good team. And in reality, this spread should be close to a touchdown. In the last month, the Jets were butt thumped by both the Giants and Eagles-two average teams in what is a very average NFC East division, could've easily lost lost to the worst team in that same division, the Redskins, and were only "impressive" in their 37-10 boat racing they gave an atrocious Chiefs team 3 weeks ago.

The Dolphins, on the other hand, have been playing well since getting off to that horrid 0-7 start. They are 5-3 since the midway part of the season, and just last week had New England on the ropes in Foxboro, jumping out to a 17-0 lead before eventually yielding to Tom Brady and crew.

Miami has been a gambler's best friend of late, covering 8 of their last 9 against the number. Rex Ryan's act is getting old, the Jets defense is not like it used to be, and Mark Sanchez is just another overrated USC QB, who has been getting more ass lately than Rex Ryan's right, big, cheese infested toe. Which is all fine and good for the handsome Jet gunslinger, except for the fact that his 4 interceptions and 61 passer rating over the last 2 weeks is not quite as hot as that Victoria's Secret model he's banging. Dolphins

Carolina at New Orleans(-7.5)
Some in the media killed Drew Brees and the Saints for throwing the ball with a 22 point lead Monday night, which in turn led him to breaking Dan Marino's single season passing record. Last time I checked, the Saints were still vying for a 1st round bye with Frisco in the Playoffs, and although this tie breaker won't come into affect, "strength of victory" is 4th in the line for tie breakers when it comes to determining Playoff positioning.

In any case, you play to win the fucking game, and if Atlanta didn't want to continue to get boat raced on National TV, then those dumb bastards should've done a better job defending their side of the field. Props to you, Sean Payton, for having your team play until the whistle.

Which is exactly why we're playing Norleans here. They're still playing for a 1st round bye, Drew Brees is their Quarterback, and they're at home laying a little bit more than a touchdown against a rookie QB, even if it is Cam Newton.

The Saints are getting hot at the right time of the year. Over their last 5 games, they're beating opponents by an average of 19 points per contest. They're 9-0 ATS in their last 9 on field turf, and they're 10-1 ATS in their last 11 home games. Saints

Dallas(+3) at NY Giants
Sometimes you have to do things in life that are painful; root canal surgery, pay taxes, watch Shelley Smith fill in for Jim Rome all of last week on Rome Is Burning, or in this case, bet on the Dallas Cowboys.

How are the Cowboys even in this position? Seriously. The Jets, Lions, Cardinals, and three weeks ago, the Giants- all games in which the Cowboys blew 4th quarter leads in games- other than the Cardinals, that were WELL in hand.

Reports out of Jerryland is that Tony Romo's hand is fine, and he will be full bore Sunday night. That being the case, we expect more flawless Tony Romo behavior, similar to the 4 touchdown, 141 passer rating performance he had the last time these two teams met. Speaking of which...

We're still not sure how the Giants managed to win that game 3 weeks ago. They were down 12 points- not just two scores, but two BIG scores- with 5:41 to go in the 4th quarter. Not to mention they dodged a fatal bullet after their first touchdown to pull within 5, when Tony Romo overthrew Miles Austin by about a yard, which would've been the icing on the cake, given him a 5 touchdown game, and would've sent the Giants and Tom Coughlin packing.

Even if you evaluate this game as two slightly better than average teams squaring off, so you might as well take the team getting the points, that's fine with us. We're just a step ahead of that analysis, because we feel Dallas is the more talented team. The Giants don't impress us whatsoever. Following their miracle comeback, they were dressed down the following week at home, to a bad Redskin team, and then rebounded last week against what we feel is a bad Jets team (see our Jets/Miami analysis)

Dallas is 7-2-1 ATS in their last 10 versus a team with a winning record, and 6 of their last 8 versus the NFC have gone under the total. That bloated, hairy goon Rob Ryan will have his boys ready to play defense tonight, Tony Romo has another big game, and the law of averages catches up with the Cowboys in a good way- no blowing any 4th quarter leads here. Bet the Cowboys and bet the Under 47.5.

Yack's song of the year- 2011, embedded in the most Americana video since John Cougar's "Pink Houses". Hopefully this song isn't a metaphor for our picks this week and moving forward into the post season. Happy 2012!

Last Week 4-0 ATS
YTD 36-16-3 ATS

Friday, December 30, 2011

The 69 Club


All the "Legend" can say is ‘’WOW’’…….four out of four winners……almost 70 percent for the year………I am truly humbled by ur expertise……just don’t fall to pieces in the playoffs like last year……let us stay in the present time and another WOW………congrats……...

All the Best, The ‘’legend’’…a humbled individual who knows greatness when he views it……

Thanks, Legend. 69.2% ATS for the season is pretty damn good. And its nice to be recognized by your peers, even if he's some 70 year old retired Jewish guy friend of my dad's, who resides in Vegas now, and therefore (somehow) refers to himself as "Legend", as it pertains to sports wagering.

36-16-3 ATS for the year, we are, and if we combine that with our 2010 regular season ATS record (35-25-3), we are 71-41-6 ATS over the last two years, hitting are games at an almost 64% clip, which any wise guy will tell you, is frightening good.

We will be giving out another 4 winners this Sunday, including the ATS winner in the Cowboys/Giants game, as well as the winner in the Chiefs/Tebows game.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

NFL Week 16: Yack-Yack's Santa's Wishlist: Dogs. And Lots of Them

Cleveland(+12.5) at Baltimore
Santa's Wishlist: 22nd ranked Quarterback, and guy who might want to be more concerned with doing his job than what others are saying, Joe Flacco, asked Santa to ask the media AGAIN to quit talking about Tim Tebow, and start talking about his team, who continue to lose to shitty teams and/or keep them around in games. Ray Lewis asked for a new knife and an alibi.

Seneca Wallace makes his second straight start for the Brownies, coming off a tough OT loss at Arizona in which Wallace was very efficient; 18-31, 226 yards and a touch. He also completed Cleveland's longest play from scrimmage in 4 years, a 76 yard touchdown pass to rookie Greg Little.

The Ravens are scoring just 19 points/per over the last month. They're also 0-3 ATS this year when laying double digits. Cleveland's D keeps them in it, and Peyton Hillis will see the ball 25+ times like he did last week. Browns

Minnesota(+7) at Washington
Santa's Wishlist: Fred Davis and Trent Williams asked Santa for Whizzinators, most likely in a size bigger than what yours truly would order. Mike Shanahan asked Santa for some new pants, since all of his seem to catch fire when he speaks to reporters.

Hair is what you have hair: two below average teams, whose Quarterbacks have QB Ratings that resemble Lavar Arrington's Senior year English final exam score (Ponder: 72.3, Grossman: 71.4), and whose season's never were headed in the right die-rec-tion. With that being said, we'll take the below average team who is getting the points.

The Vikings haven't been awful when facing non-elite opponents. In fact, the only games that they have been blown out in, were against the Saints, Green Bay, and at Chicago, before Jay Cutler went down, and in a game in which the Bears Defense/Special Teams scored 21 points.

Listen, last week's win in the Meadowlands was impressive, but the still lacking Redskins shouldn't be giving points to the Little Sisters of the Poor. Expect a let down from that before mentioned win. This game will be hanging in the balance with 5 minutes to go. Vikings

Denver at Buffalo(+2.5)
Santa's Wishlist: John Elway asked Santa for Tim Tebow to pull an OJ with new girlfriend Lindsey Vonn, violating the 6th Commandment, so that Elway can run Tebow out of town without causing riots in the streets of Denver. Elway also asked for a new stall, chocolate covered oats, and for Calvin Borel to ride him in next year's Derby.

I hate to simply bet the due factor, like some degenerate gambler in a casino who frantically looks for the roulette wheel with a bunch of consecutive blacks or reds on the board, so that he can then run to that one table, bet the house on whatever color has NOT been coming up simply because its DUE...but, that's what were doing here. (I've only heard of this strategy in casinos from buddies, or something like that, but have never done that myself...)

Seriously, the Bills have been awful. They've lost 7 straight, and have been almost equally bad ATS, losing 6 of 7. Last week, they allowed divisional foe Miami to come into town and roll them up- in a mini snow storm, with an interim coach at the helm, and in their own backyard.

Tim Tebow is fun to watch, no doubt. But you have to figure the law of averages is still chasing him and his cult like status. Yes, he had his sheeot handed to him last week by Tom Brady, but for Tebow's Sake, the comeback win against the Bears two weeks ago, is at least worth 3 Hail Marys, and 2 Our Fathers, or in layman's terms, a loss on the road at a Buffalo team who is due.

Philadelphia(+1.5) at Dallas
Santa's Wishlist: Mike Vick asked Santa to make his name mysteriously disappear off of Sam Hurd's clientele list. Andy Reid asked Santa for sons who are productive members of society. Tony Romo asked Santa for the board game Chutes and Ladders, to replace Hide-n-Seek as the party time entertainment, the next time he and his douchebag friends get together for a bachelor party. Dez Bryant asked Santa for some pants that fit. And a mother who has a job that requires taxes to be paid on, or so Jeff Ireland tells us. Jason Garrett asked Santa for a timeout reminder. Jerry Jones asked Santa for a face that doesn't resemble the most coveted item at a Tupperware Party. And that disgustingly fat, gross slob Rob Ryan asked Santa for a haircut, and a toilet that can handle elephant sized dumps.

Dallas, for the most part, has been unimpressive for the last 5-6 weeks. We've detailed this ad nauseum. They did handle an awful Tampa Bay team last week, but the key words there are awful Tampa Bay team.

Philly is dangerous, and Mike Vick has looked good in his two starts since returning from injury. A nice roadie at Miami, and then last week's dressing down of what is supposed to be a better than average New York Jets team. Speaking of dressing down, the Eagles did that as well 8 weeks ago against Dallas in Philly. In fact, give the Eagles (today's line) 1.5 points against Dallas in these two teams last three meetings, and the Eagles are 3-0 ATS.

Felix Jones is dinged up, and DeMarco Murray is on the shelf. If the Cowboys are to win, they'll have to do it on Tony Romo's arm, which has been flawless in December. However, the Eagles defense has been tight as of late, giving up only 177, 155, and 190 yards through the air over the last 3 games. Mike Vick does enough to elude Dallas's front 7, and by doing so will have a field day against the putrid Dallas secondary. Eagles

Last Week 1-2 ATS
YTD 32-16-3 ATS

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sportsyack Radio: December 19th

Check out the Top 5 NFL Quarterbacks (passer rating) through 15 weeks and where they were drafted coming out of college.

1. Aaron Rodgers (24th Overall pick)
2. Drew Brees (32nd Overall pick)
3. Tom Brady (199th Overall pick)
4. Tony Romo (Undrafted)
5. Matt Schaub (90th Overall pick)

Now listen to a segment of Sportsyack Radio from this week.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Occupy Draft Picks: Worst(and dumbest) Argument Ever

Less than 24 hours after beating their divisional rival Giants up in the Meadowlands- a place where the Redskins have had very little success, a segment of the Redskins "fan"base was at it again. The segment who had a hard time enjoying the ass whooping that was the Redskins 23-10 victory on Sunday, because they were already whining about what that win had done to the Redskins draft order in next April's NFL Draft.

At the crux of The Occupy Draft Picks (ODP)movement, is the notion that "a lower pick gives you more options."

Well no shit, Sherlock. What are they going to tell me next? Water is wet? The sky is blue? Dan Snyder has short man's complex?

And there you have it, the only valid point these Occupiers make, which they'll remind you of non-stop as they dismiss every single one of the multiple arguments against their Occupy Draft Picks movement.

And don't let them try to spin it any other way. Their argument is that one singular statement regarding more options, and that's it. And we get it, by the way. You're not exactly cracking DaVinci's Code with that insight.

Right around the time I started having basic math and reasoning problems fed to me in elementary school, I was able to conclude that having 1st pick(earlier picks) usually equates to better things (Dodge ball team selection during 4th grade P.E., having first dibs during Santa's Secret Workshop). I get the "having 1st pick is usually better" concept.

However, its not as cut and dry when you're talking about the NFL Draft. And the time and energy that these people waste worrying about draft order is completely and utterly absurd.

(The day I'm sitting around in my basement by myself in mid November, kind of rooting for the Redskins to lose to Dallas because by doing so it will help their draft order come next April, please drive over to my house and blow my friggin brains out. Thank you)

For starters, the ODP argument starts and ends with, "a lower draft pick gives you more options." Period. End of story. What these Occupiers try to do after adopting the role of master of stating the obvious, is spin it into it somehow guaranteeing NFL teams success.

Its not a sure fire thing, nor is it even close to being one. But God forbid you tell these people that its not. Do this, and you can insert 'defense mechanism' response by these folk, usually defending their argument by trying to make it sound like they are just smarter than everyone else, and boobs like myself or Judge Patrick, both lifelong Redskins fans, "just don't get it".

Actually, we do get it. We just like to take the common sense approach to it, that doesn't involve quitting at the first sign of a lost season. You know, like 5 weeks ago prior to the Dallas game, when this talk started on twitter, the blogs, and sports talk radio.

Pretty ironic, that in light of how the NFC East has played out, that these "fans" were already talking about April in mid November. (Have you run the NFC East scenarios if Graham Gano had simply made that kick in OT vs Dallas?)

Good thing in 2007, Coach Gibbs didn't just throw in the towel at 5-7 and simply redirect his focus on the following year's draft.

So I'd ask these people to show me all the examples of the low draft picks and the success it guarantees.

Cam Newton? Fair enough, the guy looks like he's going to be able to play, but you really won't know much until year 3 or 4. I could make the same argument about Andy Dalton, who ummmm, was drafted 34 positions later than Cam Newton, who also happened to be drafted by almost an equally bad team, who is getting virtually no rookie of the year run, and who with two games to go, has his team right in the AFC Wildcard mix.

Peyton Manning? Fine, you're winning that example, no doubt. That 1st round pick worked out. Ryan Leaf, the guy drafted right after Manning, not so much.

Most of the time, when you bring up the guys who didn't go Top 10 or Top 15, for that matter, the Occupiers don't want to hear it. {Aaron Rodgers(24th pick), Tom Brady(199th pick), or Drew Brees (32nd pick)}

So then forget about specific players, relative to where they were drafted, and explain to me the guaranteed success related to having low draft picks versus higher picks. Lets use the Detroit Lions and the Pittsburgh Steelers for example, and lets see how its worked out for them over the past 10 years.

Starting with the 2002 NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions 1st round picks were as follows: 3rd, 2nd, 7th, 10th, 9th, 2nd, 17th, 1st, 2nd, and 13th. Pretty damn good drafting spots, right? Getting (on average) the 6th pick in the NFL draft for 10 consecutive years should equate to success, right, Occupiers?

However, the Lions record from that point is 46-112, a .291 win percentage, ZERO playoff appearances, and a unbelievably successful 8 seasons where they had double digit losses.

Insert Price Is Right loser horn, losers.

Lets flip that switch, and take a team like the Pittsburgh Steelers, who based off the rationale of the Occupiers, should have been shitting the bed for the entire last decade, based off of their not so attractive drafting order.

The Steelers 1st round picks, starting with the 2002 NFL Draft were in the following positions: 30th, 16th, 11th, 30th, 25th, 15th, 23rd, 32nd, 18th, and 31st. God awful, right? That puts their average 1st round pick at the 23rd spot.

During that decade of awful draft order, the Steelers have gone 103-54-1, for a .651 win percentage. This includes 6 playoff appearances, 5 division titles, 3 trips to the Super Bowl, of which they won two Lombardi Trophy's.

So you see, you simpletons, draft order really doesn't mean shit. The key to a successful draft has everything to do with having the right people in charge that know how to run a draft. This includes evaluating talent by your scouts, coaches, and general manager, and to be able to trade for the right players prior, during, or after the Draft. This will then allow your coaches to then coach those players up, and work them into your system.

Another reason it makes zero sense to worry about and bitch about potential Draft order now, is that there are entirely too many factors that are out of arm chair quarterback's control. Injuries, draft day trades, suspensions, etc.- all things that you cannot control, which should be enough for you to consider dropping the poor, poor pitiful me mantra, and just enjoy the moment, for Christ's sake.

But the worst attribute of all for being part of the ODP movement, is the mere fact that regardless of the point in the season, regardless of the Redskins opponent on any given Sunday, regardless of the Redskins record, regardless of what Mel Kiper or Andy McShay is projecting to happen 8 or 7 or 6 months from now (depending on when your misery goes full bore), is that you, in some fashion or form or lapse in moral judgement, are kind of rooting for the Redskins to lose.

That's not a fan. Its fair weathered. Its bush league. Its actually worse than the "never been to Dallas, DC born and raised" Cowboys fans.

So enough of the nonsense, already. Quit worrying about things that you cannot control, things that don't even guarantee success in the first place. Your talking point is pathetic, and its you who doesn't get it- the simple(yet minimal) pleasure of being a Redskins fan and going up to the Meadowlands in mid December, regardless of record or playoff implications, and laying the wood to the hated New York Giants.

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Friday, December 16, 2011

NFL Week 15: The Train Keeps A-Rollin'

Hello, reader(s). The Yack is on an epic tear this season. 31-14-3 ATS is disgustingly awesome. 7-1 ATS the last two weeks, is like having one of those 4 hour boners that the commercials talk about. Guys like Hammering Hank wish they had half the prognostication skills that we do. That bloated ass hat Chris "Swami" Berman only wishes he had our numbers. Enough of the self love, thank you very much, its on with the continued winning...

Dallas(-7) at Tampa
The Cowboys have been a bettor's nightmare. They've failed to cover 4 straight, and 6 of their last 7. And Sunday night's 12 point lead with 5:41 to go meltdown, was one for the ages. Here is where Cowboy fan gets his nut.

Let me throw out some other numbers: 41, 38, 23, 35, 37, 27, which would be the points the Bucs have allowed over their last 6 games. That's a smooth 33.5 points per game their stellar defense is giving up. Not to mention their current 7 game losing streak. Tony Romo will dissect the league's 29th ranked defense, and Jason Garrett and Rob Ryan will have their shit together. Dallas rolls.

Tennessee(-7) at Indy
Whats this you might ask: the Yack throwing down on another favorite, who happens to be the road team, who also happens to be laying a 7 piece? Bottomline with three to go, the Titans are in a dogfight to secure a wildcard spot, and the Colts need to keep losing to secure Andrew Luck.

Chris Johnson has run for 150 yards or more in 2 of his last 3 games. The Colts are 30th in the league in run defense. The Titans are 5-0 ATS this year versus a team with a losing record, and they're 4-0 ATS playing on fake grass. The 2008 Detroit Lions are counting down the days until the 2011 Indianapolis Colts join them in infamy. Can you say boat race Sunday? Titans big.

New England at Denver(+9)
How many times do we have to tell you? New England's defense sucking fucks! DFL in the league, and yet betting public guy continues to get down on Brady and Belichick. This line is absurd.

Listen people. Don't get all caught up in the lure of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, or Bomani Jones and Stephen A. Smith's non stop preaching of how Tim Tebow's unconventional ways suck. The proof is in the pudding. Tebow is 7-1 as a starter this year, regardless of how he's winning, and the Patriots are a one trick pony. Not to mention New England is 0-4 ATS in their last 4 as favorites of 6 points or more, and they're on the dreaded backside of back to back roadies. Tebow Time. Broncos

A study came out this week indicating that marriages in the US were at an all time low. Which means more people are missing out on the beauty of communication between a man and a woman, which keeps a marriage nice and strong. Its all yours, Jack

Last Week 4-0 ATS
YTD ATS 31-14-3 ATS

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sportsyack Radio: December 12 and Archives

Sportsyack Radio discussed the Cowboys/Giants game, as well as this week's firings in the NFL, and the NFL's overreaction to making the league safer.

Dallas/Giants wrap up Segment 1

Dallas/Giants wrap up Segment 2

NFL firings and safety


Redskins/Jets wrap up(Nov.2011)

AFC playoff picture and Why Tim Tebow gets critiqued so much(Nov.2011)

Carnac in studio (Nov.2011)

Irv, The Legend from Vegas, calls to apologize for calling Yack a fucking asshole in email, and he also likes to make fun of Yack and Patrick's father (Jan.2011)

SuperBowl Wrap Up(Feb.2011)

Irv, The Legend from Vegas, gives us his take on the Packers/Steelers Super Bowl(Jan.2011)

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The Junkies Were Told "book talk only" by Feinstein

The Yack has been told from a source that the reason The Junkies did not ask John Feinstein questions regarding Donovan McNabb or his feud with ESPN 980, was that Feinstein informed the boys prior to the appearance that his appearance would strictly be about his new book.

Kind of bush league, in our opinion, for a DC guy on a DC sports radio station, who so liberally likes to throw around his opinion, like he did last year with his controversial remarks about McNabb's benching here in DC, and in light of McNabb's recent release in Minnesota.

John Feinstein sounds like a diva to us. Or a dick.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Junkies Step Aside for John Feinstein's Infomercial: And Mary Carillo is "good looking".

The most interesting guy ever stopped by The Fan's new studio in Lanham Tuesday morning, and he did not fail to deliver. Story after story of how he befriended guys like Coach K and John McEnroe, mixed in between a story about how Martina Navratilova once had a Lufthansa flight held up for him after he stared down a communist Czech gov't official, to ensure nothing bad happened to former Cap Michal Pivonka's mother.

The Dos Equis man? James Bond? Neither.

We're talking about the one and only, John "Junior" Feinstein, who was his usual, "me-me-me, my book, my book, my book" self, as his book promotional tour continued during the Sports Junkies Tuesday show.

Unfortunately for the listeners, Feinstein barely let the Junkies get a word in edgewise, and the almost hour of air time-errrrrr, infomercial time for Feinstein's latest book, didn't allow the Junks to ask any of the questions inquiring minds would like to know the answers to.

For example, is Leslie Frazier a racist for benching Donovan McNabb, just like you said Mike Shanahan was last year? If Tiger Woods were on fire, would you piss on him to try and put it out? And did you really just say that Mary Carillo is good looking?

Yep, men with testosterone who are reading this. John Junior, when describing a time when he worked with/interviewed Former Tennis Pro and current tennis analyst Mary Carillo, said one of the benefits of doing so was because "she's good looking."

To each his own, I guess, but "good looking" is not the first thought that comes to our collective minds when you say the name Mary Carillo. Now maybe Anna Kournikova or that hottie who Rory McIlroy is giving his 3 wood to, but Mary Carillo?

Really, John? When did you become a fiction writer?

In any case, John Junior thinks Mary Carillo is hot, and the Junkies- who seem to be walking on egg shells whenever they get Feinstein on the phone or in this case in studio, dropped the ball as far as we're concerned.

Seriously, guys. How do you not get into the McNabb/Shanahan questions? How do you not ask Feinstein about his strained relationship(s) with Tony Kornheiser or about Feinstein's blogpost on Sunday, in which he ripped ESPN 980's Program Director Chuck Sapienza a new one?

As long winded and self serving as Feinstein comes off, he is a pretty interesting guy- regardless of his taste in women. But an hour of just stories by John, and no pertinent questions by the boys? Disappointment from this listener.

STP frontman Scott Weiland getting into the holiday spirit. Who put the drugs in his heroin?

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Response We Got From NFLShop.Com When We Tried To Order a Tim Tebow Jersey

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

NFL Week 14: Continuing to Make Our Man's Money Disappear

New England at Washington(+9)
Everyone in Washington, including phony radio guys who rant for ratings purposes following Monday Night blowout losses, yet they fall into the "lose for draft picks" category of douchebag fans, thinks this game is going to be a "shellacking". And if you follow the general public opinion, you too might be making the mistake of getting down on Tom Brady and the Pats.

We told you back in September that New England would not be doing shat beyond December. And we still contend that. They continue to be dead last in total defense, and dead last in the league against the pass.

Here is a funny start to a sentence: In the games in which Rex Grossman has shined, the teams he's playing against have secondaries that are not exactly stellar.(NYG-29th, 2nd Dallas game- 15th, Seattle- 20th). So against the team ranked 32nd, we like Sexy's chances to at least move the ball here.

The Redskins, quite frankly, be it not for Graham Gano vs Dallas, and Graham Gano and Danny Smith vs the NY Jets, could be riding a 3 game winning streak. Playing without pot head starters Trent Williams and Fred Davis, as well as king of all groin and Achilles injuries, Laron Landry, the Redskins find a way to keep this game within reach. Patriots 24 Redskins 19.

Kansas City at NY Jets(-10.5)
This game has blowout potential written all over it, and most likely that potential will come to fruition. The Chiefs prevented us from going a perfect 4-0 ATS last week, and we're not the least bit afraid of going to the well for the second week in a row against them, because quite frankly, they're effing horrible.

Last week against the Bears, the Chiefs needed to both (a)Knock out Matt Forte and (b)Complete a Hail Mary touchdown right before the end of the half, just to hang on and win 10-3. In fact, throw out that Hail Mary touchdown, and the Chiefs over the past five games are averaging- ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?!?- a putrid 5.6 points per game!!


Rex Ryan and the Jets, coming off a road win and continuing their playoff push which is a dogfight that they're in, will stick their sticky, stinky, kinky feet right up the Chiefs asses this week. This game will not be close. Jets

San Francisco at Arizona(+3.5)
Speaking of going back to the well, we gave you Arizona last week as a straight up winner against Dallas, and we like them to upset the Niners here. Bottomline is this, as we told you last week, the Cardinals have been playing very good football over the past 6 weeks. Unfortunately for them, their 1-6 start is going to leave them outside looking in come January, but as of late, this team is playing as good as any.

Going back to the last week in October, Arizona inexcusably blew a 21 point lead on the road to Baltimore, and then went on to win 4 of their next 5. Their only loss; the 49ers, 3 weeks ago.

Maybe its because San Fran clinched their division last week and could be not as up for this game or maybe its because we're still not sold on them as world beaters, but whatever the reason may be, the "three and a hook" is a lock with Arizona in this spot. Cardinals

NY Giants(+4.5) at Dallas
There is one, and possibly two(depending on whose opinion you ask)coaches playing for their jobs this week. If the Giants lose here, they are for all intents and purposes done for the post season, and Tom Coughlin's run will be over. And we feel strongly that if Dallas loses here, they too will continue to shit the bed in December, will fail to make the post season, and Jason Garrett's short tenure as the BMOC in Dallas could come to end.

Neither team has been impressive of late. Dallas had won 4 straight going into last week's loss at Arizona, but could've easily just as lost 3 of the 4 in that stretch. The G-Men too have a streak going- a nice 4 game losing streak, that we expect them to end Sunday night.

During their current losing streak, the Giants have had to play Frisco, Philly, Norleans, and Green Bay. Short of the Eagles, who I'm pretty sure boat raced Dallas in prime time 5 weeks ago, thats a murderer's row of games. Dallas, on the otherhand, killed a pretender in Buffalo, should've lost to Washington, could've lost to Miami, and last week lost to a surging, yet still 5-7 Cardinals team.

Tom Coughlin gets his guys to win one for the gipper here. He's never lost in the House that Jerry Built, and look for him to make that a trifecta Sunday night. Fantasy players need to get Eli in the game immediately, as he will have a field day with a very suspect Dallas secondary. 33-27 Giants

Last Week 3-1 ATS
YTD 27-14-3 ATS

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sportsyack Radio: December 6, 2011

The boys discuss the Redskins/Jets debacle: topics include bad clock management, what the fuck Danny Smith/Graham Gano were thinking with that pooch kick, and how Mike Shanahan's stern discipline ways have transcended the pot smoke filled locker room.

Also discussed, the Dallas Cowboys and their OWN clock management problems, as well as their and the rest of the NFC's playoff chances.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

NFL Week 13: A Four Pack of Winners

Kansas City at Chicago(-7)
Da Bears had covered 5 straight going into last week's road loss at Oakland. Expect Da Bears to get their ship anchored back in Cover Harbor this week, as some guy named Tyler Palko will have his hands under center for the Chiefs. Judge Patrick tells me Tyler Palko shouldn't be within 5 miles of an NFL huddle, let alone inside of one. Da Bears will score 7 or 14 points via their defense/special teams. Da Bears.

Oakland at Miami(-3)
The Dolphins have covered 5 straight and could easily be riding a 4 game winning streak, barely losing at Dallas on Thanksgiving. Prior to Dallas and during that streak, Miami was beating teams in (kind of) blowout fashion. 35-8, 20-9, and 31-3. We like the extra rest for Miami(first game in 10 days), and don't like the West Coast to East Coast 1pm start for Oakland. 20-14 Fish.

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh(-6.5)
The Bengals had to come from behind last week to beat a not very good Browns team. That was on the heels of back to back divisional losses to Baltimore and to the team that hails from Big Hair, Big Ass, Big Truck Nation, who they play again today. The Steelers were flat last week coming out of their bye week, and barely beat a Chiefs team in a game that they were double digit favorites. Expect a nice rebound against their divisional opponents from Southern Ohio.

The Steelers have beat the Bengals 3 straight, and there is one factor here that we think is getting overlooked; Andy Dalton. The guy has played very well this year, but he's still a rookie, playing at Pittsburgh, in December. Bottomline, the Big Ass, Big Haired girlfriends of all those hillbilly assholes waving Terrible Towels and defending Joe Paterno, will be happy by game's end. 34-13 Steelers.

Dallas at Arizona(+4.5)
The Cowboys continue to escape in games in which they play not very good teams, twice in two weeks, in fact. Two weeks ago Washington (twice this year) and Miami on Thanksgiving. From our vantage point, there still seems to be a bit of a country club atmosphere under skinny, younger Wade Phillips, Jason Garrett. They're 27th in the league in most penalties committed, and the Thanksgiving "win" over Miami was a shining example of what they're capable of. 11 penalties committed, and a dumb timeout because of their inability to properly lineup for a Miami field goal attempt.

We like the points here. The Cardinals have won 3 out of their last 4, and have been impressive at times. They had a very good Ravens team dead to rights 5 weeks ago in Baltimore, and somehow let that game slip away. Expect Larry Fitzgerald to have a big day against what is an awful Dallas secondary. Dallas has lost in Arizona the last two times these teams played there. 24-21 Cardinals.

Last Week 2-1 ATS
YTD 24-13-3 ATS

Now if you don't think this rocks, you and eye have a problem.....

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