Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Junkies Step Aside for John Feinstein's Infomercial: And Mary Carillo is "good looking".

The most interesting guy ever stopped by The Fan's new studio in Lanham Tuesday morning, and he did not fail to deliver. Story after story of how he befriended guys like Coach K and John McEnroe, mixed in between a story about how Martina Navratilova once had a Lufthansa flight held up for him after he stared down a communist Czech gov't official, to ensure nothing bad happened to former Cap Michal Pivonka's mother.

The Dos Equis man? James Bond? Neither.

We're talking about the one and only, John "Junior" Feinstein, who was his usual, "me-me-me, my book, my book, my book" self, as his book promotional tour continued during the Sports Junkies Tuesday show.

Unfortunately for the listeners, Feinstein barely let the Junkies get a word in edgewise, and the almost hour of air time-errrrrr, infomercial time for Feinstein's latest book, didn't allow the Junks to ask any of the questions inquiring minds would like to know the answers to.

For example, is Leslie Frazier a racist for benching Donovan McNabb, just like you said Mike Shanahan was last year? If Tiger Woods were on fire, would you piss on him to try and put it out? And did you really just say that Mary Carillo is good looking?

Yep, men with testosterone who are reading this. John Junior, when describing a time when he worked with/interviewed Former Tennis Pro and current tennis analyst Mary Carillo, said one of the benefits of doing so was because "she's good looking."

To each his own, I guess, but "good looking" is not the first thought that comes to our collective minds when you say the name Mary Carillo. Now maybe Anna Kournikova or that hottie who Rory McIlroy is giving his 3 wood to, but Mary Carillo?

Really, John? When did you become a fiction writer?

In any case, John Junior thinks Mary Carillo is hot, and the Junkies- who seem to be walking on egg shells whenever they get Feinstein on the phone or in this case in studio, dropped the ball as far as we're concerned.

Seriously, guys. How do you not get into the McNabb/Shanahan questions? How do you not ask Feinstein about his strained relationship(s) with Tony Kornheiser or about Feinstein's blogpost on Sunday, in which he ripped ESPN 980's Program Director Chuck Sapienza a new one?

As long winded and self serving as Feinstein comes off, he is a pretty interesting guy- regardless of his taste in women. But an hour of just stories by John, and no pertinent questions by the boys? Disappointment from this listener.

STP frontman Scott Weiland getting into the holiday spirit. Who put the drugs in his heroin?

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