Saturday, December 10, 2011

NFL Week 14: Continuing to Make Our Man's Money Disappear

New England at Washington(+9)
Everyone in Washington, including phony radio guys who rant for ratings purposes following Monday Night blowout losses, yet they fall into the "lose for draft picks" category of douchebag fans, thinks this game is going to be a "shellacking". And if you follow the general public opinion, you too might be making the mistake of getting down on Tom Brady and the Pats.

We told you back in September that New England would not be doing shat beyond December. And we still contend that. They continue to be dead last in total defense, and dead last in the league against the pass.

Here is a funny start to a sentence: In the games in which Rex Grossman has shined, the teams he's playing against have secondaries that are not exactly stellar.(NYG-29th, 2nd Dallas game- 15th, Seattle- 20th). So against the team ranked 32nd, we like Sexy's chances to at least move the ball here.

The Redskins, quite frankly, be it not for Graham Gano vs Dallas, and Graham Gano and Danny Smith vs the NY Jets, could be riding a 3 game winning streak. Playing without pot head starters Trent Williams and Fred Davis, as well as king of all groin and Achilles injuries, Laron Landry, the Redskins find a way to keep this game within reach. Patriots 24 Redskins 19.

Kansas City at NY Jets(-10.5)
This game has blowout potential written all over it, and most likely that potential will come to fruition. The Chiefs prevented us from going a perfect 4-0 ATS last week, and we're not the least bit afraid of going to the well for the second week in a row against them, because quite frankly, they're effing horrible.

Last week against the Bears, the Chiefs needed to both (a)Knock out Matt Forte and (b)Complete a Hail Mary touchdown right before the end of the half, just to hang on and win 10-3. In fact, throw out that Hail Mary touchdown, and the Chiefs over the past five games are averaging- ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?!?- a putrid 5.6 points per game!!


Rex Ryan and the Jets, coming off a road win and continuing their playoff push which is a dogfight that they're in, will stick their sticky, stinky, kinky feet right up the Chiefs asses this week. This game will not be close. Jets

San Francisco at Arizona(+3.5)
Speaking of going back to the well, we gave you Arizona last week as a straight up winner against Dallas, and we like them to upset the Niners here. Bottomline is this, as we told you last week, the Cardinals have been playing very good football over the past 6 weeks. Unfortunately for them, their 1-6 start is going to leave them outside looking in come January, but as of late, this team is playing as good as any.

Going back to the last week in October, Arizona inexcusably blew a 21 point lead on the road to Baltimore, and then went on to win 4 of their next 5. Their only loss; the 49ers, 3 weeks ago.

Maybe its because San Fran clinched their division last week and could be not as up for this game or maybe its because we're still not sold on them as world beaters, but whatever the reason may be, the "three and a hook" is a lock with Arizona in this spot. Cardinals

NY Giants(+4.5) at Dallas
There is one, and possibly two(depending on whose opinion you ask)coaches playing for their jobs this week. If the Giants lose here, they are for all intents and purposes done for the post season, and Tom Coughlin's run will be over. And we feel strongly that if Dallas loses here, they too will continue to shit the bed in December, will fail to make the post season, and Jason Garrett's short tenure as the BMOC in Dallas could come to end.

Neither team has been impressive of late. Dallas had won 4 straight going into last week's loss at Arizona, but could've easily just as lost 3 of the 4 in that stretch. The G-Men too have a streak going- a nice 4 game losing streak, that we expect them to end Sunday night.

During their current losing streak, the Giants have had to play Frisco, Philly, Norleans, and Green Bay. Short of the Eagles, who I'm pretty sure boat raced Dallas in prime time 5 weeks ago, thats a murderer's row of games. Dallas, on the otherhand, killed a pretender in Buffalo, should've lost to Washington, could've lost to Miami, and last week lost to a surging, yet still 5-7 Cardinals team.

Tom Coughlin gets his guys to win one for the gipper here. He's never lost in the House that Jerry Built, and look for him to make that a trifecta Sunday night. Fantasy players need to get Eli in the game immediately, as he will have a field day with a very suspect Dallas secondary. 33-27 Giants

Last Week 3-1 ATS
YTD 27-14-3 ATS

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