Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sportsyack Radio: December 12 and Archives

Sportsyack Radio discussed the Cowboys/Giants game, as well as this week's firings in the NFL, and the NFL's overreaction to making the league safer.

Dallas/Giants wrap up Segment 1

Dallas/Giants wrap up Segment 2

NFL firings and safety


Redskins/Jets wrap up(Nov.2011)

AFC playoff picture and Why Tim Tebow gets critiqued so much(Nov.2011)

Carnac in studio (Nov.2011)

Irv, The Legend from Vegas, calls to apologize for calling Yack a fucking asshole in email, and he also likes to make fun of Yack and Patrick's father (Jan.2011)

SuperBowl Wrap Up(Feb.2011)

Irv, The Legend from Vegas, gives us his take on the Packers/Steelers Super Bowl(Jan.2011)

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