Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In A Playoff Hole (again)

Here we go again. Following yet another regular season of killing our man, we've slipped below the post season .500 mark after a horrid 0-4 weekend. Last year we were 10 games over .500 for the regular season, then proceeded to post a 4-7 ATS post season record. This year's remarkable 38-17-4 ATS regular season record, is now tainted by our 3-5 ATS post season record through 2 weeks.


And speaking of yuck, all apologies to a friend of Yack who will remain nameless, who took our advice of "Get down on Tebow" to a whole new level. Since he happened to be in Vegas this past weekend, our friend decided to have a go.

Enough of cry me a river talk. Our money back guarantee with 3 games to go in the 2011 NFL Season, is that we will run the table; a 2-0 weekend this week, and a chicken dinner to all our loyals on Super Bowl Sunday.

Have shovel, will dig out.

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