Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sportsyack Radio: The Debacle at Daytona

Two years ago it was pot holes. This year it was some dumb ass driving into the back of a track drying truck- a track drying truck that happened to be hauling 200 gallons of jet fuel. What the hell is going on, NASCAR? And you continue to call this your SuperBowl?

"Come on, Cletus! Gather up all them kids with head lice and rickets, and lets cook us up some smores! The SuperBowl is about to start!!"

NASCAR's SuperBowl featured a 2 hour and 5 minute delay to clean up that before mentioned snafu, in which track officials were using Tide laundry detergent to help clean up the jet fuel. It also allowed America to peak into the mindset of everyone's favorite "booogity, boogity, boogity-let's go racing boys!!!" hillbilly, when Fox's Darrell Waltrip suggested the following.

"...and you know, I would say, maybe they could drive it down off the track, but if you look, the driver's door is caved in. I don't think you could even get in the vehicle, if you were brave enough to try it...."


A truck is raging out of control on fire, while 200 gallons of jet fuel are flowing down the race track, and the mountain man from Deliverance is kind of suggesting someone hop on in it, in an effort to prevent damage to the track surface.

Fox's DW thought that if someone was "brave enough", they might be able to drive this towering inferno down off the track


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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WGC Match Play Starts Today

Golf geeks are extra geeky this week, as this week's event starts a day early. The WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship starts today, with TV coverage beginning at Noon Eastern on The Golf Channel.

Some notable tee times include Tiger teeing it up at 12:35 against Spain's shit talking version of Stephen Ames, and World #1 Luke Donald at 2:05, taking on The Big Easy, Ernie Els. Tiger's nemesis, Phil Mickelson, coming off a win and a runner up in consecutive weeks, opted to take the week off.

Who am I rooting for?

In my year long wager with The King of Ashburn, I took Robert "Kid" Rock, the Englishman with the nice hair, who took down Tiger in Dubai earlier this year. The King took Ian Poulter. In this bet, we can only use a golfer once throughout the entire year. Year to date, The King is powning me by about $122,000.

In another wager(just for this tournament) with my boy Big Tate, in which we each drafted 8 golfers (your player must win the tournament, in order to win the bet), I took Luke Donald, Steve Stricker, Sergio, Nick Watney, Charl Schwartzel, Kyle Stanley, Zach Johnson, and Bill Haas. Big Tate took Rory, Lee Westwood, Tiger, Martin Kaymer, Matt Kuchar, Keegan Bradley, Adam Scott, and The Tour's mental midget, especially on Sundays, Dustin Johson.

Don't Blow It Up. Just Go Back To The 2010 Style of Play

Following two of the worst performances I can remember(Whoops- check that, since November 26th at Buffalo, when the Caps got pollaxed 5-1 in a game where the Sabres weren't playing with 9 regular players), the questions remain the same. What is wrong with the Capitals, and are the Caps capable of making the playoffs?

Before the start of the season, the answer to the second question would have been a resounding YES. After Monday and Wednesday night's debacles, you would think this team was the Eastern Conference's cellar dweller, and it's hard to see this team making the playoffs at all.

However, any hockey fan knows that you just need to make the playoffs to have a chance to win a cup. Whether it's a hot goaltender, streaky goal scorer, the right call at the right time- NHL hockey is the sport where you don't have to be the best team in it to win it. You just need to be in it.

This debate, in it of itself, is interesting and will surely shake it's self out over the next days before the deadline. The questions I'd like to ask though, is how the hell did the Caps get in this spot and who is responsible?

For me, the blame has to start at the very top with Ted Leonsis. How many times did we hear him say, after an earlier than expected playoff exit, that this team was built to contend for a Stanley Cup for a decade and it was just a matter of time?

Now I'm paraphrasing here, but that was the jest of comments made by him as recently as July 13, 2011 to the National Press and Wharton Club.

The arrogance of that statement is only overshadowed by the stupidity of it. Nothing in life is guaranteed or assumed,especially in sports and even more so in the NHL. To talk as if a Stanley Cup is some sort of birth right, based off the fact that you lucked out with Ovechkin and a few other draft picks, is foolish at best.

Comments like this lead to a complacent and lazy attitude. The problem with the owner talking about how many Stanley Cups you are going to win, before you even manage to make it to the conference final round in the first place, is that this entitlement attitude trickles down to everyone in the organization- players and coaches. And the General Manager.

GM George McPhee is to blame as well. After all, this is the team he put together with the coach he fired to get. By my account, that would mean he's next in line to have his head chopped if the shizzle continues to hit the fan.

I have long been a supporter of McPhee and the job that he has done here. Some moves that he's made over the years have simply been brilliant, but the decisions made since the 1st round playoff loss to Montreal two years ago, are really starting to look questionable.

For starters, the talking point every year of how the Caps have found "the young goalie", who is going to be the staple for 7,8, 10 years, is just that- a talking point. And one that carries no merit. Since the Caps fired Glen Hanlon on Thanksgiving Day 2007, the Caps have trotted out 8 different goalies. So much for that thought.

And its becoming evident that there wasn't much of a back up plan in case their star center got injured. Nothing can be more telling about this statement, than the fact that Nicklas Backstrom has now missed 22 games, yet he still leads the team in assists.


Also, I think its safe to say that Bruce Boudreau wasn't the problem with the Caps. Dale Hunter certainly hasn't been the shot in the arm everyone seemed to be counting on. The Caps were 12-10 under BB, and coming off the before mentioned lackluster performance at Buffalo, when he was let go. But since Hunter took over, the Caps are 4 games under .500, 17-21.

And I'd scan over your NHL standing/stats, and take a look at what Boudreau has done out in Anaheim, since he took over coaching duties with that club.

Lastly, following the 1st round exit to Montreal in '10, why did the Caps change up their style of play? Did GMGM and Boudreau listen to arm chairs who were questioning the style of play? Was it the first in a line of what can only be classified as panic moves, like Boudreau's eventually firing? The team was built and geared towards an up and down, offensive style of play, so why would you change something that was so overwhelmingly successful over an 82 game season, simply because of a 1st round loss?

Is Ovechkin really the problem? Or is he just a product of a new system that has been a complete failure?

Like we've said, the NHL is easily the most unpredictable playoff format in professional sports. Couldn't they have just chalked up the Montreal series loss as an anomaly?

To put that (former) style of play in perspective, compare that 2010 season thru 60 games, to what this year's Caps have done thru 60 games.

In 2010, the Caps had scored 5 or more goals, 21 times. This year, they've done that just 7 times. Whats even more staggering, on both a level relative to league numbers and what the Caps have done thus far, is the total amount of goals scored.

This year thru 60 games, the Caps have scored 160 goals. In 2010, the Caps had scored 239 goals. How explosive was 239 goals thru 60 games? Consider that the NHL leader in goals thru 60 games this year, is the Philadelphia Flyers (who have actually only played 59 thus far), and they've only scored 197.

That is a 42 goal differential, folks. That's lapping the field, and that's the PC way of putting it.

In light of these comparisons, hindsight being 20/20 of course, why would any team totally abandon what they do naturally, for something that they are not comfortable doing, especially when you're scoring the way the Caps used to? Offensively geared teams have won the Stanley Cup before.

Offensively, the Caps are a shell of themselves. Seriously, how the hell do you only score 1 goal against Tampa Bay- the worst team defensively, in the entire NHL? How has Alexander Semin only scored 16 goals? He scored 28 last year, and 40 two years ago. He's on pace to score 22 this year.

So Semin scores 40 goals during their offensive hey day in 2010, and then scores 28 last year and is on pace to score 22 this year, and you don't think the change affected that?

Take a look at Ovechkin's numbers. He scored 50 two years ago, 32 in the first year of the new way, and he's on a pace to score 33 this year. Again, I think its fair to connect the dots on the change of play, rather than rail on Ovi for "being out of shape". If anything, props to Ovi for being consistent in the style he's been asked to play in.

Its real simple, Ted and George. Go back to what worked. Open it up, take your chances in those good old 6-5 and 7-4 games, and quit walking around with your head down, like we're the Bad News Bears. That change in style of play, has snowballed into one bad move after another, and even has guys like Dan Daly of The Washington Times, encouraging the unloading of Alex Ovechkin, and a complete team overhaul.

Really, Dan? Lets just blow it up, trade our star player, whose value you won't even come close to replacing, just so he can go to another team who will utilize his abilities, put him in the right "situation", so we can then watch him score 50 goals again? Awesome...

The injuries to Mike Green and Nicklas Backstrom have certainly not helped matters. And as much blame that can be put on GMGM for not having viable replacements in place, the injuries are just something you have to suck up and deal with, and continue to plow on. See Pittsburgh Penguins.

There are 22 games left in their schedule. They are 2 points out of the 8 spot in the Conference, and 2 points out of 1st place in the Southeast Division. I'd expect some trade deadline moves- Carlson, Johansson, Semin, Knuble, Wideman, Vokoun, Mike Green- pick one or all from a hat. I'd expect a few of these guys to be residing in other North American cities by this time next week. But that's just half of it.

They're still very much alive for a playoff birth, and in the unpredictable NHL playoff format, you just need to get in. Go back to what made you successful two years ago, and start scoring some goals. Then we might just see, that the situation here in DC is not quite as bad as it appears to be.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Prepare To Be Miserable, Tiger Haters

Its just a matter of time, people. After battling fire hydrants, 4 irons swung at his big teeth by his ex wife, knee and wrist injuries, Gloria Allred, and the occasional Perkins' waitress, Tiger Woods is on the cusp of reaching the mountain top once again.

In the days since his 75 on Sunday in the final round at Pebble, I've heard the likes of Rick Reilly and Curtis Strange try and dissect what's wrong with Tiger, and how he's lost his confidence. Maybe there is some truth to the "confidence" analysis, but with each passing tournament, the numbers are foreshadowing something else.

In light of the PR disaster Tiger put himself through over the last two years, I think the confidence argument is fair, so you're not really going out on a limb when you question it, RRRRRRick. Throw in the fact that Tiger is a year older and there is a new crop of much younger players on tour every year, and its arguably tougher for him to win and compete on a regular basis.

So put that in perspective for a minute, you geniuses.

Having said that, Tiger is improving, and he will be in the winner's circle very, very soon. Compared to some of his forgettable rounds in the early and middle parts of 2011, what Tiger has done over the last 3 months, should give guys like Rick Reilly (and the rest of the Tour) pause.

Other than a Sunday charge at Augusta in April, most of Tiger's 2011 was a disaster. A front nine 42 and withdraw at the Players', he missed the US Open because of injury, and he played in, but missed the cut at the PGA Championship.

Collectively- not counting his 42 at the Players', his competitive rounds last summer were 68-71-72-70 (Bridgestone), and 77-73 (PGA). That's 5 out of 6 rounds in the 70s, and two 9's in the 40's: the 9 holes he played at the Players' and the front 9 in Round 1 at the PGA, in which he shot a 40.

Fast forward to the second week of November, and Tiger's appearance down under at the Australian Open. The field had 4 of the Top 10 players in the world, and Tiger shot 68-67-75-67, finishing 3rd by himself. He then won his own tournament in December, the Chevron. Granted, that tournament only had 18 players in the field, but 3 of them were Top 10 players in the world (Jason Day, Steve Stricker, and Webb Simpson), and Tiger shot rounds of 69-67-73-69.

In January Tiger played in Dubai, and finished T-3, finishing higher than the World's #1 and #2, Luke Donald and Lee Westwood. And then there was this past weekend at Pebble.

Tiger had a bad Sunday, no doubt, but he still put together rounds of 68-68-67 on the first 3 days of the event, and his ball striking, for the most part, was noticeably improved. In fact, statistically, Tiger ranked 1st in Greens in Regulation from 75 yds or less, and 1st in distance to hole, from approaches in the 175-200 yard range.

In summary, Tiger shot in the 70s in 5 of the 6 rounds he played last summer. Since November, Tiger has shot in the 70s 5 times, however, that was over the course of 16 rounds. And during that span, he made the cut in all 4 of the events he played, finishing Top 3 or better in 3 of the 4 events.

Also, coming off a summer in which he only shot in the 60's once (68 in Round 1 of the WGC), Tiger has shot 67 or better five times since Australia.

Tiger's putting is his Achilles heel right now. He ranked a putrid 62nd in last week's Pebble event, but that should improve with more competitive rounds and practice. In fact, Tiger announced yesterday that he's about to play 3 straight weeks of competitive golf, committing to the Honda Classic (an event he hasn't played since 1993) after next week's match play event.

Look out Tour, a Tiger is on the prowl again.

I wonder if Tiger would like to show the newly single Katy Perry his 3 wood

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Lavar Compares Harper's Anti-DC Sports Team Tweets To A Murder One of His "Home Boys" Committed

The analysis of Bryce Harper's anti-DC sports teams tweets reached an embarrassing level on Thursday, when 1067 The Fan's Chad Dukes and Lavar Arrington spent almost the entire first hour of their show, breaking down the 19 year old Nats phenom's sports fandom tweets.

The analysis reached a ridiculous fever pitch, when Arrington seemed to draw a comparison between Harper's "lack of common sense", with regard to his tweeting, and one of Var's "homeboys", who is doing time for murder.

"I got a home boy that is still locked up-12 years old, he blew a dude away. Locked up for life. We gonna say, 'He's 12 years old, he didn't know what he was doing when he pulled the trigger and killed the man that day?'. He's still locked up, to this day. I'm 33, he's the same age as me. Been locked up since he was 12 years old."

Dukes seemed to be taken aback, and even commented how "extreme" of a comparison that was. Arrington didn't seem to think so, firing back the well thought out response of, "so what!"

Arrington also came to the conclusion that Harper, "hates the city(DC)", and that Harper "would get run up out of town" if he were playing in Pittsburgh.

Ok, Lavar. Whatever you say, bra...

The people of Pittsburgh I'M SURE....would run this kid of town because of his tweets. You know, because the Pirates have been so scary successful over the last 30 years, that because of Harper's love of teams from different cities, they're going to run him out of town- kick him right out the door, the biggest baseball prospect to come out since A-Rod...because he likes Duke basketball, and roots for the Dallas Cowboys.


As a DC fan, its embarrassing to listen to people get all pissed off (courtesy of the spinning by the local media, of course) about something so "who gives a fuck?", as the tweets some 19 year old kid is tweeting. I'm not sure if the reaction to his tweets is just the consequence of social media and everyone having an opinion, or the mindset of the jaded DC fan, or maybe a combination of both.

Whatever the reason for it, enough already. This town has enough sports team problems as it is, without a bunch of blowhard talking heads, and insensitive/jaded DC fans, making a mountain out of a mole hill over Bryce Harper's fandom in other sports.

This guy might be the biggest bat to come to town since Frank Effing Howard. So lets just give it a rest, appreciate his swag and the chip on his shoulder, take his sports fandom tweets with a grain of salt, and quit analysing his 140 characters like it's the social media version of the Zapruder Film.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tom Brady's Big Game, Post Knee Injury Short Falls

We had mentioned during our Super Bowl analysis, that we thought Tom Brady looked beaten and swag less during the Conference Championship Game against Baltimore. We took it a bit further, and focused on what Brady had done (or not done) since his 2008 season opening, season ending injury, stating that they (Patriots) "haven't won a damn thing" since. Here is what we found.

The year following the injury, the Patriots went 10-6, and Brady threw for almost 4,400 yards, 28 TDs to 13 INTs, and ended up with a regular season passer rating average of 96.2. In the Patriots first round playoff game that year, they were abruptly bounced by the Ravens, 33-14.

The Ravens were beneficiaries of 3 first half turnovers by Brady, 2 picks and 1 fumble, all of which led to points. Brady's game numbers were 23-42, 154 yards, 2 TDs, 3 INTs, 1 fumble, and a 49.1 passer rating.

To state it more simply, Brady, who had averaged .81 interceptions per game during the regular season, threw 3 that day.

The following year, Brady's regular season numbers were disgustingly good. He threw for a modest 3,900 yards, but his TD to INT numbers were 36 to 4, and he ended the year with a 111 passer rating.

Fast forward to the playoffs that year, and Brady's divisional round tilt with the New York football Jets. Brady entered the game having thrown 335 passes without a pick. That streak ended that day. Brady went 29-45, 299 yards, 2 TDs and 1 INT, and he had an 89 passer rating. He was sacked 5 times, and ESPN.Com described his play as "poor" that day.

Speaking of the Jets, the only team in Brady's division that has been worth a damn since his knee injury, Brady is a humbling 2-3 versus them since the injury, in the 5 games they've played each other.

You could argue that the 2011 regular season foreshadowed what was to come in the post season. Brady and the Pats were just 1-2 against teams who would eventually make the playoffs, the one win being against the 8-8 Denver Broncos. Brady apologists cannot deny that the Patriots drew a cupcake in round one, getting Tim Tebow and those Broncos, who were already into the "everything else is gravy" phase of their epic run.

Brady was impressive that night, but I think if we're talking big game numbers, you need to look at the weeks that followed.

The Patriots, by Brady's own admission, beat Baltimore in the Conference Championship despite Brady. Bottomline, like Brady said, he "sucked" that day. His numbers were frightening. 22-36, 239 yards, ZERO touchdowns and 2 INTs. His passer rating was a putrid 57.5. Somehow, thanks to Lee Evans and Billy Cundiff, the Patriots escaped with a win.

Brady's Super Bowl performance was ok, but certainly not great. For the second straight week, he fell short of what his season numbers said he should do. During the regular season, Brady was averaging 327 yards per game, almost 2.5 touchdowns per game, and a 105.6 passer rating. Against the Giants on Sunday, he threw for 276 yards, 2 TDs, and he ended up with a 91.1 passer rating.

In summary, Tom Brady's post knee injury "big game" line reads as follows:

*2-3 against divisional rival NY Jets
*2-3 in the playoffs, and in 2 of those games he had a passer rating below 60

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl 46: The Day After

Its nice to go out on a winning note. A tough run over the past few weeks (0-6 ATS), but we nailed this one, and we even had the balls to get down on the moneyline, bypassing the 2.5 points and risking no juice. The ATS win brought our season ATS record to 42-24-4, a very respectable 18 games over .500.

A quick few thoughts about the game:

***Overall great game, but pretty sloppy on both sides. Both teams were penalized for too many men on the field, which with the Patriots, cost them a turnover. And the Giants put the ball on the ground 3 times. Twice they luckily recovered, and then the before mention penalty on the Patriots, wiped out a non recovered fumble.

***Get off Wes Welker's back. Lets see, be it not for an injury in 2010, he'd be coming off his 3rd straight year of leading the entire NFL in receptions. On the play in question, he got turned around, and tried to adjust in mid air to the ball. I don't think Brady made a bad throw, because if he hadn't put the ball where he did, the Giant(s) defender could've picked it off. Ultimately, I think the defender(s) just made a great play, which forced Brady's throw, which forced Welker to have to try and adjust.

***Not sure why it seems that the majority of the viewers/fans were so in favor of Belichick allowing the Giants to score the touchdown. If I'm a Giants fan, that's exactly what I wanted. Mike Golic was on ESPN preaching percentages, but I personally would rather have a 4 or 5 point lead with 57 seconds to play, then a 1 point lead with 15-20 seconds to play, regardless of New England's timeout situation, which in any case, they would've had none.

Do you really think having just the one point lead was better? Not so sure why everyone is quick to jump to that side of the argument. Brady and Pats would've needed a 35-40 yard completion or pass interference call, to give the Pats a legitimate try at a field goal. I'm not a big fan of that. I think you score the touchdown, as the Giants did, and then take your chances on defense with under a minute to play, with the Patriots needing to score 6.

But let me jump back to when the Giants had the ball.

Didn't we just see some donk named Cuntiff miss a 32 yard chippy two weeks ago? Didn't bitter Redskin nation have the Big O in their pants 6 years ago, when Tony Romo mishandled a snap on a chippy FG attempt in January in Seattle? Bottomline, you play to win. Run the god damn ball into the end zone, and if the Patriots drive 80 yards with no timeouts with under a minute to play, and they score the go ahead TOUCHDOWN- not Field Goal, well then by God, they deserve the W.

***As a die hard Redskin fan, I'm entitled to this next take:

I'd like to tell the bitter Redskins fans out there who are losing sleep over this Giants victory and/or discounting what Eli Manning did this year and the 2007 post season, to go get a fucking life. You're a loser.

To take to twitter or a message board, and discount Eli Manning's accomplishments, just because your team (who plays in the same division) sucks, is ignorant and casts some serious light on your stupidity. Manning, Eli-that is, has led his team in arguably two of the greatest post season runs in ALL of SPORT, not just the NFL.

Seriously. The 2007 run on the road, which culminating in beating the 18-0 Patriots, was one for the books. And what has happened since December 11, 2011, with 5:41 to go in Big D, ain't too shabby either.

The Giants were dead to rights down in Dallas that Sunday night, and to come from behind needing two BIG scores on the road against a divisional rival with under 6 minutes to play, is truly amazing. And that's not to mention them dismantling Dallas again to make the playoffs, and then going on the road and knocking off both the 1 and 2 seeds to get to the Super Bowl.

Yesterday was Manning's seventh 4th quarter comeback this year, and it was also his 8th post season win on the road or at a neutral site, which makes him #1 on the list in terms of all time NFL road/neutral site victories for Quarterbacks.

I got news for you, haters. Eli will be donning one of those ugly yellow jackets they give out in Canton, someday.

***Giselle Bundchen, aka the Yoko Ono of the NFL, needs to just shut the fuck up. And spare me the, "she didn't mean for that to go viral" excuse; BULLSHIT! She knew the cameras were there, and she knew exactly what she was saying. I think its a horseshit thing to say, in light of the before mentioned stats Mr. Welker has put up, and I think she just put a wedge between her pretty boy husband, and the pound for pound, best receiver in NFL history.

***Finally, the Superbowl halftime show has got to go. I need to see a 53 year old Madonna jumping around on stage with a bunch of effeminate black guys in tights, like I need a hole in my head. Actually, during her somersaults, I think I saw a 1979 class ring fall out of her twat.

But seriously, Madonna, MIA, Black Eyed Peas, even Springsteen- spare me. Its not that I'm entirely opposed to any or all of these acts, but there is a time and place, and the SuperBowl is not the place.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

And The Winner Is.....

NY Giants(+2.5) vs New England

Here are some of the things that have entered my mind in an attempt to change my thoughts about this game- the same thought I've had about this game since Monday morning after the Conference Championship games. That the Giants will win going away.

Too many people like the Giants....

The line has dropped from (3) to (2.5)....So I can get the Pats laying less than a FG?...

How can I bet against Brady and Belichick?....

Other than their 1st round playoff game against Atlanta, in which the G-Men were laying a 3 piece, we have taken our lumps playing against them in the consecutive weeks that followed. (And speaking of taking lumps, did I mention I'm on a 6 game bender?...)

We're playing the Giants for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost is what they've done over the last month, and who they've done it to. Starting with 4 weeks ago, they've beat Tony Romo (4th ranked QB), Matt Ryan (8th ranked QB), Aaron Rodgers (1st ranked QB), and Alex Smith (9th ranked QB), taking down the NFC's 1 and 2 seeds in the process.

Over the course of these four games, their defense has been spectacular. They gave up just 13 points per, which would've ranked 1st relative to the league's season totals and rankings. And what they did to Dallas and Green Bay- the two most impressive offenses statistically, is a bit understated in the overall evaluation of the Giants and how it applies to their tilt against New England on Sunday.

Dallas had averaged 376 yards and 23 points per game, and the G-Men held them to 338 and 14 points in their playoff deciding season finale. More impressive was what they did to the Pack at Lambeau. The Packers were scoring 35 points per, and were held to just 20, and 14 of those points were very much aided by the zebras.

The Patriots are no slouches either. We detailed their numbers going into the Baltimore game last weekend, and they're (the numbers) nothing short of amazing. For an NFL team to average 37 points over the course of a 9 game winning streak, is utterly ridiculous. However, they were put in check last week, in a game in which Tom Brady himself said he "sucked". And he did.

He threw 39 touchdown passes and had over 5,200 passing yards during the course of the regular season, but against the Ravens had zero touchdown passes, two interceptions, and ended up with a 57 passer rating. And it became apparent early, that when the Ravens front 7 got to Brady, it affected Brady's ability. (See 1st Quarter overthrow of Gronk, on what would've been a sure touchdown)

Which brings me to my next point. Is it me, or has Tom Brady lost a bit of his swag since his 2008 Season opening, season ending injury? I think he has. And I think when he plays a tough defense {which he didn't during that 9 game win streak- the Jets being the best (5th), the nine teams average defense being 15th}, this becomes amplified, like it did last week against Baltimore.
The reality of it, is that Tom Brady and the Patriots haven't won a damn thing since his injury. In the 2009 season that followed, the Patriots were abruptly knocked out of the playoffs in the Wildcard round, at home by Baltimore, 33-14. Brady and the Pats turned the ball over 3 times in the first half, and the Ravens capitalized on every turnover. Last year, the Patriots lost in the divisional round to the Jets 28-21.

In fact, the Jets have been the only team whose been worth a shit(other than the Patriots, of course) in the AFC East over the last few years (i.e. since Brady's injury), and Brady and the Patriots haven't exactly taken care of business against them, losing 3 out of the 5 games they've played against them.

Lastly, the Patriots defense is still bad. And I heard Trent Dilfer (who I like) trying to break down how the Patriots have been showing different schemes by calling different defensive plays at the line of scrimmage, but the numbers don't lie. They were 31st over the course of the regular season, and over the last 4 weeks, nothing has changed. 393 yards yielded over that stretch, which would put them at 30th, relative to regular season rankings.

The Giants are the hot hand, and they're healthy. And I'd be a little leery of Gronk's high ankle sprain, if I was Patriot fan. I have a hard time imagining it won't affect his play, regardless of how much perfectly legal medicine the Pats medical staff shoots into him. I'm not sure which wideout the Pats will try to shut down, but whichever one they focus on (Cruz or Nicks), expect the other to have a monster Sunday.

Eli becomes king of the Manning family, in the same year his older brother hangs 'em up. Giants win outright, 34-24.

Last Week 0-2 ATS
YTD 41-24-4 ATS

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sportsyack Radio, Jan. 30, 2012: D. Green's Debut

Yack and Judge Patrick were joined by their boy D. Green (@cublion) on Monday evening, and the lifelong Cubs and Lions fan did not fail to deliver. Commiserating in what he believes will be an opening series sweep by the Nats of his beloved Cubbies, eventually led to him telling the story about the time he got diarrhea at an Asian massage parlor.

D. Green joins the program. He defends his Lions and Jim Schwartz, calls Jim Harbaugh a pussy, thinks Tiger Woods is odd looking, and the boys discuss Peyton Manning's future, and their feelings on the possibility of him playing in Washington.

Prince Fielder, Allen Iverson, and Christina Aguilera are discussed. D. Green has a theory on Aguilera's Etta James Tribute mishap, and then he tells us about a mishap he had while trying to get a happy ending. (NSFW)

Rich Turpin's Very Super Forecast: The 2017 Washington Redskins

By. Rich Turpin Week 1, Philadelphia "Let me fleece Mr. Snyder first, and then I'll see you in 2018!" The Redskins op...