Friday, February 10, 2012

Lavar Compares Harper's Anti-DC Sports Team Tweets To A Murder One of His "Home Boys" Committed

The analysis of Bryce Harper's anti-DC sports teams tweets reached an embarrassing level on Thursday, when 1067 The Fan's Chad Dukes and Lavar Arrington spent almost the entire first hour of their show, breaking down the 19 year old Nats phenom's sports fandom tweets.

The analysis reached a ridiculous fever pitch, when Arrington seemed to draw a comparison between Harper's "lack of common sense", with regard to his tweeting, and one of Var's "homeboys", who is doing time for murder.

"I got a home boy that is still locked up-12 years old, he blew a dude away. Locked up for life. We gonna say, 'He's 12 years old, he didn't know what he was doing when he pulled the trigger and killed the man that day?'. He's still locked up, to this day. I'm 33, he's the same age as me. Been locked up since he was 12 years old."

Dukes seemed to be taken aback, and even commented how "extreme" of a comparison that was. Arrington didn't seem to think so, firing back the well thought out response of, "so what!"

Arrington also came to the conclusion that Harper, "hates the city(DC)", and that Harper "would get run up out of town" if he were playing in Pittsburgh.

Ok, Lavar. Whatever you say, bra...

The people of Pittsburgh I'M SURE....would run this kid of town because of his tweets. You know, because the Pirates have been so scary successful over the last 30 years, that because of Harper's love of teams from different cities, they're going to run him out of town- kick him right out the door, the biggest baseball prospect to come out since A-Rod...because he likes Duke basketball, and roots for the Dallas Cowboys.


As a DC fan, its embarrassing to listen to people get all pissed off (courtesy of the spinning by the local media, of course) about something so "who gives a fuck?", as the tweets some 19 year old kid is tweeting. I'm not sure if the reaction to his tweets is just the consequence of social media and everyone having an opinion, or the mindset of the jaded DC fan, or maybe a combination of both.

Whatever the reason for it, enough already. This town has enough sports team problems as it is, without a bunch of blowhard talking heads, and insensitive/jaded DC fans, making a mountain out of a mole hill over Bryce Harper's fandom in other sports.

This guy might be the biggest bat to come to town since Frank Effing Howard. So lets just give it a rest, appreciate his swag and the chip on his shoulder, take his sports fandom tweets with a grain of salt, and quit analysing his 140 characters like it's the social media version of the Zapruder Film.

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