Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sportsyack Radio: The Debacle at Daytona

Two years ago it was pot holes. This year it was some dumb ass driving into the back of a track drying truck- a track drying truck that happened to be hauling 200 gallons of jet fuel. What the hell is going on, NASCAR? And you continue to call this your SuperBowl?

"Come on, Cletus! Gather up all them kids with head lice and rickets, and lets cook us up some smores! The SuperBowl is about to start!!"

NASCAR's SuperBowl featured a 2 hour and 5 minute delay to clean up that before mentioned snafu, in which track officials were using Tide laundry detergent to help clean up the jet fuel. It also allowed America to peak into the mindset of everyone's favorite "booogity, boogity, boogity-let's go racing boys!!!" hillbilly, when Fox's Darrell Waltrip suggested the following.

"...and you know, I would say, maybe they could drive it down off the track, but if you look, the driver's door is caved in. I don't think you could even get in the vehicle, if you were brave enough to try it...."


A truck is raging out of control on fire, while 200 gallons of jet fuel are flowing down the race track, and the mountain man from Deliverance is kind of suggesting someone hop on in it, in an effort to prevent damage to the track surface.

Fox's DW thought that if someone was "brave enough", they might be able to drive this towering inferno down off the track


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