Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sportsyack Radio, Jan. 30, 2012: D. Green's Debut

Yack and Judge Patrick were joined by their boy D. Green (@cublion) on Monday evening, and the lifelong Cubs and Lions fan did not fail to deliver. Commiserating in what he believes will be an opening series sweep by the Nats of his beloved Cubbies, eventually led to him telling the story about the time he got diarrhea at an Asian massage parlor.
D. Green joins the program. He defends his Lions and Jim Schwartz, calls Jim Harbaugh a pussy, thinks Tiger Woods is odd looking, and the boys discuss Peyton Manning's future, and their feelings on the possibility of him playing in Washington.
Prince Fielder, Allen Iverson, and Christina Aguilera are discussed. D. Green has a theory on Aguilera's Etta James Tribute mishap, and then he tells us about a mishap he had while trying to get a happy ending. (NSFW)

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