Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl 46: The Day After

Its nice to go out on a winning note. A tough run over the past few weeks (0-6 ATS), but we nailed this one, and we even had the balls to get down on the moneyline, bypassing the 2.5 points and risking no juice. The ATS win brought our season ATS record to 42-24-4, a very respectable 18 games over .500.

A quick few thoughts about the game:

***Overall great game, but pretty sloppy on both sides. Both teams were penalized for too many men on the field, which with the Patriots, cost them a turnover. And the Giants put the ball on the ground 3 times. Twice they luckily recovered, and then the before mention penalty on the Patriots, wiped out a non recovered fumble.

***Get off Wes Welker's back. Lets see, be it not for an injury in 2010, he'd be coming off his 3rd straight year of leading the entire NFL in receptions. On the play in question, he got turned around, and tried to adjust in mid air to the ball. I don't think Brady made a bad throw, because if he hadn't put the ball where he did, the Giant(s) defender could've picked it off. Ultimately, I think the defender(s) just made a great play, which forced Brady's throw, which forced Welker to have to try and adjust.

***Not sure why it seems that the majority of the viewers/fans were so in favor of Belichick allowing the Giants to score the touchdown. If I'm a Giants fan, that's exactly what I wanted. Mike Golic was on ESPN preaching percentages, but I personally would rather have a 4 or 5 point lead with 57 seconds to play, then a 1 point lead with 15-20 seconds to play, regardless of New England's timeout situation, which in any case, they would've had none.

Do you really think having just the one point lead was better? Not so sure why everyone is quick to jump to that side of the argument. Brady and Pats would've needed a 35-40 yard completion or pass interference call, to give the Pats a legitimate try at a field goal. I'm not a big fan of that. I think you score the touchdown, as the Giants did, and then take your chances on defense with under a minute to play, with the Patriots needing to score 6.

But let me jump back to when the Giants had the ball.

Didn't we just see some donk named Cuntiff miss a 32 yard chippy two weeks ago? Didn't bitter Redskin nation have the Big O in their pants 6 years ago, when Tony Romo mishandled a snap on a chippy FG attempt in January in Seattle? Bottomline, you play to win. Run the god damn ball into the end zone, and if the Patriots drive 80 yards with no timeouts with under a minute to play, and they score the go ahead TOUCHDOWN- not Field Goal, well then by God, they deserve the W.

***As a die hard Redskin fan, I'm entitled to this next take:

I'd like to tell the bitter Redskins fans out there who are losing sleep over this Giants victory and/or discounting what Eli Manning did this year and the 2007 post season, to go get a fucking life. You're a loser.

To take to twitter or a message board, and discount Eli Manning's accomplishments, just because your team (who plays in the same division) sucks, is ignorant and casts some serious light on your stupidity. Manning, Eli-that is, has led his team in arguably two of the greatest post season runs in ALL of SPORT, not just the NFL.

Seriously. The 2007 run on the road, which culminating in beating the 18-0 Patriots, was one for the books. And what has happened since December 11, 2011, with 5:41 to go in Big D, ain't too shabby either.

The Giants were dead to rights down in Dallas that Sunday night, and to come from behind needing two BIG scores on the road against a divisional rival with under 6 minutes to play, is truly amazing. And that's not to mention them dismantling Dallas again to make the playoffs, and then going on the road and knocking off both the 1 and 2 seeds to get to the Super Bowl.

Yesterday was Manning's seventh 4th quarter comeback this year, and it was also his 8th post season win on the road or at a neutral site, which makes him #1 on the list in terms of all time NFL road/neutral site victories for Quarterbacks.

I got news for you, haters. Eli will be donning one of those ugly yellow jackets they give out in Canton, someday.

***Giselle Bundchen, aka the Yoko Ono of the NFL, needs to just shut the fuck up. And spare me the, "she didn't mean for that to go viral" excuse; BULLSHIT! She knew the cameras were there, and she knew exactly what she was saying. I think its a horseshit thing to say, in light of the before mentioned stats Mr. Welker has put up, and I think she just put a wedge between her pretty boy husband, and the pound for pound, best receiver in NFL history.

***Finally, the Superbowl halftime show has got to go. I need to see a 53 year old Madonna jumping around on stage with a bunch of effeminate black guys in tights, like I need a hole in my head. Actually, during her somersaults, I think I saw a 1979 class ring fall out of her twat.

But seriously, Madonna, MIA, Black Eyed Peas, even Springsteen- spare me. Its not that I'm entirely opposed to any or all of these acts, but there is a time and place, and the SuperBowl is not the place.

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