Friday, March 30, 2012

America Needs To Go To Lunch

As the powder keg that is the Trayvon Martin "case" gets closer and closer to exploding, as more powder and fuel is added to the fire by the likes of the Black Panthers, Spike Lee,  and the Main Stream Media, another story involving sensitive racial relations took a more positive turn this week.

The MSM barely made mention of a lunch that took place on Tuesday. A lunch that involved Jeremy Lin, and Anthony Federico- the fired ESPN web writer, who infamously implemented the "Chink in the armor" headline onto the ESPN web page,  following Lin's Knicks' loss back in February. The two apparently met for an hour, and according to Federico, the meeting went well.

"The fact that he reached out to me," Federico said. "The fact that he took the time to meet with me in his insanely busy schedule. ... He's just a wonderful, humble person. He didn't have to do that, especially after everything had kind of died down for the most part." (via Fox Sports)

Now Federico's inappropriate play on words with his headline, and even Jason Whitlock's attempt at a joke with his infamous tweet, are a far cry from a 17 year old kid being shot and killed, but I do think the Lin-Federico lunch could be used as an example or catalyst in defusing the racial tension that has been created by the Martin case.

But it appears that the "lunch date" mentality is not where this story is going.

For starters, whatever happened to due process? This knucklehead George Zimmerman has all but been convicted in the Court of Public Opinion, yet he hasn't even been arrested. And where is the outrage from the Main Stream Media regarding the Black Panthers' bounty? I'm not sure how the MSM can so overwhelmingly spin and in many cases, state their opinion on the death of Trayvon Martin, yet there is not a peep when an organization like the Black Panthers issues a $30,000 bounty on a man who hasn't even been arrested.

And then there is Spike Lee,  Mr. "Do The Right Thing". He's the anti-establishment, "I'm not a 1 percenter" asshole, who dresses like a total douche while sitting in his high dollar floor seats at every New York Knicks' game. This nerd almost got an elderly Florida couple killed, because he opted to tweet out some random address over twitter, that some other simpleton claimed to be the address of Martin's shooter, Zimmerman.

No recourse there, either. No talking points about the recklessness of this action by any of the big three networks. No left wing snarkiness from Rachel Maddow or Lawrence O'Donnell. No "worst person of the week" awards given to Lee by Keith Olbermann (actually, is he still on TV?).

We live in a world now, where information is available (it seems) at the speed of sound. Couple that with a social medium like twitter- where anybody with a laptop can voice their opinions at the same speed, and an agenda driven media that is so caught up in what they're pushing, that they're too busy and stupid- quite frankly, to recognize the impending powder keg, and we have a real (social) problem on our hands, folks.

As a whole, social media and Main Stream Media should be condoning the actions of the Black Panthers and Spike Lee as loudly or louder, than they are the actions of  Zimmerman- you know, under the "two wrongs don't make a right" file. And if all things are equal, then names like Trayvon Martin should be as recognizable as James Kouzaris and James Cooper. But they aren't, as the latter two names don't meet the MSM's "agenda", and it's why the majority of you just had to do a google search, to find out who they were.

I'm not naive to the fact that a lunch date with the Martin and the Zimmerman families probably wouldn't be the best thing to do right now. However, as a whole, this country and the people who run it, and the media who report on it, and the Black Panthers and Spike Lees of the world, might want to start taking a cue from guys like Jeremy Lin and Anthony Federico- and the lessons learned and the progress that can be made by sitting down and talking things out, like responsible, civilized adults. And if not, you can set an egg timer until we have a situation that will look a lot like the '92 L.A. Riots.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How You Can Root For Forehead Boy Now, Is Beyond Me

Since Super Bowl week, these have been the actions of Peyton Manning:

During the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, Forehead Boy and his former boss, Jim Irsay, did all that they could to take the attention away from Forehead Boy's younger brother, Eli, who was preparing to win his second Super Bowl Championship ring.

Eventually, all of Forehead Boy and that former drunk Irsay's public "feuding", did not distract the younger Manning, as Eli showed who the real king of the Manning family was, leading the underdog New York Giants to a second Super Bowl title in 5 years.

After Eli and the Giants beat the big, bad Patriots (again), Forehead Boy had to have his ego massaged once more. You know, because now his younger brother had one more Super Bowl ring then he did, and his younger brother had proven once again that he owns Tom Brady, something Forehead Boy cannot say. (Forehead Boy is 3-6 all time versus Brady, and has 2 less Super Bowl rings than the handsome gunslinger)

So that's why Forehead Boy spent almost a month having NFL team owners and GMs fly him around in private planes, doing his part to destroy the Earth's ozone layer, while these puppets welcomed him into their facilities with open arms and noses planted squarely up his ass.

Why do we know this? Because MSNBC, errrr, NBC, errrrr, I mean, the sports version of the main stream media's report how we want to report it network, ESPN, tracked every single move of this dullard's voyage, thats why, Schefty.

Fast forward to this past week, when Forehead Boy finally signed with the Denver Broncos, and he and his forehead were propped up on stage at a press conference in Denver, sitting right next to another beauty, John Elway, who still looks like he just set the record for fastest time in a 5 1/2 furlong race.

For a second there, I had to do a double take, as I thought I was looking at Charismatic. But it wasn't, it was Elway. Definitely Elway.

And in Forehead Boy's final act of this whirlwind "everyone kiss my ass" voyage, an act that went grossly under reported (Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio was one of the few who took exception with and pointed out all the facts of it), Forehead Boy opted to wear the retired number of 84 year old former Bronco, Frank Tripucka.

Also to note here, is that Tripucka suffers from Alzheimer's disease.

So when the main stream ESPNers opted to not report this aspect of the story, or others who glossed over it like the Denver Post did, stating almost approvingly that "..after talking it over with Tripucka for a half hour or so, Manning will wear number 18 in Denver." , I gotta take issue with it.

For starters, and as Florio pointed out so spot on, what's the point of retiring a number if you're going to unretire it later?

Florio: " flies in the face of the entire concept of retiring numbers. If a number is retired, it’s retired. The person for whom the number was retired should have no say in the matter; part of the honor is that the topic of unretiring the number should never be broached."

Precisely. Not to mention the fact, guys, that Manning was cool with this after "talking it over for a half hour or so" with an 84 year old dude who is, by medical diagnosis, losing his mind.

And that is exactly why we're calling Manning out here.

He's such a good guy by main stream media standards, that he can't even take the high road and grant Mr. Tripucka the ultimate respect, by allowing his number to stay retired, as it should be. All Manning proved here, is exactly what we've pointed out in this post. This is a guy who is having/and had such a horrible time dealing with the fact that he's injured and getting older, and his kid brother is still out there winning more titles than Peyton has, that he had to orchestrate a 5 or 6 week publicity tour, where at every turn he made, another person or persons was there to kiss his ass and essentially tell him how god damn important he still is.

You're pathetic, Peyton. And your nice guy routine isn't flying here, bro. I can honestly say that I don't totally disagree with Pat Robertson's sentiment.

**The blog and Yack-Yack (to include twitter) will be silent until Billyman week, May 2, 2012. Until then...**

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Peyton's "No Thanks" to Skins Should Be the Wake Up Call Fans and Organization Need

When Peyton Manning signs with Miami or Arizona or whomever he signs with who is not named the Washington Redskins, it should then become the sole reason why the Skins should take a pass on the idea of trading draft picks for RG3.

Manning is going to go somewhere where he can win immediately, somewhere that gives him the best chance to win a title within 2-3 years. DC is not that place. And the Skins fans and the Skins front office, need to recognize that by Manning telling Dan Snyder and the Shanahans, "Thanks, but no thanks", he'll be bringing perspective to what the situation is here in Washington. A situation that also doesn't include the ability to give up 4 draft picks for a 22 year old kid who hasn't taken an NFL snap.

The Redskins don't need Manning now. They don't need RG3 now. They need to continue to build a roster, so that when the next Manning or RG3 situation presents itself, they can act on it in a responsible manner.

I've heard all the arguments. "We have to win now!" or the "Shanny is on a short leash!" or "We're sick of not having a franchise Quarterback!" or "but were over $40 million under the cap!". They're all wrong

The reason for this is because of the way the Redskins have conducted themselves, pretty much, since Dan Snyder bought the team. Irresponsibly.

When you're the off season champs every year, signing high priced free agents who don't give you good return on your dollar, you're a loser. When you don't do your homework, and you don't take pause when a divisional foe opts to trade their 33 year old veteran QB to you for valuable draft picks, you're a loser.

When your fan base's mentality is so jaded and frustrated, that they cannot get the "quick fix" mentality out of their playbook when it comes to building a winner, you're a loser.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results -Albert Einstein

Redskin fans: Look at your needs, and look at why Peyton Manning scoffs (and probably laughs) at the idea of coming here.

Arguably, the Skins have the worst corp of receivers in the NFC East, possibly in the NFC, and possibly in the entire league. All 5'10" (allegedly) and 33 years of Santana Moss, is the center piece of what is an embarrassingly bad (and green) group.

Your patchwork offensive line is highlighted by starting left tackle (and QB blindside protector) Trent Williams, who is one bong hit away from missing an entire season. Your most productive offensive player, Fred Davis, is also just one failed piss test away from being shelved for a season. And based on his recent franchise tag, he would be shelved by the Redskins forever, if he were to fail that test again.

So where is the enticement for Manning? Where are the pieces for a young RG3? Oh, that's right, they'll go out and get them in free agency, because that has worked so well in the past.

When you spend like a drunken sailor year in and year out for the good part of 12 years, you're not afforded the luxury of luring in a Peyton Manning or trading up for an RG3. And the Skins are still in their paying the price mode for doing so.

Less the McNabb snafu, Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan have done a pretty nice job here, bringing some levity and youth to the situation. Last year's draft was arguably the finest in recent Redskin history. 12 draft picks, 10 of which saw the field in their rookie campaign.

This fan base is frustrated, no doubt. I'm part of it. But everyone needs to take a deep breath, and put things in perspective. You're not in the right frame of mind, when in the course of a month, the talking points are Peyton to DC, to trading up for RG3, to not trading up for RG3 because its too expensive, to (back) to Peyton to DC, to "what if we could sign Peyton and trade up for RG3?"

Was that last paragraph a formula for building an NFL winner or was it ripped from the script of Sybil.

Hopefully Manning's respectful decline to the Redskins' courtship of him, will make it easier for people to read the writing on the wall here; that this team is still in a rebuild. Its not the right time for Manning. Its not the right time to sell the farm for RG3. Continue to maintain the course of a team coming out of the fog of a 12 year willy nilly spending spree.

And then the next time (next season, by the way) the big name FA quarterback presents itself, or the next great thing (Barkley or Jones) is coming out of the draft, the Redskins will be in a prime (responsible) position to pounce.

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