Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How You Can Root For Forehead Boy Now, Is Beyond Me

Since Super Bowl week, these have been the actions of Peyton Manning:

During the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, Forehead Boy and his former boss, Jim Irsay, did all that they could to take the attention away from Forehead Boy's younger brother, Eli, who was preparing to win his second Super Bowl Championship ring.

Eventually, all of Forehead Boy and that former drunk Irsay's public "feuding", did not distract the younger Manning, as Eli showed who the real king of the Manning family was, leading the underdog New York Giants to a second Super Bowl title in 5 years.

After Eli and the Giants beat the big, bad Patriots (again), Forehead Boy had to have his ego massaged once more. You know, because now his younger brother had one more Super Bowl ring then he did, and his younger brother had proven once again that he owns Tom Brady, something Forehead Boy cannot say. (Forehead Boy is 3-6 all time versus Brady, and has 2 less Super Bowl rings than the handsome gunslinger)

So that's why Forehead Boy spent almost a month having NFL team owners and GMs fly him around in private planes, doing his part to destroy the Earth's ozone layer, while these puppets welcomed him into their facilities with open arms and noses planted squarely up his ass.

Why do we know this? Because MSNBC, errrr, NBC, errrrr, I mean, the sports version of the main stream media's report how we want to report it network, ESPN, tracked every single move of this dullard's voyage, thats why, Schefty.

Fast forward to this past week, when Forehead Boy finally signed with the Denver Broncos, and he and his forehead were propped up on stage at a press conference in Denver, sitting right next to another beauty, John Elway, who still looks like he just set the record for fastest time in a 5 1/2 furlong race.

For a second there, I had to do a double take, as I thought I was looking at Charismatic. But it wasn't, it was Elway. Definitely Elway.

And in Forehead Boy's final act of this whirlwind "everyone kiss my ass" voyage, an act that went grossly under reported (Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio was one of the few who took exception with and pointed out all the facts of it), Forehead Boy opted to wear the retired number of 84 year old former Bronco, Frank Tripucka.

Also to note here, is that Tripucka suffers from Alzheimer's disease.

So when the main stream ESPNers opted to not report this aspect of the story, or others who glossed over it like the Denver Post did, stating almost approvingly that "..after talking it over with Tripucka for a half hour or so, Manning will wear number 18 in Denver." , I gotta take issue with it.

For starters, and as Florio pointed out so spot on, what's the point of retiring a number if you're going to unretire it later?

Florio: " flies in the face of the entire concept of retiring numbers. If a number is retired, it’s retired. The person for whom the number was retired should have no say in the matter; part of the honor is that the topic of unretiring the number should never be broached."

Precisely. Not to mention the fact, guys, that Manning was cool with this after "talking it over for a half hour or so" with an 84 year old dude who is, by medical diagnosis, losing his mind.

And that is exactly why we're calling Manning out here.

He's such a good guy by main stream media standards, that he can't even take the high road and grant Mr. Tripucka the ultimate respect, by allowing his number to stay retired, as it should be. All Manning proved here, is exactly what we've pointed out in this post. This is a guy who is having/and had such a horrible time dealing with the fact that he's injured and getting older, and his kid brother is still out there winning more titles than Peyton has, that he had to orchestrate a 5 or 6 week publicity tour, where at every turn he made, another person or persons was there to kiss his ass and essentially tell him how god damn important he still is.

You're pathetic, Peyton. And your nice guy routine isn't flying here, bro. I can honestly say that I don't totally disagree with Pat Robertson's sentiment.

**The blog and Yack-Yack (to include twitter) will be silent until Billyman week, May 2, 2012. Until then...**

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