Monday, April 30, 2012

The Cheeseball Outdraws RG3

Robert Griffin III was officially made the Redskins 1st pick in the 2012 NFL Draft Thursday night, and ESPN 980's Kevin Sheehan, like he so often does, got all caught up in the moment. (Remember when Sheehan- cue up Judge Patrick's impression, please- went coo coo for cocoa puffs, following the Terps (football) season opening win against Miami last year?.. "TH-ommy, I'm telling you.  I could see this Terps offense putting up 50 points or more, multiple times...")


Maybe what he meant to say was that they could put up "50 or more uniform color combinations" by season's end...

Broadcasting live from Fed Ex Field on Saturday morning with TH-OM Loverro and others, Sheehan sounded giddy like a school girl when talking about the number of cars he saw while pulling into Fed Ex's parking lots.

In that official, overly stressing certain words voice of his, Sheehan said their were "Thousands of cars in the parking lot, already", and he then went on to pump his chest out, and predict an attendance victory for RG3 against another event taking place down town.

"I even bet RG3 outdraws that Cheeseball, Joel Osteen, who is speaking tonight at Nats Park."

That event at Nats Park didn't take place Saturday night due to weather, but it did happen on Sunday, and the squinty eyed pastor from Houston, Texas held his own.

Based on numbers released by the Redskins, and according to multiple sources on twitter, between 19,000 and 20,000 fans showed up at Fed Ex Field Saturday afternoon to greet the Skins new quarterback. Mr. Osteen, aka Cheeseball, drew over 40,000 for his Sunday speaking event at Nats Park.

That shhh-ounds like a boat race to me, Sheeeeeee-han.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The NHL Regular Season Kind of Really Doesn't Matter

The NHL Playoffs have been awesome as usual. Players laying it all out, diving in front of shots and giving up their bodies for the sake of their team. And this style of play, and the white knuckling viewing it creates for the fans, seems to be paying off for the NHL. Ratings have been through the roof both locally and on a national level. (See @dcsportsbog posts)

We've often wrote that the NHL, of all of the big 4 sports,  benefited the most from the advent of HDTV. The puck and play became so much easier to follow, which was a huge plus for the fans at home. (Remember those stupid blue streaks the TV donks implemented pre-HDTV?)

But its not just the HD experience that takes the NHL to another level come playoff time. It is the "all out" play by the players, that seems to resonate with the fans. And its this style of play that seems to shed light on what, in my opinion, has become a pretty meaningless NHL regular season.

Last night with 40 minutes to go in the NY Rangers/Ottawa Senators Game 6, the NHL was staring at losing both the Eastern and Western Conference 1 seeds, 6 games into the post season. Where else in professional sport does that happen? It's never happened in the NBA, according to my buddy @MustRockTheRed.

Now granted, the NY Rangers did prevail last night, but still will be playing a game 7 on Thursday night. The Eastern Conference's 2 seed, Boston Bruins, will also be playing a Game 7 for their playoff lives, Wednesday night against our beloved Capitals. Having already lost the 1 seed in the West, a loss by the Rangers on Thursday would truly be head scratching, but just another reminder that when it comes to the NHL and its regular season, it truly only matters to end up being one of the top 8 teams in your respective conference.

And to have a hot goalie, come April.

NHL regular season: More up tempo, less defensive-stressed type hockey. Like this version:

Then the NHL Playoffs start, and the play seems to be more close to the vest. Not quite the same wide open style of play. Its the same "song", but its not: Now, yes it is true, I primarily embedded these videos because I love dogs and I think this is a money song by OK Go. However, you see the point I'm making regarding the difference between the NHL play during the regular season, and what we're seeing now.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ESPN 980 Tattles on 1067 The Fan

We've heard that ESPN 980 contacted the big boys up in Bristol, to inform them-errrrrrrr- complain about the fact, that ESPN's baseball guru Tim Kurkjian was making appearances on 1067 The Fan's Sports Junkies.

Specifically- based on a source close to the "situation", the somebody that provoked the phone call up to Connecticut, was someone within the Tony Kornheiser Show camp. Coincidentally, Kurkjian appeared on Kornheiser's Show Wednesday morning, about two hours after appearing (and killing, as always) on the Junkies Show, who work for ESPN's radio rival CBS.
Kurkjian- who is employed by ESPN,  has made appearances from time to time on the Junkies show for about 6 years now, and was unavailable for comment.

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If A Tree Falls at Nats Park, and No One....

Bloggers, talkers, Space Shuttle watchers, just about anybody with an opinion, has weighed in on the Nats attendance for both Monday night- in which Stephen Strasburg threw in front of just over 16,000, and now Tuesday night, in which almost 18,000 watched Nat-Gio and the Nasties beat the Astros for the second consecutive night, 1-0.

Now before everyone rails on the Nats fans, and spends 40 minutes "throwing it out to the callers", lets put it in perspective for a second. Monday night's small crowd for Strasburg's performance was a little baffling to me, but it also wasn't.

On a personal level, Poppa Yack had 6 tickets he couldn't GIVE away. In fact, he had to eat two of them. And the most popular answer given to PY by those he offered the tickets to- including both myself and @JudgePatrick, "I want to watch the Caps game."

My guess is that locally, the Caps-Bruins Game 3 drew a monster TV number, and that is definitely one of the factors that contributed to the Nats' and Strasburg's low live viewing audience.

But seriously folks- when evaluating last night, its a Tuesday night in April. And its the Astros. What are you expecting, 25-30k?

And the Nats crowd was far from the worst for Tuesday. In fact, 4 other stadiums drew smaller crowds. And don't sleep on the HUGE number the cross town rival Orioles drew, when they take their talents on the road. An embarrassing 11,000 people showed up Tuesday night on the Southside of Chicago, to watch the Orioles pummel the Chi Sox.

Come mid June- when the kiddies are out of school, and the Nasty Nats are 6 games clear of the next best team in the NL East, Nats Park will be drawing 25,000+ on a pretty regular basis.


Philly at San Fran                         41,000+
Oakland at LA Angels                 41,000+
Minnesota at NYYankees           40,100+
Texas at Boston                           38,200+
Cincy at St. Louis                        35,600+
LA Dodgers at Milwaukee          27,100+
San Diego at Colorado                24,500+
Cubbies at Marlins                      24,500+
Pittsburgh at Arizona                   19,100+
NY Mets at Atlanta                    18,700+
Houston at Nasty Nats            17,800+
Tampa Bay at Toronto               15,300+
Detroit at KC                             13,800+
Cleveland at Seattle                    12,400+
Orioles Magic at Chi Sox            11,200+

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Not Rich Turpin Predictions, on The Washington Redskins 2012 Season

Because every other talking head on radio, print and in cyberspace is going to run through every god damn game,  five months before toe meets leather, and "tell" you how its going to play out. We even predict the point spreads. #Degens Here we go:

Week 1: @ New Orleans (1pm)...(Saints-9.5)
The Saints will be a 9.5 point favorite by kickoff, and will probably take out all of the frustration from the off season reaming Roger Goodell gave them for the bounty program, on the Redskins and their rookie QB. Saints win and cover, 31-17.

Week 2: @ St. Louis (4pm)...(Redskins-2)
The game will be under a field goal point spread, and if the Redskins don't score the first touchdown, they will lose in this tricky spot, starting off the 2012 campaign in an 0-2 hole. Rams win, 24-19.

Week 3: Cincy (home opener, 1pm)...(Bengals -3.5)
RG3 gets his first 'W' as a pro, and throws for two touchdowns, and runs for another. The Skins defense will remind Andy Dalton of the expression Sophomore Slump. Redskins win, 27-10.

Week 4: @Tampa Bay (4pm)...(Redskins-2)
The Redskins control the clock with their ground game, against the worst run defense during the 2011 campaign. Can you say .500? Redskins win, 19-9.

Week 5: Atlanta (1pm)...(Falcons-4.5)
This game is going to be ugly. Rookie mistakes by RG3, and the Falcons propel to 4-1 en route to their NFC title. Falcons win, 31-16, well on their way to the NFC South Division title.

Week 6: Minnesota (4pm)...(Redskins-3)
Minnesota is going to suck this season, and the Redskins with their rookie QB and young running game are going to look like the second coming of the 1989 San Francisco 49ers in this game. Redskins win, 38-9.

Week 7: @ NY Giants (1pm)...(Giants-4.5)
Giants have the toughest schedule (again- i think), and will be smarting from that and the post-Super Bowl let down. And the Redskins have played the G-men tough, as of late. The DMV and donks like Rich Turpin will be in nirvana, when the Redskins prevail here, and post a 4-3 record through 7 games. Redskins win 17-13.

Week 8: @ Pittsburgh (1pm)...(Steelers-6)
RG3 will have a rough one in Terrible Towel waving, inbred Pittsburgh Steeler country. Seriously, I don't see a rookie QB going up to Heinz Field here and winning. Lay the points, take the Steelers. Steelers win, 24-7.
Week 9: Carolinia (1pm)...(Pick'm)
Heisman versus Heisman, crooked Cam and all the allegations that hung around him, versus straight and narrow, military raised Robert Griffin the Third. Cam might've made a few bucks prior to going pro, but we won't hold that against him here. Panthers win, 24-23.
Week 10: BYE
Week 11: Philadelphia (1pm)...(Eagles-2)
RG3, in one of his best performances of the year, leads the Redskins to a nice divisional win against the Eagles, breaking Philly's Fed Ex hold on them, having won 3 straight coming in. Redskins win, 23-17.
Week 12: @Dallas (4pm, Thanksgiving Day)...(Cowboys-4)
The Cowboys went out and addressed their biggest needs in the off season, signing the best free agent corner Brandon Carr, and drafting the best corner in the draft, Morris Claiborne. Dallas lays the wood, as they hit the homestretch of their NFC East Divisional title run. 27-14 Dallas.
Week 13: NY Giants (8:30pm, MNF)...(Redskins-2.5)
Rich Turpin will be on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge following the Skins second consecutive divisional loss, as it becomes more clear that we're looking at another sub .500/non-playoff season. Eli Manning and the G-Men are never down and out, and they will get redemption for their loss earlier in the season. Giants win, 24-14.
Week 14: Baltimore (1pm)...(Ravens-3)
Raven Nation will still be bent out of shape by the fact that the Orioles finished 26 games under .500, and the Nationals won the NL East, en route to....(not jinxing them). The Ravens will be well into a strong playoff push. Redskins play tough, but a late INT by Ed Reed seals the deal. Ravens win, 20-13.
Week 15: @Cleveland (1pm)...(Redskins-1)
Who is the Cleveland coach? Who is the Cleveland QB? The Redskins pull one out, at the mistake by the lake, at a game yours truly will be at. Redskins win a ugly, ugly, ugly ball game,  13-10.
Week 16: @Philadelphia (1pm)...(Eagles-4)
The Redskins will succumb to the back-to-back roadies trend, and their performance on field will reflect the lack of home cooking. This is where all hopes for a rookie leading them to the promise land come to a screeching halt. Eagles win, 26-14.
Week 17: Dallas (1pm)...(Cowboys-4.5)
The Cowboys and their dipshit fans who will be (most likely) occupying 37% of Fed Ex Field, will go away happy in this season finale which will probably only have playoff positioning on the line for Dallas, and draft pick position for the Skins. Cowboys win, 21-20.
Redskins finish 6-10, last in the NFC East. Dallas wins the division at 11-5. Mike Shanahan is fired the second week of January, and Snyder hires Raheem Morris as the Skins next HC. Raheem Morris will then hire the recently fired Norv Turner to be the OC.... Good times!!!!!

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Filthy Pitching Leading the Way

I was walking out of #Nats Park yesterday and I told Poppa Yack, "this team will win 90 games just on pitching alone." And on the eve of them completing  two full cycles through their pitching rotation, I don't think that's overstating it.

The Nats pitching right now is absolutely disgusting. Statistically, they're 1st in all of Major League Baseball's major categories:

*Lowest ERA (1.82)
*Most Strikeouts (88)- tied with LA Dodgers
*Opponents batting average against (.180)
*And the all important WHIP- walks and hits per innings pitched (.095)

And yesterday's performance from Edwin Jackson was impressive, and not just from the standpoint of the complete game 2 hit, 9 strikeout gem. He also allowed the Nats bullpen to take a break after they had used a total of 6 pitchers less than 24 hours before, in their 13 inning 2-1 win Friday night.

Offensively, the Nats are plugging along, and doing so without the injured Beast Mode, nor their young phenom Bryce Harper, who is still with AAA Syracuse. There is certainly room for improvement, as they're only 18th in runs scored, but there are early indications that Jayson Werth might've snapped out of his 2011 funk, and I'm not sure anybody saw the early production numbers from Adam LaRoche coming.

But the pitching is filthy, and its pitching that wins titles in baseball. And if that continues, and the Nats can avoid major injury in that department, their rotation and their pen can carry them a long way. The 2010 San Francisco Giants' pitching staff finished the 2010 regular season 1st in ERA, strikeouts, batting average against, and they were 4th in the WHIP stat. Offensively, the Giants that year were average at best. 15th in total batting average and 17th in RBIs.

And that team went on to win a World Series.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Hey Mike, Shut The Fuck Up

Mike Tyson has been weighing in on the Trayvon Martin case over twitter for well over a month now. He's tweeted,  "We should just hand our children over to the firing squad." and "You can tell I'm very angry about this." He has even hash tagged (twitter lingo) the word #Hoodie.

However, none of his tweets or anger could top what he told Yahoo Sports this past week.

Referring to the United States as "a nation of savages", and invoking race by stating that "God planned it" so it would be "a majority versus a minority", Tyson also opted to say what he thought should happen to Martin's killer, George Zimmerman.

"It's a disgrace that man hasn't been dragged out of his house and tied to a car and taken away. Forget about him being arrested—the fact that he hasn't been shot yet is a disgrace. That's how I feel personally about it."

Ok, Mike. That sounds like a simple, civil solution, that would definitely lead to a more blissful society. In fact, why don't we drag him from his house and let those Tigers from Hangover eat him, all while you're singing Phil Collins songs?

What a fucking idiot. Anybody who is listening to this ass hat, as it pertains to race relations and justice in our society, must be the king of the simpletons club.

Is this the same Mike Tyson that did time for raping an 18 year old girl? Is this the same Mike Tyson who bit off a dude's ear during a sanctioned boxing match? Is this the same delusional son of a bitch who told Lennex Lewis he wanted to eat his children? Is this the same Mike Tyson who has been married 3 times, and has 8 children with 4 different women? A guy who got his face all tatted up? A guy who talks to pigeons? It's the same guy, right?....

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Yack's Top 25 Songs of the Grunge Era

This post started as part of a twitter conversation between quite a few people, and it took me almost a month to begin putting this list together. Its interesting to see where people "rank" certain songs and bands of that era- which as I define it, started when Pearl Jam's "Ten" was released (8/27/1991), and ended with the release of Third Eye Blind's debut album (4/8/1997). Putting a ranking order on these was extremely tough, in light of the magnitude of music from this era, and how these songs (and others) defined that time in my life. "Wow, that was pretty deep, Yack...." 

I've left off some songs and bands that I'm sure others would include, but this is what it is- my 25 personal faves. Feel free to grill me for the songs and/or bands I left off, that you most passionately feel should be included. Here goes:

25. Third Eye Blind "Graduate"
A good way to close out the Grunge era, and from what I can tell- and I've seen this band 5 or 6 times and I have their entire catalog- it's the most guitar heavy song in their arsenal. I think this was the song that made me eventually go out and buy their CD, after I think I was initially luke warm to the pretty poppy 'Semi Charmed Life'. Also, Stephen Jenkins- IMO, is one of the best song writers to emerge on the music scene in the last 20 years. Don't sleep on: "Motorcycle Driveby" and "Losing A Whole Year" from the same debut album.

24. Nine Inch Nails "Closer"
I'm not the biggest NIN fan, but Trent Reznor certainly made his mark on music during this time, and I think this list would be a fraud if this particular song was not on it. Its sound, lyrics, and even its video, were a staple of the Grunge Era. Trent Reznor telling the world that he was going to "fuck you like an animal" was almost as anti-establishment as Kurt Cobain's dirty blonde lockes and ripped jeans. Don't sleep on: "Wish" from the Broken album.

23. James "Laid"
The first of two English bands to make this list, the song tells of a guy's girlfriend who can only achieve orgasm when she's on top of him. Most impressive aspect of this song: lead singer Tim Booth's yoddle-like singing and emphasis on the word 'pretty'.

22. Filter "Hey Man, Nice Shot"
Richard Patrick of Filter took a cue from Trent Reznor and went all industrial/guitar rock here, and it turned out pretty well. Contrary to urban legend, he did not write this about Kurt Cobain's suicide, but it was about another dude who blew his brains out- Pennsylvania state official R. Budd Dwyer, who did so on live TV, while holding a news conference regarding his bribery conviction.
                                             Filter's inspiration

21. Rage Against The Machine "Bulls On Parade"
This song put Tom Morello's wah-pedal on the map. And as far as I know, RATM- after performing this little diddy, are the only band to be kicked off SNL prior to performing their second song. A grunge "rocker", for sure. Don't sleep on: "Killing in the Name" and "Freedom" from the Rage Against The Machine album, "Revolver" from the Evil Empire album.

20. Toadies "Possum Kingdom"
Toadies front man Todd Lewis liked to write lyrics about murders and stalking women. Yeah, I'll admit that is pretty fucked up, but the dude at least did so while implementing them into guitar heavy, catchy Grunge songs. This song, as well as the very underrated and under-heard "Tyler", could be the soundtrack to the Ted Bundy Story. Don't sleep on: "Tyler" from the Rubberneck album.

19. Porno For Pyros "Pets"
From somebody who was never that jazzed by Jane's Addiction, and also being in the minority with my opinion that Dave Navarro's best work was on the Red Hot Chili Peppers' One Hot Minute album, I too think Perry Farrell's best work was elsewhere- specifically with this song. I love how quiet and "well mannered" the music is in this song, yet the lyrics are pretty damn dark, and fucked up, and depressing- hence, grunge era classic.

18. Pavement "Cut Your Hair"
This song is the epitome of grunge, as it almost tells a story of that entire era. The lyrics talk about the crazy music scene, a drummer drowning, and cooperate intervention into music-which Kurt Cobain loathed so much. "Songs mean a lot, when songs are bought..." And this performance embedded below, is an absolute (grunge) classic, right down to the very end, when a a younger, dorkier Jay Leno causes Pavement front man Stephen Malkmus to drop his guitar.

17. Blind Melon "No Rain"
Another one of the songs in this era that will be remembered as much for the video as it will be the song itself. The song was elegantly trippy, behind the unique vocals of the late Shannon Hoon. Wanna download a money cover? Go to iTunes and purchase Blind Melon's cover of Steppenwolf's "The Pusher".

16. Smashing Pumpkins "Muzzle"
This band makes the first of its two appearances on this list, with what is my favorite song from the very excellent double disc, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. Cobain, Eddie Vedder, and even bands like Soundgarden and Alice in Chains, generally get most the credit and kudos for Grunge. However, the Smashing Pumpkins were brilliant, and Billy Corgan's song writing was second to none. Don't sleep on: "Where Boys Fear to Tread" and "1979", both from the same Mellon Collie... album.

15. Stone Temple Pilots "Sex Type Thing"
This song is the closer for almost every STP show, and deservedly so. Up tempo, silly guitar riffs, junkie lead singer running around half naked screaming, "here I come, I come, I come!" Scott Weiland was the grunge era epitome of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Don't sleep on: "Dead and Bloated" and "Plush" from the Core album.

14. Temple of The Dog "Hunger Strike"
A song that features both Eddie Vedder's baritone and Chris Cornell's high notes?  Where do I sign up? I personally didn't care for much of the other stuff on this Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Mother Lovebone collaboration, but this song is epic.
                           These two guys are pretty good singers

13. Soundgarden "Spoonman"
Inspired by a guy who played spoons on the streets for money, this song pretty much put Soundgarden on the main stream map. And Chris Cornell has some serious range. I was fortunate enough to see this band (for the first time, no less) this past summer at the Patriot Center, and it was unreal. Don't sleep on: "Outshined", "Slaves and Bulldozers", and "Searching with my Good Eye Closed" from Badmotorfinger, "The Day I Tried to Live" from Superunknown.

12. Beck "Jackass"
I bought Beck's Odelay CD at the PX at Aviano Air Force Base, Italy, in 1996 while on deployment. And the songs on it-specifically this one, remind me of being on deployment in the Mediterranean that same year. This song is so far detached from Beck's "Loser", it's frightening. Don't sleep on: "Novacane"  from the Odelay album, and "Pay No Mind" from the Mellow Gold album.

11. Collective Soul "Shine"
You could make a pretty good argument that the guitar riff from this song takes the cakes for all guitar riffs from this era. Ok, I just did. Maybe its not the best, but its pretty damn good. And this band has a silly catalog of songs. Don't sleep on: "The World I Know", "December", "Bleed", and "Reunion" all from the Collective Soul album.

10. Live "I Alone"
This is a great song, off of one of the best Grunge Era albums. Live's sound seems to be one extreme or another- rocking their balls off with songs like this one, "White Discussion", and "Dam At Otter Creek", or that soft ballad mode with songs like "Lightning Crashes" and "Dolphin's Cry". I prefer the "rocking out, loud" Live, like this one here. On a side note, I'd also say this was one of the more memorable Grunge Era videos. Don't sleep on: "White Discussion" from the same album, and "Lakini's Juice" (another balls out rocker) from the Secret Samadhi album.

9. Weezer "Undone-The Sweater Song"
I've always felt Weezer front man Rivers Cuomo was Kurt Cobain minus the drug habit and the whore for a wife. They both write/wrote very simple pop songs. And since Cobain was infamous for his ugly cardigans, I feel this song completes the comparison nicely. I love the conversation going on at the beginning of this song about "the party", and I love the guitars crescendo at the end. Don't sleep on: "Surf Wax America" and "Say It Ain't So" from the Weezer album.

8. Beastie Boys "Sabatoge"
For starters, me and my boys' high school days were spent emulating the Beasties- ala "Licensed To Ill"- from shotgunning Budweisers to ripping off the VW emblem off cars, so that we could wear it around our necks. Yes, we were fucking losers, but this grunge era Beasties classic is not. And the video was a straight up 70s cop show classic, yo. Don't sleep on: The entire Beasties catalog.

7. Oasis "Don't Look Back in Anger"
As dickish and immature as Liam Gallagher and the rest of these ass hats acted, and as blatant as they were with their attempt to rip off and look like The Beatles, I must say these blokes made some pretty god damn good music. At the end of the day, I opted to go with this piano and guitar heavy, concert sing-along,  diddy. Not as radio or pop friendly as "Wonderwall", but a more preferred classic rock element to its sound. Don't sleep on: "Columbia" and "Supersonic" from the Definitely Maybe album, "Hey Now!", "Cast No Shadow", and "Champagne Supernova" from the Morning Glory album.

6. Alice In Chains "No Excuses"
I love the sound, I love the lyrics, and every time I hear this song, I'm on Hampton Blvd. in Norfolk, delivering pizzas for Chanellos between ODU and the Norfolk Naval Base. The duet style singing by Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell is top notch here. And ironically, (according to Wiki) Cantrell wrote this song about his unstable relationship with Staley. Don't sleep on: "I Stay Away" and "Nutshell" from the Jar of Flies album, "Down in a Hole" and "Angry Chair" from the Dirt album, "Heaven Besides You" and "Again" from the Alice in Chains album.

5. Cracker "Low"
I was crucified on twitter for saying I thought this song was a "Top 3 or 4" Grunge song, but I must remain true to my convictions,  even though I'm compromising just a bit. To me, this was a classic rock song- which is another music era I love, implanted into the Grunge rock era. The lyrics are cool, the guitar riff is original, and David Lowery's voice is epically underrated. Don't sleep on: "Eurotrash Girl" from the same Kerosene Hat album.

4. Nirvana "Heart Shaped Box"
I know, I know- Kurt Cobain and Nirvana defined this era, specifically with "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and its video, so how can I not have them and it number 1? Remember, this is my preference, and personally I don't even think "Teen Spirit" is the best or second best song on the Nevermind album. The music and guitars on "Heart Shaped Box" just sound like Cobain's impending death, and along with the lyrics- very dark and creepy. And the music video looked like it could've been shot by a "in his prime" Stanley Kubrick. Don't sleep on: "Lithium", "On a Plain", and "Teen Spirt" from the Nevermind album, "All Apologies" and "Scentless Apprentice" from the In Utero album.

3. Stone Temple Pilots "Interstate Love Song"
Another grunge era song that feels/sounds a lot like a classic (Southern) rock era song. In my humble opinion, STP's greatest song. This song, along with the acoustic version of "Plush", were the songs that put Scott Weiland's superior vocals on the map. Don't sleep on: "Vasoline" and "Unglued" from the Purple album, and "Tumble in The Rough" and "Trippin On a Hole In a Paper Heart" from the Tiny Music...Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop album.

2. Smashing Pumpkins "Cherub Rock"
Possibly the most recognizable opening drum sequence since Led Zeppelin's "When The Levee Breaks", building until the collision of Billy Corgan and James Iha's guitars. Just an awesome opening track from what might be the best album of the era. Don't sleep on: The entire Siamese Dream album.

1. Pearl Jam "Alive"
If "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is the song that opened up the floodgates for Grunge and the Seattle music scene, then this song was the powerful water that flowed thru once those gates flew open. Great guitars and awesome vocals by Eddie Vedder. As far as the Grunge Era goes, I personally like bands like STP and Smashing Pumpkins better, but the music Pearl Jam put out from their 1991 debut thru 1998's Yield, was unbelievably good. Seriously, show me another band in the history of rock music, whose first five albums were as strong as Pearl Jam's. I'm not sure there is one. In fact, show me the number of bands who even make five albums, let alone, that much quality music. There are not many.  Don't sleep on: "Porch", "Oceans" and "Release" from the Ten album. The entire Vs. album, and most of Vitalogy and No Code.

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