Monday, April 30, 2012

The Cheeseball Outdraws RG3

Robert Griffin III was officially made the Redskins 1st pick in the 2012 NFL Draft Thursday night, and ESPN 980's Kevin Sheehan, like he so often does, got all caught up in the moment. (Remember when Sheehan- cue up Judge Patrick's impression, please- went coo coo for cocoa puffs, following the Terps (football) season opening win against Miami last year?.. "TH-ommy, I'm telling you.  I could see this Terps offense putting up 50 points or more, multiple times...")


Maybe what he meant to say was that they could put up "50 or more uniform color combinations" by season's end...

Broadcasting live from Fed Ex Field on Saturday morning with TH-OM Loverro and others, Sheehan sounded giddy like a school girl when talking about the number of cars he saw while pulling into Fed Ex's parking lots.

In that official, overly stressing certain words voice of his, Sheehan said their were "Thousands of cars in the parking lot, already", and he then went on to pump his chest out, and predict an attendance victory for RG3 against another event taking place down town.

"I even bet RG3 outdraws that Cheeseball, Joel Osteen, who is speaking tonight at Nats Park."

That event at Nats Park didn't take place Saturday night due to weather, but it did happen on Sunday, and the squinty eyed pastor from Houston, Texas held his own.

Based on numbers released by the Redskins, and according to multiple sources on twitter, between 19,000 and 20,000 fans showed up at Fed Ex Field Saturday afternoon to greet the Skins new quarterback. Mr. Osteen, aka Cheeseball, drew over 40,000 for his Sunday speaking event at Nats Park.

That shhh-ounds like a boat race to me, Sheeeeeee-han.

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