Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ESPN 980 Tattles on 1067 The Fan

We've heard that ESPN 980 contacted the big boys up in Bristol, to inform them-errrrrrrr- complain about the fact, that ESPN's baseball guru Tim Kurkjian was making appearances on 1067 The Fan's Sports Junkies.

Specifically- based on a source close to the "situation", the somebody that provoked the phone call up to Connecticut, was someone within the Tony Kornheiser Show camp. Coincidentally, Kurkjian appeared on Kornheiser's Show Wednesday morning, about two hours after appearing (and killing, as always) on the Junkies Show, who work for ESPN's radio rival CBS.
Kurkjian- who is employed by ESPN,  has made appearances from time to time on the Junkies show for about 6 years now, and was unavailable for comment.

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