Sunday, April 15, 2012

Filthy Pitching Leading the Way

I was walking out of #Nats Park yesterday and I told Poppa Yack, "this team will win 90 games just on pitching alone." And on the eve of them completing  two full cycles through their pitching rotation, I don't think that's overstating it.

The Nats pitching right now is absolutely disgusting. Statistically, they're 1st in all of Major League Baseball's major categories:

*Lowest ERA (1.82)
*Most Strikeouts (88)- tied with LA Dodgers
*Opponents batting average against (.180)
*And the all important WHIP- walks and hits per innings pitched (.095)

And yesterday's performance from Edwin Jackson was impressive, and not just from the standpoint of the complete game 2 hit, 9 strikeout gem. He also allowed the Nats bullpen to take a break after they had used a total of 6 pitchers less than 24 hours before, in their 13 inning 2-1 win Friday night.

Offensively, the Nats are plugging along, and doing so without the injured Beast Mode, nor their young phenom Bryce Harper, who is still with AAA Syracuse. There is certainly room for improvement, as they're only 18th in runs scored, but there are early indications that Jayson Werth might've snapped out of his 2011 funk, and I'm not sure anybody saw the early production numbers from Adam LaRoche coming.

But the pitching is filthy, and its pitching that wins titles in baseball. And if that continues, and the Nats can avoid major injury in that department, their rotation and their pen can carry them a long way. The 2010 San Francisco Giants' pitching staff finished the 2010 regular season 1st in ERA, strikeouts, batting average against, and they were 4th in the WHIP stat. Offensively, the Giants that year were average at best. 15th in total batting average and 17th in RBIs.

And that team went on to win a World Series.

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