Wednesday, April 18, 2012

If A Tree Falls at Nats Park, and No One....

Bloggers, talkers, Space Shuttle watchers, just about anybody with an opinion, has weighed in on the Nats attendance for both Monday night- in which Stephen Strasburg threw in front of just over 16,000, and now Tuesday night, in which almost 18,000 watched Nat-Gio and the Nasties beat the Astros for the second consecutive night, 1-0.

Now before everyone rails on the Nats fans, and spends 40 minutes "throwing it out to the callers", lets put it in perspective for a second. Monday night's small crowd for Strasburg's performance was a little baffling to me, but it also wasn't.

On a personal level, Poppa Yack had 6 tickets he couldn't GIVE away. In fact, he had to eat two of them. And the most popular answer given to PY by those he offered the tickets to- including both myself and @JudgePatrick, "I want to watch the Caps game."

My guess is that locally, the Caps-Bruins Game 3 drew a monster TV number, and that is definitely one of the factors that contributed to the Nats' and Strasburg's low live viewing audience.

But seriously folks- when evaluating last night, its a Tuesday night in April. And its the Astros. What are you expecting, 25-30k?

And the Nats crowd was far from the worst for Tuesday. In fact, 4 other stadiums drew smaller crowds. And don't sleep on the HUGE number the cross town rival Orioles drew, when they take their talents on the road. An embarrassing 11,000 people showed up Tuesday night on the Southside of Chicago, to watch the Orioles pummel the Chi Sox.

Come mid June- when the kiddies are out of school, and the Nasty Nats are 6 games clear of the next best team in the NL East, Nats Park will be drawing 25,000+ on a pretty regular basis.


Philly at San Fran                         41,000+
Oakland at LA Angels                 41,000+
Minnesota at NYYankees           40,100+
Texas at Boston                           38,200+
Cincy at St. Louis                        35,600+
LA Dodgers at Milwaukee          27,100+
San Diego at Colorado                24,500+
Cubbies at Marlins                      24,500+
Pittsburgh at Arizona                   19,100+
NY Mets at Atlanta                    18,700+
Houston at Nasty Nats            17,800+
Tampa Bay at Toronto               15,300+
Detroit at KC                             13,800+
Cleveland at Seattle                    12,400+
Orioles Magic at Chi Sox            11,200+

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