Friday, May 18, 2012

Battle of The Beltways Bet

I've agreed to put my twitter avatar on the line with my boy Josh from, in the Orioles/Nats series this weekend.

"Jabby", who is a Baltimoron (affectionately said) who bleeds orange and black, suggested that the winner of the series gets to choose a new twitter avatar for the loser, and the loser has to keep it as his avatar until the following Friday.

Yes, I know that sounds super douchey. And I'll concede that it is. But that's what we've agreed upon, in lieu of making arrangements to settle some kind of monetary wager. And the "fun" in winning, will be picking out the most humiliating avatar for Jabby to attach to his twitter account, @jabbyburns, once the Nats kick the O's asses.

So here is to the Nats racking up at least 2 of 3 "Curly W's" against the hated Baltimore Orioles. And here too,  is to MASN not pulling that cute stunt, where they switch broadcast booths every few innings. If I have to listen to that monotoned son of a bitch Mike BORED-ick do color on my Nats telecast, I might go Mike Flanagan on myself. (what, too soon?)

Battle of the Beltway Series (and bet) is on, Jabby.

Our "Heeeeere's Johnny!", Jack Nicholson 'The Shining' avatar, that has been the face of @Sportsyack since our inception, is on the line this weekend.

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  1. I accept and will be in that concrete jungle you call a "park" Saturday serving Orange Koolaid in the Diamond Club (BT). But just for the record, I'm from San Diego but now reside in the Charm City.
    Another great post, Yack.


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