Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Evening Quarteryack: Tiger, Tiger, Tiger

Not to say, "I told you so...", but, "I told you so." 

Specifically on February 15, 2012, when I wrote this. And a little over 4 months later, those words have come to fruition.

So can we stop judging whether or not Tiger's back by whether or not he's won multiple majors in a year, or won a Consecutive Slam (which, by the way- he's the only golfer in the history of golf to do so). That line of thinking is extremely naive and seems to stem from a society and/or a fan who obviously didn't appreciate what Tiger was doing during his first 11 years on tour.

Newsflash, drive by'ers. Anyone playing golf on that level, who has won 3 Tour events by the 1st of July, is pretty god damn good. And for the sake of this conversation, anyone (Tiger, in this case) who wins 3 times on Tour by the 1st of July is back.

So enough of the stupid talk.

And I don't wanna hear anyone excuse his win because of a weak field at Congo. The guys who compete out there- whether its the #4 player in the world, who should be #1 (Tiger) or the #279 player in the world (Billy Hurley III)- who picked up his first "nice" check with a T-4 finish this weekend- are good enough to win and/or compete week in and week out.

I didn't hear anyone talk about the field at Jack's tournament in May that Tiger won. That field was as strong as any non major tournament. I mean, it got a little weaker when Phil quit after 12 holes, but I digress....

Bottomline, Tiger was better than 150 or so other pro golfers that week.

And now that Tiger has passed Jack in total tournament wins, and as he approaches (8 to tie, 9 to pass) Sam Snead's total, coupled with Tiger's 14 Majors, the before mentioned Consecutive Slam, the fact that Tiger has done so at the tender age of 36 (which, by the way, Tiger has brought up to reporters twice in the last month), I think we can officially start considering Tiger in the "best ever" conversation.

Feel free to chime in, haters.

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Here is the new favorite song at Yack Central. And as someone who is (obvious to my twitter followers) a fan of the movie 'The Shining', I can't help noticing the references in this video, to the actual movie itself. I've counted 5. (And one of them, is definitely NOT the similarity in looks of Katy Perry to Shelly Duvall)

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