Thursday, July 12, 2012

Norm "Mr Sensitive" Macdonald Live Tweets the ESPYs

ESPN held their annual MTV Movie Awards type show last night, and the often dry, yet at times hilarious comedian Norm Macdonald, opted to treat his twitter followers to a Live play-by-play of the show.

Macdonald was less than PC when it came to a couple of the show's subjects, one being the Pat Summitt story on her battle with Alzheimer's, and the other being that of former Rutgers DT Eric LeGrand, who was paralyzed from the neck down in a game two years ago.

During ESPN's almost 10 minute piece on Summitt, Macdonald didn't seem to be in the mood for a sympathetic story about a legendary basketball coach who was in the initial stages of her battle with Alzheimer's. Here is a snippet of what Mr. Macdonald had to say:

*I'm really starting to like this lady. Hope she doesn't get stricken by anything. That would suck.

*1080? That is an incredible amount of wins. Who was she playing against? Girls?

 *Wait, she had a divorce AND lost her dad? No way.

 *But wait, in fairness haven't we all forgotten these championships.

When the ESPYs gave the Perseverance Award to LeGrand, Macdonald opted to chime in on that too:

*I don't know what a perseverance award is, but I have a feeling it would suck to win one.

*This guy makes that forgetful Basketball Lady look like a coward.

 And when the ESPYs crowd opted to give LeGrand a standing ovation as he accepted his award:

*These idiots in the crowd should show some class and SIT DOWN!!!!!!

Norm Macdonald can be followed on twitter @normmacdonald

Also, check out Macdonald's brilliant opening monologue from when he hosted the ESPYs in 1998.

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