Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Looks Like I Picked The Wrong Week...."

Its supposed to be a happy time in Nats Town. Up until a week ago, the Nastys had the best record in baseball, and they had created a take for granted mentality for kool aid drinkers like myself. Yeah, I was already chalking up the NL East title and planning my October Nats post season parties.

Fast forward one week, and we've seen their GM and manager duke it out in the clubhouse following a miserable weekend in Philly, their bats are as lively as Hugh Hefner's unmedicated joint, and they're now on the wrong side of a 5 game losing streak, following last night's ass thumping at the hands of Fidel Castro's favorite team.

But no worries here. Just yet, anyway.

The Nats have 34 games left, 21 of which are at home, and of their 10 series remaining, 6 are against teams with losing records. The Nats still have the best pitching staff in baseball, and in the ebb and flow of a 162 season, losing and winning streaks happen. As brutal as this 5 game skid seems, I would remind all of the short term memory and jaded DC sports fans, to look at what the Nats did the first two weeks of August.

During a 10 game west coast roadie, that culminated with a 3 game series in Frisco against the West leading Giants, the Nats went a disgusting 8-2, including taking 2 out of 3 from the before mentioned G-Men. So put that into perspective, people.

Their lead in the East is still 4 games. And I have faith in this team with or without Strasburg. I'm going to enjoy the ride of a relevant DC baseball team, playing relevant games in September, regardless of what the end game is. I just hope that the end game happens sometime in mid to late October.

BT Sports Radio (Episode 3)

Myself, Rich Turpin, and Jabby Burns recorded our 3rd episode of BT Sports Radio Tuesday night, and we had the pleasure of talking with both NBC 4's Dan Hellie AND Redskin great, and recent retiree Clinton Portis. Please give it a listen, and we welcome all feedback.

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