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Rory, Tiger, and Good Mike/Bad Mike

That was impressive, Mr. Wozniacki.
Talk about a guy who appeared to be working effortlessly, and while doing so, was giving the big "F-You" to all the "girlfriend is ruining his game" chatter. Rors just went Tiger 1997 Masters, Tiger 2000 US Open, and oh yeah, Rory 2011 US Open- on the rest of the field this weekend.

It truly was a display that Mr. McIlroy put on. And it goes to show you how gosh darn good that kid can be when he's got his A game. Mr. Woods, on the other hand, continued to disappoint when his day planner turned from  Friday to Saturday.

He failed once again to shoot a round under par on the weekend (0-8 in that attempt in this year's Majors), and will inevitably get the "is he back?"/"Will he win again?" chatter on shows like PTI.

I will say that Tiger's weekends at Majors this year were obviously less than stellar. You need to look no further than at the stat mentioned in the prior paragraph. But spare me the "is he back?" talk. The guy has won 3 times this year, he's #1 on this year's money list, he's made the cuts in all 4 majors, including a T-11 this weekend and a T-3 at the Open Championship last month.

But I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for the 1997 or 2000 Tiger to come back; it ain't happening. But the almost 37 year old Tiger, who- oh by the way, has 14 Majors on his resume, is still pretty god damn good. And to critique him on a different level than the way Phil or Rickie or Luke is critiqued is absurd and ignorant, and it shows a lack of knowledge for the game, and a lack of appreciation for what Tiger did over the last 15 years.

Good Mike/Bad Mike
RG3 looked fine in his pre-season debut, and more importantly he came out of that game healthy. But that's not what I want to talk about today. I'd like to discuss the man who brought him here, and what he's done thus far in DC.

Good Mike:
The Albert Situation
I'd like to start by complimenting Mike on how he handled Albert Haynesworth. This subject can be debated ad nauseam, but the fact is that Shanahan did not bring Fat Albert here; Vinny Cerrato and the prior admin did. And I know Shanahan's tactics for trying to get that Fat F to play were military-esque, but personally, I liked them. Shanahan was trying to establish a pecking order, with him being King Rat, and the message was not just to Haynesworth, but to the entire team. Now the Skins problems and subsequent record in Shanahan's first year, were not a result of this. Their lack of talent at multiple positions was. And I believe the "Shanahan split the locker room" argument, can go straight out the window, when prior and after Haynesworth's release, nobody within that locker room was there standing up for that lazy ass.

Good Mike also focused on the draft, and the importance of young players. His 2011 campaign was the first time a Redskin team had selections in the first 7 rounds since 1995. And by all accounts (thru one season), he hit on Ryan Kerrigan, picked up what looks to be great value in a 4th rounder in Roy Helu, yet injuries have forced us to wait on promising young players like Leonard Hankerson and Jarvis Jenkins. But overall, Shanahan has done well to make the team younger. 8 of Shanahan's 12 draft picks made the 53 man roster last season, and per The Washington Times' Rich Campbell, the average age has dropped almost a year and a half since the Zorn Era- from 28.02 years to 26.62.

Bad Mike:
* The Donovan McNubb trade
It single handedly, if Shanny does not make the post season by his 5th season and is subsequently shown the door, will define Shanahan's era here in Washington. A second and fourth rounder is what the Redskins gave up for McNubb. And what followed was an absolute disaster that doesn't need to be rehashed.

* Decimated Offensive Line
I've been screaming about this for 6 months, to anyone that would listen to me. And now that its come to light again, everyone has woke up from their RG3 hangover, to the reality of what the Offensive line is again; not very good.

Mike Shanahan, who in Denver made a living out of protecting John Elway and turning guys like Terrell Davis and Semper Fi's Mike Anderson into 1,500+ yards/year rushers, has completely abandoned the O-line in DC. The numbers or should I say nubbers, don't lie. Shanahan's O-lines in his two years here, have given up the 9th most and 4th most sacks in the entire NFL. That sucks. And I realize their FA cap penalty didn't allow them to go out and sign a Carl Nicks type, but I still contend its their Achilles heal, and one of the main reasons RG3's rookie year will be a long one.

Speaking of RG3....
My last point on Bad Mike could actually end up being a Good Mike.
The Redskins now have RG3 and the town- myself included, is very excited about the prospect of him leading this team for years to come. And as I mentioned, the small sample from the 1st Pre-Season game was nice, but hold the phone for a second......

Number one, the decision to trade for the pick to get RG3 was as much a knee jerk reaction, as it was a decision made out of necessity. The "We have to get a franchise QB now" argument is BS. And when I say that, I'm not stating that you don't need a top notch QB to win in the league; you do. I'm saying that the Redskins didn't necessarily have to make the move this past April, especially in light of all their needs at other positions.

Yes, the Redskins do need and have needed a franchise QB. But honestly, how much of the move to trade all those picks, can be traced back to the brain fart of a decision that Bad Mike, Bruce, and The Danny made, that Easter night in 2010? Or how much of it was a result of Bad Mike trying to save his own McNubb egg on his face, and two years, essentially down the drain? I think quite a bit. And that's the knee jerk aspect of going out and getting RG3.

Put more simply, since arriving here in DC, Bad Mike has traded two #1s, two #2s, and a #4 for two Quarterbacks. That means, technically, Bad Mike has traded 5 Top draft picks, and still doesn't have a proven QB.

And technically, like Lavar Arrington stated today (Wow, am I referencing something LA said today? Yes I am...)- Shanahan and Redskin Nation better hope Griffin works out. McNubb and his two picks are long gone, and this poor kid, who Shanahan and Allen mortgaged the future for, is going to be thrown to the wolves, behind a line that is already up shit's creek without a paddle, two weeks into August.

Redskins fans better hope and pray that RG3 can survive his rookie campaign, as Shanahan puts together make shift lines for the 3rd consecutive year. And if RG3 is upright by season's end, and Shanny spends the 2012 off season and 2013 Draft building protection around him, the RG3 trade could turn out Good, Mike.

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