Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Nats Pitching Staff Less Strasburg: Still Pretty Good, Bridge Jumpers

Everyone is weighing in now, and in some cases panicking, as the Strasburg innings deadline gets closer and closer. ESPN has the innings countdown running, Stephen A. Smith has offered his medical opinion, and women and children throughout the DMV are being moved to underground bunkers, in preparation for the oncoming disaster.

For starters, I don't think Stephen A. nor his sidedick Skip Bayless, could name two other starters in the Nats rotation. Their puppeteer act of creating fake arguments is laughable at best, and it's the most scripted and non-genuine piece of television on the Mother Ship, next to Chris Berman's annual "Back-back-back-back-back!" charade during Major League Baseball's Home Run Derby. (Filed under ESPN sucks)

So in an attempt to keep it real, YO... I'd like to show you what the Nats rotation looks like without Strasburg in it, relative to the National League teams they (as of 8/14/2012) could possibly face in the post season. (These are the top 3 pitchers on their respective teams, relative to ERA and innings pitched)

Nats (NL East Leaders)
Zimmerman 2.35
Detweiler    3.18
Gonzalez     3.29
AVG          2.94

Reds (NL Central Leaders)
Cueto        2.45
Latos         3.81
Arroyo      3.95
AVG         3.40

Giants (NL West Leaders- tied w/ Dodgers)
Vogelsong  2.72
Cain           2.99
Bumgarner  3.08
AVG          2.93

Dodgers (NL West Leaders-tied w/ Giants)
Kershaw    2.88
Capuano    3.11
Harang       3.76
AVG         3.25

Braves (NL 1st Wildcard)
Hudson     3.77
Hanson     4.29
Minor       4.93
AVG        4.32

Pirates (NL 2nd Wildcard)
Burnett     3.32
McDonald 3.77
Correia    4.49
AVG       3.86

In summary, the Nats top 3 pitchers, less Stephen Strasburg, are still better or as good as the other NL teams they most likely will face come October. Technically, they are .01 percentage points behind the Giants. However, the Nats have beat the G-men all 4 times they've played this year, including the 14-2 boat race last night on the Left coast.

These numbers are a testament to the job Mike Rizzo and the entire Nationals organization has done building depth with their arms. And these numbers should also serve notice to ESPN and other novices, that there is more to the Nats rotation than Stephen Strasburg. And come September when Rizzo gives him the hook, the Nats aren't just going to roll over an die.


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