Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Wednesday Night Winner: Let The 2012 Bookie Beatdown Begin

"I love the smell of point spread winners in the morning..."
Remarkably, another NFL season is upon us. It seems like just yesterday, that we had our foot on our bookie's throat, as we prepared to give him the curb treatment, ala "American History X".

74-41-7 ATS (documented) over the last two NFL seasons is nothing short of remarkable. Its a staggering 64.3% against the number. In Layman's Terms, if you bet every game I gave you over the last two seasons at $100/per, paying the standard 10% vig on your losses, you'd be up $2,890 right now.

Coincidentally: $2,890 will get you a parking pass, two tickets, two beers and a T-shirt to the next Redskins home game.

So without further adieu (and we'll be releasing another 3 pack of fatties on Friday), lets boat race our bookie in this 2012 season opener:

Dallas (+4) at NYGiants
Don't ask me to explain the method to my madness. I do what I do, and it equates to #Winning. On paper in this head to head match up, the G-Men have won and covered 5 of the last 6. The Cowgirls are also (dating back to last season) riding a 0-6 ATS streak, their last 6 games versus NFC East opponents. So whats to like about Dallas you might ask?

Tony Romo. I'm not over the top in love with him like Colin Cowherd is, but I think the guy is a gamer, and he's definitely (skill wise) the best QB in the league right now without a ring.

I like Dallas at the running back position with DeMarco Murray. He had an impressive rookie campaign, getting the majority of Dallas' carries last year, following Felix Jones' injury. Murray's 164 carries for 897 yards equated out to 5.5 yards per, and I he think he's going to have a big year in 2012.

Secondly, much has been made about Dez Bryant taking a page out of NWA's book, when he 'reached back like a pimp, and slapped the ho' earlier this summer. But here's the deal. Whether or not his mom is or was a hooker, and regardless of the fact that he slapped her like Eazy E used to do pre-hivy, and regardless of how low he likes to wear his pants at local malls, the guy is a baller. As is Miles Austin, who is healthy, and who will be playing tonight. 

Lastly, Dallas went out in the off season and addressed their biggest need; secondary help. Their secondary last year was an absolute shit show (see Terrance Newman) and was responsible for at least three losses that I can think of, just off the top of my head. (In fact, see Dallas at NY Jets- almost one year to the day)During said off season, Dallas signed the best free agent corner available (Brandon Carr) and drafted the best corner available in the draft (Morris Claiborne). Expect these two to compliment a very good front 7 that was already in place.

The G-Men will come out flat, just like they did last year in their season opener in DC. The hangover of what is (remarkably) Eli's second Super Bowl title in 5 years, is going to hang over them just like the clouds that will be hanging over Met Life Stadium tonight. And if rain is a factor this evening, advantage running game- which with regard to the NYG and their DFL, 32nd ranked rushing game from a year ago, won't be doing them any favors.

Dallas comes out firing, in what will be the first of at least 10 wins this year, concluding with at least an NFC East title by season's end. The dog in this series has covered 5 of the last 6. Pound your man here not just by taking the points, but by also playing the money line as well. There will be plenty of celebratory Papa John's pizza for that ass hat Jerry Jones tonight. 27-16 Cowboys.

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