Monday, October 8, 2012

I'm Not a Math Major, but an 83.3% Success Rate is Better Than a 70.4% One

Here I go again, piling on the ineptitude of the Redskins' Special Teams/Kicking Game/Danny Smith. Another week, another Redskins loss marred by an absolute momentum killing, 31 yard field goal attempt that was missed by soon to be ex-kicker Billy Cundiff. Even worse than an  NFL kicker missing another chippy that 70% of high school kids could make in their sleep, were Cundiff's post game comments. (courtesy of CSN's Rich Tandler)

"You look at the final score and obviously, even if I would've made that field goal we still would've needed 4 more points," he said.

That's the attitude, Billy. Deflect your ineptitude by showing everyone that you at least excel at 3rd grade math. Enjoy the pink slip that will  be in your  locker this morning.

But since Mr. Cundiff opted to go basic math on us,  I figured I'd point out the Redskins' kicking game since releasing Shaun Suisham back in December of  2009. You might remember his release. He missed a 23 yard chippy in regulation, that most likely would've led to a win against the undefeated New Orleans Saints. The game eventually went into Overtime, and you know how that movie ended.

However, prior to being released, Suisham had made 17 of 20  field goals. That's not awful, and its certainly not the dreadful pace that Cundiff is on for this season. So for the sake of my argument, I've posted some numbers below:

The Redskins Post-Releasing Shaun Suisham Kicking Game*

2010 (Gano)                   24/35
2011 (Gano)                   31/41
2012 (Cundiff)                  7/12
Total                                62/88     (70.4%)

Shaun Suisham Since Being Released by Washington*

2010                               14/15
2011                               23/31
2012                                8/8
Total                                45/54    (83.3%)

*Not accounting for the final 4 games of 2009

So I would ask you this, Redskin fan. What is more disturbing- this success rate differential since cutting Shaun Suisham, or the fact that someone within the Redskins organization (this year) cut Graham Gano in the 11th hour of training camp, to go out and sign Billy Cundiff, whose last kick prior to being signed was a 32 yard miss in the AFC Championship Game that would've forced overtime?

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  1. Nice post. I think it is also important to note that Gano's 2010-2012 numbers of 73.7%, which not better than Susham are far better than Cundiff's 58.3% for this season. Bring back Gano or Rackers ASAP


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