Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Letter to The Editor AND BT Sports Radio

"The Legend" is a retired friend of Yack Sr. The Legend is one of the many who are on the Sportsyack email-errrrrrr, spam list that is sent out each week, and he occasionally likes to respond in his most legendary way. His tongue in cheek sense of humor alleging that Yack Sr. fled to Canada during the Vietnam War, or that he (Legend) could actually report me (Yack) to the Better Business Bureau, are almost as obscure as his spelling and grammatical style. This is the same guy who was telling me to go fuck myself during the club gin rummy games my dad had me playing when I was 9 years old, AND the same guy who once attempted to punch the Pittsburgh Parrot during a Pirates game at old Three Rivers Stadium. See his email to me below. I have copied and pasted it exactly the way it was sent:

The Legend once took a swing at this guy


Two out of four…not bad including the thursday game… fact I cud make a case for three of five cause u actually gave the under also Thursday nite… now herewith the problem u no account fucking ingrate…….when myself and the rest of ur customers or followers signed up for ur most valued service of the ‘’yack’s’’’ weekly predictions we were promised that the picks wud be in our possession by Friday COB. We therefore paid in advance as u required….no problem so far….but last weeks selections didn’t cum in until Sunday morning….this mother fucker is completely unacceptable.  If this oversight happens in the future I will report ur sorriii ass to the BBB and that will be followed by a class action lawsuit.  U dude have been warned…….there will be no second chance in this regard.  Ur uncle tommy in his present condition is in no position to protect u and needless to say ur north of the border luving daddy wud be useless to u if trouble started.  He wud flee to u know where.

The ‘’legend’’

Another episode of BT Sports Radio with Yack, Rich Turpin, and Jabby Burns is embedded below. The Nationals clinching the NL East, the Redskins escape in Tampa, and the Americans meltdown at the Ryder Cup are ALL covered. Enjoy.

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