Thursday, October 11, 2012

NFL Week 6: Searching (for winners) With My Good Eye Closed

Listen, NFL bettors. I'm all caught up in MLB's thrilling Game 4s that are forcing Game 5s. I really don't got time for this horseshit- you know, giving away free winners. But for the sake of you guys, my two year documented 65% winning record, and the fact that I'm a degen just like you.....

(Oh, by the way....Yack-Yack is 7-1 ATS picking dogs this year, let me get this fave out of the way......)

Indy at NY Jets (-3.5)
Peter Griffin's son Chris (Andrew Luck...Listen to their voices. They are eerily similar) is due to play like a rookie. Take the opposite of his last minute drives against both the Packers last week, and against the Vikings two weeks ago, and apply whatever the bi-polar opposite is. Because that is what will happen here. By 8:37pm EST Sunday, Rex Ryan's wife's feet are going to be glazed over like a celebratory Doughnut from Dunkin's. (Grossest thing I've ever written?)  24-13 Jets.

KC (+4.5) at Tampa Bay
Did I mention I've been killing it betting the dogs like that asshole Michael Vick used to? (and probably still does) And did I mention that I keep pimping the Chiefs like they're Dez Bryant's mom? Pull up your god damn pants, and pay attention when I keep telling you that the Chefs will win the AFC West, dogg.  16-10 Chiefs.

Dallas (+3.5) at Baltimore
The only thing I hear from my Dallas Cowboy friends, is how awful the Dallas offensive line is. Fair enough. I was all over their off season secondary upgrades they made, and I'm sticking to it. Give me their coming off the bye week, coupled with THAT secondary- which is part of their 4th ranked defense, and I'll take those points 8 days a week. Cowboys cover, but lose 20-19.

Buffalo (+4.5) at Arizona
A lot of talk about how this could be the year the Bills make a run at the Patriots, or at least stick around and make a Wild Card. And as poorly as they've looked in some of their losses, including last week's butt thumping in San Fran....and the 45-7 run the before mentioned Pats put on them two weeks ago, this team at 2-3 is still right where they want to be. The Bills stayed and practiced at Arizona State all week, so not to Eff with two cross country flights in as many weeks. And they will be rearing and ready to go. Bills win outright- RUFF, RUFF- 23-14.

Last Week    2-1        ATS
YTD              10-7-1   ATS
Since 2010    85-48-8 ATS (65%)

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