Wednesday, October 3, 2012

You Can't Miss Chippies, You Can't Allow Punts to Be Blocked. Period.

Where is this  kick headed?.. Most likely left or right.
I attempted to make a general point last night while discussing the Redskins Special Teams with my "radio partner" Rich Turpin. Never once did I mention the ST coach's name, nor did I suggest anyone be fired nor any players be cut. I simply was making a point, that through 4 weeks, the Redskins Special Teams hasn't exactly helped the cause.

So in review, fellow Redskins fans, here are the details through 4 games:

*The Redskins Special Teams leads the league in blocked punts allowed (2). Both of these blocked punts led to touchdowns by the Redskins opponents. Also, Skins punter Sav Rocca is ranked 17th both in Gross Punt Average and Net Punt Average. Statistically, average at best.

*Skins kicker Billy Cundiff is last in the league in Field Goal conversions at 60%. He's made 6 and missed 4, but we'll give him a little bit of a pass, as 2 of his 4 misses were on attempts of greater than 50 yards. However, 2 of his misses were chip shots, relative to NFL standards. His misses from 41 and 31 yards Sunday to Tampa, could've led to the second game lost by the Redskins this year, in which the Special Teams played in a big factor in the loss. (see Rams game)

So counting the two chippy misses by Cundiff, coupled with the two touchdowns scored by opponents as a result of the Redskins' ST allowing Sav Rocca's punts to be blocked, that's 20 total points that the Special Teams has allowed in just 4 games. That's unacceptable.

Want to hear a Redskin homer try to shamelessly defend/dismiss the ST unit? Rich Turpin begins to go on the defense at about the 27:01 mark.

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  1. You can't make this argument, "you don't know special teams." - ignorant 49ers fan who once stole from a blacked out co-ed and showed his genitals to an unsuspecting elderly neighbor.


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