Thursday, November 15, 2012

BT Sports Radio: 11/13/2012 and a Thursday Night NFL ATS Winner

Yack, Jabby, and Rich Turpin got together like they do every Tuesday....

Show intro. Yack gets beat up because Romney lost and the blog's ATS picks got absolutely pummeled this past weekend. Turpin tells the other guys to "cross off" Kai Forbath as a possible guest, only to have Kai Forbath reply 10 minutes later that he will appear on the show next week. Turpin says that Judge Patrick  "needs to wipe his vagina" and to quit berating him on twitter, and to call in.

The baseball awards are discussed. All three guys admit that Bryce "F**king" Harper is the man. Yack gets giddy talking about the time that Harper stole home plate against that bitch Cole Hamels. The guys talk about what a crappy baseball state Florida is, the Lakers new coach, and Steve Nash's cool hair cut. Also, Yack  might have a substance/anger problem.

@followFRANIE calls in to promote an event at Mother's Grille at Federal Hill.

Turpin didn't know what do with himself this weekend with the Redskins off. He also offers some pretty scientific tests that the NCAA could've done to prepare for the basketball games on the aircraft carriers. THOM's "big announcement".

The "NFL Recap"

The Weekly ATS and SU picks. Jabby continues to kill it SU, Turpin made some moves, and Yack completely Essed the bed.

Jabby's Weekend Nuggets

Turpin's "Whatcha Know?"

Last week was a bit of a debacle for your boy Yack. First the empty chair beat the guy with the weird smile, and then the blog suffered just its second losing ATS week out of 10 NFL weekends. Not good, but not horrendous, and I am seeking redemption. So like the fighter who has just been caught off guard with that left hook you never saw coming, I've picked my ass off up from the canvas, dusted myself off, and I'm about to pound my man's face..... "Whose coming with me?!?!"- Jerry Maguire

Miami at Buffalo (-1.5) and  (UNDER 45.5)
Buffalo is horrible. Let's establish this first. Check that, let me establish first how horrible Thursday night football has been this year. I understand economics and I get that you could throw two pieces of shit against the wall that were affiliated with the NFL and that people would still watch, but come on, Roger! Throw us a bone on a Thursday in which we're not cooking a Turkey dinner.

Reggie Fumbled Kim and Kayne Took It To the House
Anyway, the only team the Bills should be giving points to is the Washington Wizards, if the Bills threw out their best 5 ballers against the win less Zards in a pick up game at the phone booth. They've lost five of their last six, three in a row, and are arguably one of the most disappointing teams in the entire league, relative to their pre-season expectations. However, take a look at who they've played over the last 5 or 6 weeks, and it looks like murderer's row.

Four of Buffalo's last five losses have been to New England (twice), Frisco, & Houston. Those are three teams well on their way to the playoffs- AND all three of those teams are on many prognosticators' Super Bowl  ticket. (Their combined records: 20-6-1)

Miami has lost two straight and they can't seem to get their ground game going. That one brother who used to bang Kim Kardashian's fat ass- (yeah, I know, I've narrowed it down to about 500), Reggie Bush-you know him, right?- well,  he's been fumbling and stumbling as of late. Seriously, the Dolphins are averaging over 100 yards a game rushing for the season, but they're a putrid 73 yards/game over their last 3 tilts. And as impressive as the young phenom Ryan Tannehill has been, I think we're at the point in the season when the tape and book is out on the rook, and he will stuh-ruggle to the finish line.

Buffalo hasn't beaten Miami in Buffalo since the 2009 campaign (Bills are due). Miami is 5-1 ATS in their last 6 versus the AFC East (Time to start leveling out that percentage). Miami has played in 5 straight unders (We're rolling with that trend). 20-17 Bills.

Updated ATS stats will be provided in the blog for Sundays picks. I'm still adding up the juice from last's week's meltdown.

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