Wednesday, November 21, 2012

BT Sports Radio: 11/20/2012

Yack, Jabby, and Rich Turpin got together like they do every Tuesday.....

Show open. Hooters girls in studio, and Yack and Rich argue again about RG3 and Andrew Luck. The guys discuss the Thanksgiving Day Redskins/Cowboys game.

Redskins kicker Kai Forbath joins the program. The  UCLA alum has a surprising answer to Jabby's, "Whose got the hottest girls?" question. Yack asks Kai a loaded question, the guys ask him about his smaller kicking shoe, Rich insults Billy Cundiff, Kai tells us where he lives, and Yack tells him that Hooter girl Nina would like to, umm, date him and Ryan Kerrigan at the same time.

The guys recap the NFL and get into their straight up and against the spread picks. Jabby is killing it in the straight up contest, and Yack still maintains the lead in the ever important against the spread contest.

Former NFL QB, ESPN talker, current podcast and Hulu talker Sean Salisbury joins the program (again), and as usual, he is shot out of the cannon. Within the first minute of the interview, Sean puts Jabby in his place by telling him that Jabby's wife has a picture of Sean Salisbury's junk. Salisbury discusses Notre Dame/USC, the QB situation in San Francisco, says if he was Rex Ryan then "Tim Tebow would've started about 3 weeks ago", and Andrew Luck versus RG3. #RadioGold

Rich Turpin's  "Whatcha Know?" produces hijinx as usual. OJ Simpson, Elmo, and Chris Brown's weiner make appearances.


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