Thursday, November 8, 2012

BT Sports Radio: 11/6/2012. Rich Turpin's Kool Aid Drinking Gets Exposed

Yack, Jabby, and Rich Turpin got together like they do every Tuesday....

Yack's bulging discs, Rich Turpin's Carolina/Skins prediction from last week gets played back to his chagrin, and then Yack and Rich argue over the Redskins being the league leaders in penalties. Turpin doesn't think the responsibility falls with coaching.

The always interesting and Patriotic Rick Snider from the Washington Examiner joins the program talks Redskins, Breeder's Cup, and historic Washington, D.C.

Rich Turpin hops right back into the "defend the Redskins" mode. Yack gives his theory on the McNabb trade, and finally ends up calling Dan Snyder a jerkoff for his latest promotional event. Jabby does his best family counselor impression to help calm down the room. S.P. THOM asks one of the most complicated questions ever, but then redeems himself by playing more tape of Turpin's pre-season Redskins predictions. Radio gold.

The guys go around the rest of the NFL.

Fan of the show and sponsor Dr. John Baronas calls in, talks about Chuck Pagano's speech to the Colts on Sunday. The good Doc gives a great Joel Osteen like perspective on Pagano's "pep talk".

The guys give out their straight up and against the spread picks for NFL Week 10.

Jabby's nuggets. The guys give their NFL mid-season report cards for players and teams. Rich Turpin continues to sleep on Andrew Luck. College football recap and College B-Ball "preview".

Rich's "Whatcha Know?" segment. News and Entertainment stories.

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